A shining armor-like king of the road that is built to last the test of time, enter the world of  men and their ultimate truck fantasy.

Blame it on culture,  social balances and superiority, men still love the power that the Dodge Ram Truck gives them.

Yes, even these days when gender equality is the norm,  men are put in a pedestal when seen driving powerful Dodge trucks. You can view the many Dodge Ram truck models by visiting www.hoffmanchryslerjeepdodge.com .

2014 Ram 1500-1

A Psychological Fact

Studies have suggested that men driving powerful trucks like the Dodge literally elevates a man in his stature. In a study conducted by Pickuptruck.com, surprisingly, majority of men prefer trucks from relationships, television and even women. Now, is there something wrong with this picture? Of course not, men are always drawn to big powerful things.  An astounding statistic showed that 64% of men think that truck is a reflection of their masculinity. One standout truck that men prefer more is the Dodge  Ram Truck.

In a typical wild west movie scene, a bearded, toned man in his boots comes out of his truck to be wooed by women. That is the power of the Dodge Ram Truck. With an unprecedented 5.7 V6 FFV 24-VVT valve engine and Torque Filte 8-sp Auto 8HP Trans Rotary Shifter, women will surely love men in trucks.  It comes out simple and yet packed with a powerful punch.

The Technical View On Dodge Trucks and Men

Now aside from the Narcissistic View that men and their trucks are often associated with,  there are still reasons why men love trucks.  Be he an outdoorsy type or a Ranger, men love the Dodge’s power,  utility and toughness. Back in the days, truck owners were lucky enough to get an AM radio with a vinyl seat for an improvement. Technological advances has created quite a stir in the automobile industry. Today, modern trucks  come with not just an air-conditioning unit but with navigation systems, heated steering wheels and leather seats.

Men are born adventurous, which is why the Dodge Ram is packed with an all terrain capability.  Even when the truck’s interiors went soft, it does not mean the exterior will follow. No, the Dodge Truck remains strong and with an unmatched all terrain capability.

Men grow old but their love for toys never does. It’s just the play things that grow. Boys love little trucks pulling over another toy, let’s use a boat. Men also love these scene, his truck pulling another one of his favorite toy-boat. The Dodge ram truck provides this capability as it pulls up one of its strongest and powerful engines to date.

Just when people thought Men are careless and instantly dives into the next opportunity that comes before their eyes; they are mistaken,. Men are originally born on the safe side. But it does not mean that the Dodge truck lacks adventure, it just takes safety into a whole new level, typically the Dodge which is manufactured with safety control features built to withstand careless drivers on the road.

Men and Trucks probably have more similarities that people can only think of right now. As of this moment, the Dodge Ram says it all.

It was a terrible day at work, projects blown out of proportion, missed deadlines and clients backing out. What could be more frustrating than that? Finally, it is time to go home and at least feel comfortable and out of the stresses of life. The remote car lock beeps and inside that comfortable Chrysler 300, it speeds up faster than you can say go.

While on the road, a light starts to pop. It’s every car owner’s nightmare to see that dreaded “ check engine” light.  It comes with no warning and vehicle owners know what it means – a trip to the mechanic.  Unless the car suddenly stops and smoke comes out, better take that car manual and check what the light means. You can get this checked out by visiting your local Chrysler dealership like Kayser Chrysler Center in Wisconsin.

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition-5

Breaking the Codes

For most Chrysler models there are various codes that needs to be read for what it means. Take that manual out and check for the abbreviations, if unsure there are other ways to check. Read websites that discuss these abbreviations and there are probably  hundreds of pages that car owners can refer to.

When searching for the Check engine light with an OBD II scan tool, follow these steps:

  1. Near the steering column there’s a 16-pin data link connector, connect it with the scan tool.
  2. Turn the ignition on
  3. Carefully read the scanners manufacturing handbook and start from there. There will be various codes that will be seen depending on the cars problem. Below is a list of these codes.

If P1105 is seen, it means Open Or Shorted Condition Detected In The Baro Read Solenoid Control Circuit. It usually needs automotive circuit testing and technical and wiring know-how.  For P1284, Fuel Injection Pump Battery Voltage Out Of Range. There are codes that tell when the Engine Operating Temp Below Acceptable Range or when CNG Pressure Sensor Voltage is Too High or  too low.

If any of these signs (more codes on manual) are seen, it is better to have that Chrysler checked by a licensed and accredited Chrysler mechanic.

Hiring The Decoder

Chrysler is an American automotive Brand consolidate from an Italian Manufacturer. Founded in 1925, the Chrysler Brand boasts of  renowned and driver’s choice trucks and SUV’s. Now, when that check engine light suddenly pops out, do not head for the usual shop around the corner. Instead head out and look for a licensed Chrysler mechanic.

  • These people know what they are doing and will give an automatic update regarding the car’s problem. They are reliable and trustworthy and will give an upfront cost of how much the repair would cost.
  • Legitimate Chrysler Technicians will also have complete certificates and training regarding different Chrysler engine codes. Once they read a code, they can instantly detect whether it needs new parts or simply just needs more testing.

In times of desperation, people’s judgment can often lead to more complications. With the Chrysler Check Engine Light guidelines, panicking is not an option. Presence of mind and a little technical know-how will do the job.

 This is great news for everyone who has been dreaming of becoming a superman. Ram vehicles and the blockbuster Superman film Man of Steel signed a formidable partnership before the official showing of the film last June 14, 2013. The aforementioned partnership has come up with a 30 second commercial entitled “Action” that simultaneously airs the footage of Ram and selected scenes of the said blockbuster movie.According to the makers of Ram trucks, the company feels great about the partnership since they are much honored to play on the big screen together with the Last Son of Krypton.


Aside from the big screen airing, print ads and tabloids also speak about the partnership. It was neatly drawn by Shane Davis, a DC Comic artist.The released print ads were published in newsprint pages of USA Today.

What Model of Ram has Adopted the Man of Steel Theme?

The Power Wagon truck has been modified to cascade the special Man of Steel edition. Actually, the Power Wagon truck was seen on display during the movie premier in New York City and has travelled every corner of the country to attend various events and sometime in July, being auctioned and disposed for charity.

How Does Power Truck Wagon Prove its Amenability with the Theme?

It can be recalled that there have been many vehicles in the past that attempted to patterned-out the Man of Steel theme but only the Man of Steel Power Truck Wagon caught the attention and the prying eyes of automobile lovers. According to them, it feels great to own one because whenever they do, they feel more like Superman. Also, if kryptonite is true, the truck can easily hide from it. And with regards to the physical appearance, the power truck wagon has a unique color combination resulting to Dark Ceramic Gray wrapped with a special vinyl that feels more like Superman’s new suit. You need a high flight to be in the tall rig. When it comes to roofing, it is heavily painted with high-gross black. Moreover, the grill is painted with accents of anodized red. The 17 inches black wheel which is forged aluminum is a General Zod-approved while the interior is designed and upgraded with a touch of Superman-themed materials. Of course, they would not be missing out the Superman logos situated in the front and rear, which is the space saved for the Ram logo. Now this isn’t the typical themed Ram truck you can expect, but the Ram trucks of 2014 model year have been a remarkable breakthrough for the truck market in North America, and the Ram truck models can be seen at Chicago based Zeigler Ram.

Looking Back to the History of Ram 

It was on the year 1981 when Ram trucks has begun competing in the market of American pickup. But prior to that, before it was named Ram, it was labelled under D Series since 1928. And since they got the ram head as a logo same with Dodge, from there on, they have been featured under Dodge. On the year 2009, the Chrysler brand has established its own line-up of trucks called Ram Trucks after management was taken over by Fiat. Recently, they had launched new models, particularly the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 along with other different heavy-duty cabs.

Analysts have been carefully studying the company direction of the world’s famous automaker, Chrysler and according to some data and facts gathered; the long running Dodge will be closing anytime soon.

That makes awful and sad news to everybody who loves Dodge and its succeeding models. After all, tracking back to Chrysler history, they have been very willing to shut down brands knowing about the shutter down of Plymouth way back in 2001.

This is perhaps due to the big investment of Fiat at that time in North America.


2013 Dodge Challenger RT Redline-8

Recently, they had just spin off their trucks and incorporated them to their stand-alone Ram brand and transferred their halo supercar Vipers under the banner of SRT. You can view the whole list of available Dodge models in North America by visiting Sheboygan Chrysler Center.


Models that Will Soon Be Putting Up the Black Screen


According to some reliable sources, full size utility vehicles Dodge Durango and Avenger sedans are both living in a carpe diem; they only have a borrowed time and soon will be out of the market. As a result of the kicking out of Plymouth, trucks, Vipers, and soon to be gone Durango and Avenger, the only models that will be left out are the Dart compact (which appears to be not a top-seller), the Charger (the so-called Chrysler 300 twin, mechanically speaking) and the Challenger which is a duplicate of Chrysler/SRT Cuda. And with regards to the vans, the models that will be left with Dodge are the Journey and Caravan (so-called twin of Chrysler Town and Country).

Based on the historical facts of Dodge, they only had one minivan that is surpassing beyond the years. But there are those who say that the next generation of MPVs would be more likely to dress the Town and Country face or the Grand Caravan. And there’s a report coming from Canada, where the vehicles are made, that between the two (Grand Caravan and Town and Country), the Chrysler Town and Country comes out as the winner in sippy-cup derby. The winner will then then be manufactured as the new model in 2016.


The Future Innovation of Chrysler’s Town and Country


The company has already laid out their plans for the upcoming production of the new Town and Country, after the phase-out issues of Dodge come out. It was being discussed that the Town and Country production will be carried out in the Windsor Assembly Plant that will be reinforced by an unnamed big luxurious crossover this coming 2017. According to rumors, these unnamed “luxurious crossover” will look like more of the long defunct Pacifica of Chrysler.

This issue has never been validated, nor has it been confirmed by Chrysler. This is only based on the data and facts gathered by various automobile market analysts. But knowing Chrysler as a company who is interminable to change and innovation, this possibility may either come true or not at all. So for all the Dodge lovers out there, there are only two words you should put in your mind: Be ready! However, don’t drown yourself to sadness because change is the only constant thing in the world.

Chrysler is shelling out their concerns for the environment. The car company known for just merely selling a controversial vehicle Fiat 500 EVs is gearing towards achieving environmental advocacies fuelled by their undying commitment to create a sustainable enterprise. During its second-annual Dealer Environmentally Conscious Operations (ECO) Program, the world’s known automobile manufacturer has given out awards to 30 US dealerships in 21 states (Michigan, Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Washington, Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Colorado, Connecticut, Ohio, New Jersey) for implementing environmental advocacies throughout their car dealership sales. See if small town dealerships like Lynch Chrysler made the list or not.

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition-3

The Environmental Initiatives Taken by the Awardees

One of the awardees, the Westgate Chrysler in Raleigh North Carolina has took advantage of the abundance of sunshine in the central part through installing 420 solar panels in the roof of their service department. The sunlight converted to usable electricity through the photovoltaic modules in the array of the installed device. Instead of using the acquired energy, they are selling it to electric power companies in a fixed rate in the region. Fortunately, they got a monthly savings of $1800 to $3,000 through selling the generated power from the solar panel. And because their electricity usage has no charge at all, they managed to install a large LCD monitor in the showroom, displaying the performance in a current, daily, monthly and annual basis. Also, they kept track of the local weather and an educational page on how the solar panel system works. Westgate’s initiative has extended way beyond the solar panels. They have implemented another eco-friendly innovation related to their dedication to renewable energy generation through installing furnaces that are clean burn while still utilizing used oil waste in heating the service department. This kind of activity has also reduced the dependence on raw materials like water and the usage of fossil fuel. Aside from the Westgate, there are seven other dealers that implemented the same solar energy converter that eventually reduces their usage of electricity and emissions of carbon dioxide.

The Selection of Awardees

The recognition of the 30 dealers is done in various process and there are some guidelines that were followed in carefully choosing the awardees. Data are useful in identifying the awardees; these are through in-dealership images and online surveys. Community relations program, energy efficiency, waste water control, waste recycling, vehicle lift maintenance and bulk oil contentment are some of the major initiative that became basis for judgment of winning dealers.

The ECO Program is a good way of encouraging other Chrysler dealers to put some effort in implementing eco-friendly practices aside from just doing purely business. It is a good opportunity for them to be appreciated the demonstration caring for the environment.

The awardees from the 21 states received an ECO plaque. Souvenirs are given out for the dealership employees as well. Corporate social responsibility is important when you aim for having a totally sustainable enterprise and for Chrysler to implement this kind of environment advocacy is a good example that even the large companies is investing much for the welfare of the ecosystem.

Participate at job fairs that have openings at a RAM dealer like Steve Jones of Kentucky.

If you want to have a big chance of getting accepted for a job then participate in job fairs that have openings for a RAM dealer.

Of course, before you go to a job fair you must print a lot of resumes because there are a lot of companies that participate in job fairs.  There are also some agencies that participate in these job fairs and they would look to put you in another country if needed.


You must roam around the job fair and see if any company interests you.  There are some companies who would interview on the spot so they would know if they would give you a 2nd interview or not.  If you see a lot of people are trying to shove each other in a booth then that shows the level of appeal that company has.  You must fall in line for that company so you can also submit your resume.  It is pretty obvious that company is a company a lot of people would love to work for.  If you think you have what it takes to edge the other applicants then you can join the fray.  You should always be confident of your skills or you will get nowhere.

You don’t really need to stay long at a job fair that has various openings for a RAM dealer. You just have to look around and take a look at each company and see if that company has the position you are looking for.  There are some job fairs that have a few companies participating in it while some have a lot of companies participating because of the large amount of sponsors.  If you are an applicant then you would love to go to job fairs so you can meet up with other applicants applying for the same position.  You can share stories with each other and you can even get a tip on which company is the best out there.  Of course, that is just one person’s opinion so you can’t rely on that.  If you want to apply as an auto salesman then you have all the freedom to go to their booths and hand over your resume.  You have nothing to lose as it would be their choice if they would call you or not.

You should not wait for your preferred company to call you since it would be your first job.  You should apply the method of whoever comes first since you will be after experience since experience is the best teacher in this case.  Of course, if you need a lot of money for the bills at home and the first one that calls makes a lousy offer then you have no choice but to reject their offer.  There are so many companies out there so you should just apply and apply and whatever happens happen for a reason so if you don’t get accepted for a RAM dealer then all is really not lost.

The American singer, songwriter and actor Samuel Timothy “Tim” McGraw (born May 1, 1967) married American country pop singer Faith Hill (born Audrey Faith Perry; September 21, 1967) on October 6, 1996 in Rayville, Louisiana.

Sure thing, this couple had their sweet times together to tell the public, but what I personally found cute was their story about riding a Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) back then and up to now.


The red Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) they eventually owned

Sometime earlier than their wedding day, Tim and Faith had borrowed a red Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) when they were still dating and had it driven around.  After a few years of being married, Faith found that very same Jeep Wrangler and gave it to Tim as a present.  We can almost imagine her husband’s reaction realizing that, it was the exact vehicle they used to ride on as sweethearts during their yesteryears.

In an interview, Faith Hill said that in State College, Pennsylvania in 1996, she was doing a show with Tim when they borrowed that Jeep and rode on it, and she was quoted saying: “…and that’s where we decided that we were going to be together and build a life together.”

Tim McGraw also had a fair share of their sweet Jeep story.  He said that “Faith and I were touring our very first tour in ’96 and we just started dating and we were in Pennsylvania and one of the local crew guys let us borrow his Jeep. We went out for a ride and it’s when we kind of pulled the Jeep over on the road and had the ultimatum conversation – whether this was gonna be a relationship or not.”  Fast forward, it had been a relationship since then.  What is so moving about what happened was the effort Faith had pulled off just to track that Jeep Wrangler down and eventually gave it to her husband as a gift.  An act of pure love from Faith, certainly.

Jeep supported the Couple in their 2007 Soul2Soul Tour

Back in 2007 in Nashville, as the couple was standing next to their then owned red Jeep Wrangler outside the Country Music Hall of Fame, Tim and Faith had announced their Soul2Soul tour plans.  That move was so appropriate since a press release later stated that: “One of country music’s most celebrated love stories began with a date in a Jeep. So when reigning first couples Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were looking for a sponsor for their Soul2Soul Tour 2007, the Jeep brand was an obvious choice.”

When the tour started, Faith and Tim traveled with their red Jeep Wrangler (1978 CJ-6) or their “Date Jeep” as some have tagged it to be.  It is so touching that stories like theirs actually exist, true and so inspiring.  Who could have thought that a Jeep would be an accent to starting something really special like the love for which Tim and Faith have for each other? You can learn a lot more about the history of Jeep from visiting the official Jeep website, or by visiting local New Hampshire dealer, Keene Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

It was back in 2007 (not too long ago, actually), Ford had a busy year with films that featured and starred their car models.

One of which was the Will Smith blockbuster movie I am Legend which featured a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500.


Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 – A Starrer

During the opening scene of the seventh-highest grossing film of 2007 (earning a total of $585 million worldwide), Robert Neville (Will Smith) was seen driving a red and white Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500.  With the car’s supercharged 5.4-liter, 32-valve V-8 with 500 horsepower, its advanced engineering had attained the kind of performance that the last human survivor in New York City, and possibly in the world, (Robert) expected of it as he was speeding on an extreme rush in the relatively empty streets of the big apple.  At least, he was not about to get any over speeding ticket for that matter.

Robert Neville is legend

In his undertaking of making and finding an antidote to cure the remaining 588 million survivors who became predatory called “Darkseekers”, his German shepherd dog named Sam (his co-survivor in the event of virus spread out), was then infected by the virus.  Enraged and full of grief, Robert attacked a group of Darkseekers the following night which led him to be rescued by a pair of immune humans, Anna (Alice Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan).  The three then were attacked by three huge waves of Darkseekers.  In the event that Robert saved Anna and Ethan, they found out that Will Smith’s character (Neville) had made a treatment that can actually cure the infected humans from being predatory.  Robert then got a vial of the infected woman’s blood (from which his treatment was tested several days ago) and gave it to Anna.  He then, shut her and Ethan in a coal chute before he actually made a grenade blast to destroy all the attackers, while risking his own life.  Afterwards, Anna and Ethan arrived at the survivor’s colony with the antidote.  That gave Robert a legacy, since he was the very reason why a cure was invented.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT – a legend as well

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT is a modern day interpretation of the big-block Shelby Mustang of the late 1960s, which was originally said to be the “King of the Road.”  From back then and up to now, it still gives the highest level of performance as it is available in the most powerful production V8 engine on Earth.

With Ford’s 2014 Mustang Shelby GT500’s classic looks, shifting power, Brembo™ brakes, and adjustable traction control system, being amazed is just one of the coolest things you can ever do.  Not to mention, the attitude it has on its interior, as it is designed with leather trimmed sport bucket seats, color coordinated racing stripe and embroidered Cobra® logo (drool your eyes dudes), and bright aluminum pedal covers, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT proves to be here to stay, and as like Robert Neville, a legend indeed. You can learn more about the 2014 Shelby GT500—and other Ford Mustang models at Berkeley Ford. Or you can check out any of the local Ford dealerships in your surrounding area, and even visit the official Ford website.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith couple, needless to say, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a Hollywood powerhouse couple who were spotted driving a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV as stated in various celebrity car blogs.

And we came to wonder, what is in this Chevy model get THE ‘brangelina’ loving to drive and ride on it?


Sightings on their Chevys

The A-list on and off air tandem of Brad and Angelina has once again gained the public’s interest when news came out that both of them was actually seen (on two different events) driving (Pitt) and riding (Jolie) a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV.

‘Mr. Smith’ was seen to have driven his way to the world’s number one fast food chain, McDonald’s branch, in a black Chevy.  Since Brad is actually known to owning an impressive motorcycle collection, the ones like Ducati Desmosedici RR, a Monster 696 and a jaw dropping selection of Harley-Davidson choppers, having seen him in a practically affordable not-so-pricey Chevy had some to wonder if Pitt was having monetary problems of some sort.  Uh-oh, that is not just the right thought.  A lot of people would certainly cut that idea fast. And I would have to agree on that.  I personally think that this move by Brad to drive a Chevy of this kind sends a clear message to every one of us; Brad does not care about what he is driving and that we can call modesty.

Surely, money problem is never on for ‘Mrs. Smith’ as well.  Forbes Magazine has just released its list of highest-paid actresses for 2013, and unsurprisingly, the upcoming film Maleficent star Angelina Jolie took the top spot with a $33 million entertainment-related earnings from June 2012 to June this year.  This goes to show that spotting Angelina riding a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV a couple of years ago when she visited New Orleans to check on the houses she and Brad funded to build for the victims of hurricane Katrina, proves that like her partner, she also does not care about what she is riding.  On the technical side, seeing Angie in that Chevy indicates that its high-level of performance and styling can provide smooth traveling experience during long-distance driving.

Reasons to love this Chevy like Brad and Angelina

Style, comfort, and capability – these are the main traits the then and now Chevrolet Tahoe models have that make it practically perfect.  But what makes the 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe extra impressive and special are its strength and capability to pull off anything.  Its newest tagline ‘beyond capable’ gives a promise of a performance with no limitations.  Ensuring that from the hustle and bustle of daily commute to weekend excursions, this Chevy will be at its best.  You can see the Tahoe and its technical details at Shop Lynch of Wisconsin.

As one of Hollywood’s most in demand couple (and even as individuals), Brad and Angelina go from here to there and everywhere to attend various engagements.  That leaves us no doubt why they were seen in their Chevys, because these vehicles are just like them – not afraid to work overtime and deal with heavy-duty lifestyle.

Chevrolet supports breast cancer research and community programs in Illinois by raising an amount close to $150, 000.

It gives help by supporting different community programs.

Also, it wanted to stay connected with its customers through this effort. (Source: Lynch Chevy Kenosha)

chevrolet supports charities

Chevy Supports Illinois Programs

The automaker supports Illinois programs by giving aid to 40 members of the Pink Wings Team who joined together to keep on fighting breast cancer. It gave away 2 Express vans when the team joined the Susan G. event so that the members can have a place where they can store their supplies such as drinks, food, and walkers (just in case emergency strikes). The team was able to raise an amount closer to $85, 000.

Also, it is supporting Heart of Illinois United Way’s mission. Because of that, it gave away brand new vehicles and they were given during the launch of the “Gen U Mad Dash” event. The vehicles were used for community projects and competitive adventures of the team. The team aimed to raise the amount of $20, 000 for the benefit of its 2010 Heart of Illinois United campaign.

The automaker continues supporting Illinois by hosting community programs for the community and for its customers. It headed cleanups for beaches, hosted events like baby showers, etc. Actually, the program “Illinois Chevy: Your Mission. Our Drive.” was expected to give and support to over 25 missions in year 2010. Through it, customers would have the chance to try its new vehicles.

Chevy Shows Support Sports Events

Chevy entered a deal with Manchester United to become its official car. It was agreed that the automaker would distribute or sponsor millions of balls in the next 3 years every time there will be a football event held.

Children from third world countries were able to use the balls sponsored by Chevy. These children hardly use balls that can last longer. Compared to other young football players, they play on rough fields and they need to pump the ball formany times so they need balls with good quality. Through the One World Futbol developed by Tim Jahnigen, third world children were able to use quality balls made of special materials allowing them to last for years as expected. These do not need pumping compared to ordinary balls. These do not have air so they are good to use.

Moreover, the balls are distributed and shared to over 137 countries and the automaker is proud to be part of this program. The global chief marketing officer of Chevy, Joel Ewanick, stated that the manufacturer is proud to become part of the program. It is proud to initiate activities through sports. Also, he shared how the program improved awareness of its vehicles to many drivers in the U.S. since it is struggling in the American market.

Many people will know Chevy because its name will be printed on the balls so millions will know about it.

The automaker does not expect much return when it entered the deal. It does not expect a financial benefit from this deal. It is happy to see children using playing footballs with high class equipments, starting with a simple foot-ball.