Chrysler, an American automobile manufacturer based in Auburn Hills, gives donations and contributions to charities.

It is the automaker’s way of giving back to the communities what it has now.

It is registered that Chrysler gained a large profit in 2012 and exceeded what it gained in 2011.

It shared its profits to its workers by either giving them performance bonuses or profit share checks.

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition-5

Chrysler Partners with Local Charities

Before the automaker earned a good profit in 2012, it partnered with several charities such as Detroit Urban League, Boys and Girls Clubs Southeastern Michigan, and Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development Inc. The automaker gave tickets for the super bowl to all people living in Detroit. It is Chrysler’s way of showing its commitment and gratitude to its consumers. Recipients of the tickets used these to enjoy and relax with their family and friends.

Recently, Chrysler made a donation to victims of the flood that affected residents from Colorado. It donated a total amount of $50,000 to affected residents through the efforts of its philanthropic outlet, the Chrysler Group LLC. Its primary beneficiary is the charitable organization, First Response Team of America. The organization, on the other hand, was the one in charge of distributing the goods.

Also, owners of Chrysler vehicles are given the chance to donate to charitable institutions and organizations. The first thing that owners should do is pick the non-profit charity to benefit from the donation. The automaker has a list of charities that owners can choose so they can pick any from the list and when done with that, experts assigned will complete the process. One thing is for sure here, you will be provided with the highest deduction for tax so the charities will get the most out of it.

Chrysler Gives Donations Despite Challenges

The automaker is a generous company just like Ford. Both automakers continued giving donations and philanthropic grants despite their struggles. Chrysler declared bankruptcy and sought help from their parent company–Fiat. They worked together to produce a product that would display their strong features. The vehicle produced would be a great help to Chrysler most especially when it comes to its sales output. The merger of the two automakers brought lots of growth opportunities aside from their sales improvement. This is being affirmed by Sergio Marchionne, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Chrysler.

All of the goodness of Chrysler was paid back with the large profit it earned last 2012. The profit amounted to $1.7 billion and it was bigger than what they’ve originally expected. Marchionne cited that everything became possible because of the efforts of the leaders and workers that shared integrity and humble spirit. It was considered a remarkable turnaround to the automaker’s history for it filed bankruptcy in 2009 and managed to get up.  The leaders wanted more for the automaker so it encourages their workers to cooperate and work together.

The automaker has a long history of giving donations to the needed people. It plans to continue what it had started despite the challenges that it may encounter.

Source: Kolosso Chrysler Jeep Dodge

The Jaguar Land Rover Ltd is a multinational automobile manufacturer based at Whitley Coventry, England. Originally, it was founded in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company owned by Sir William Lyons. Their main product was a motorcycle sidecar, back when passenger cars were not yet prevalent.

Curiously, its name was changed in World War II because the initials of the original brand read SS, the same initials of the most ruthless Nazi security force. Since 2008, it became a subsidiary of the Indian Tata Motors.

2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT-3

In September 2013, Jaguar has made an official statement about opening a research and development center in Warwick, United Kingdom worth US $160 million. Over a thousand academics and engineers have been slotted when the facility becomes operational after its construction in 2014.

Jaguar cars have a reputation for being too luxurious for ordinary people. This particular connotation takes root to the fact that its design exemplifies elegance and high-quality engine performance. The fact that Jaguar Land Rover has made cars for the royalty and some key members of the House of Lords also adds to that protracted prestige. But contrary to popular stereotypes, Jaguar cars are accessible to commoners who can afford it. Some of these models really look good on certain locations in United Kingdom.

Where in UK should you ride your Jaguar?

Flashy cars do not always look good anywhere. There are certain aesthetic standards to satisfy whenever someone chooses a style from any Jaguar models. The environment also plays a crucial role in making one’s Jaguar car look cool, or making the driver look cool in his or her Jaguar car. There are certain places in UK where some models look good.

1. Post World War II models always look good when cruising around the tranquil county towns of England like Nottingham or Hereford. The periodic Mark V and its classy roofless XK120 are thematic of England’s green and well-trimmed towns that still exude an aura of class in the typical Edwardian-Victorian suburb. In the crowded metropolitan areas of London, these models appear to be out of its proper place especially with an assorted presence of contemporary styles. See a full list of models sold in North America at Reedman-Toll Jaguar.

2. Jaguar saloons are neat and simple-looking. It easily fits in with the rest of the four-wheeled plethora drifting in the metropolitan roads. Cars like XJ6 look inconspicuous when parked around the urban environment London, Edinburgh, Vancouver, or Quebec. Its framework is very casual but it has its own innate sleekness that people would admire after an extensive look.

3. Jaguar supercars or sports cars are among the hottest automobile styles in modern times. Their framework is itself an embodiment of sophistication and they have speed levels that dazzle car enthusiasts into euphoria. Cars like XJ220 may have a hard time fitting into a very jam-packed metropolis. Sports cars like XJ220 and XK8 need to be located at sunny English cities like Sydney and Canberra to accentuate its daylight luster. It is fitting to ride these cars at level highways that seem to stretch an eternity, like going cross-country around Canada.

When the 2013 Buick Encore was shown at the 2012 Detroit auto show, it received much less interest than many other cars in the lineup such as the Ford Fusion, Dodge Dart, and Cadillac 3 series.

With such a lackluster response at the show, one might have thought that the Buick Encore would have met a similar fate sales-wise.  However, the car has been selling quite well, so it seems Buick discovered a demographic that would respond to this crossover.

Buick Encore

And according to the folks we spoke to at our local Buick dealership, Klick Lewis Cars, the Encore even began to garner some genuine recognition, with J.D. Power recognizing it as the highest ranked sub-compact CUV in its Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study, as well as Highest Ranked Sub-Compact CUV in Initial Quality.

With the 2014 model, this success is expected to continue. US News has ranked the 2014 Encore as #3 out of 22 in its Affordable Compact SUVs category. It ranks even higher in the category of Affordable SUVs with 2 Rows, taking the #2 spot. It comes in at #4 in the Affordable Crossover SUVs category.

The car seems to be quite popular from an esthetic standpoint. Its stylish and aerodynamic exterior along with its relatively posh and sophisticated interior tend to be successful in creating that “affordable luxury compact” impression.

Driving wise the 2014 Encore seems best suited to city driving. It is easy to park, has a good turning radius, and smooth and responsive handling. It sports a turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission. It is not a particularly powerful engine, and reviewers even report that it doesn’t have enough power for good highway handling in situations such as passing and merging. It does get reasonable gas mileage though, hitting 25 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway.

This car is great for the Buick lover who lives in the city and wants an upscale yet affordable compact for everyday driving.

Consumers buy used cars because they are typically less expensive compared to its brand new counterparts.

It also allows buyers to modify these cars and create a bespoke vehicle that would fit their needs.

If you are eyeing a BMW car and you want to get a pre-owned model, here is a guide to help you decide before you make your big decision.

2014 BMW 2-Series Coupe-1

Research About Your Selected BMW Model

If you have already come up with the decision to buy a used BMW car, the next wise thing to do is to do the necessary research to know more about the model that would suit your lifestyle and needs. It will be helpful to read car reviews to get ideas about the car’s features, driving performance, and other relevant specifications. You can also visit the websites of trusted car enthusiasts or resources known for giving unbiased and comprehensive car reviews such as The Car Connection and In this way, you will have idea on what BMW car models would be appropriate for your personal, family, or business use.
BMW has Series 1 to 7 that are ideal for family and personal use such as the BMW 1-Series is available either as a convertible or compact coupe. It is the least expensive among other BMW series, so you can expect getting lesser price for pre-owned BMW 1-series. Also, it has an excellent capacity and comes with good information on its safety and technological features. If you are amazed with this information about 1-Series then you can start reading consumer reviews to get more ideas. It would be good to ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues, who have previously purchased used BMW cars to get a better idea on its gas consumption capacity, maintenance, and performance on the road. All of these are important things to consider before signing a contract with the dealership.

Check the Car History

You will know if the used car that you want is still in excellent condition by checking its history. This will help you determine as well if its previous owner has not properly maintained the car or if there are problems that will prevent you from buying it. Potential problems that may hinder you from purchasing your chosen used BMW car are the following: outstanding liens, rolled back odometers, and so forth. Used cars that were involved in heavy accidents are obviously not a good deal as these may give you problems in the future and heavy alterations may affect the core reliability and performance of the BMW car.
Be sure to request all the abovementioned information at the auto dealer so that you will know what you get into when buying a used car.

Don’t Give Into the “Sales Talk”

In buying used cars, it is important to take the auto dealer’s claims with a grain of salt. As their goal is to “close a sale”, naturally, they will talk up the good points of the car and not divulge the any relevant information that may dissuade you from finalizing the transaction. It would be ideal to personally check the condition of the used car, or if unfamiliar with the ins and outs of cars, bring a trusted mechanic to oversee the car’s inspection. While purchasing used BMW cars can save you a significant amount of money, it can cost you a lot in repairs in the future. Doing the necessary research and being well informed before buying your used BMW car is your key to avoid buyer’s remorse in the future. To avoid such senseless banter, you should really read reviews and find a reliable dealership like Priotiy 1 Auto.

The National FFA Organization is a youth organization that includes 7,570 local FFA chapters in all 50 states. The FFA was created to make a positive difference in the lives of students by guiding them to be leaders and having career success through agricultural education. The National FFA Organization is an integral part of public instruction in agriculture. The U.S. Department of Education provides leadership and helps set direction for FFA as a service to state and local agricultural education programs.  The Ram Truck brand has stepped in – as a nod to their “Year of the Farmer” initiative – to present Clay Sapp, the current National FFA President, with a $1 million donation at the 2013 National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.


What does the “Year of the Farmer” mean?  During the Super Bowl last February, Ram presented a much-talked-about television spot, “Farmer,” which kicked off a yearlong initiative to bring national attention to the significance of the American farmer. Views of the ‘Farmer’ video have been huge on Youtube – and Ram pledged to donate up to $1 million to FFA for those views. The brand reached the 10-million-view milestone, equating to the $1 million donation, in less than a week. Ram Trucks also presented a first copy of its “The Farmer in All of Us,” a coffee table book to be published by National Geographic. Proceeds from the book will go toward the FFA’s “Give the Gift of Blue” program, which donates traditional FFA blue corduroy jackets to members who would not otherwise be able to own one.

To honor American farmers, Ram’s goal was to create greater awareness, support and appreciation for farming families, communities and providers.  To do this Ram commissioned 10 well known photographers to document American farm life.  Many of these artful and compelling stills provide the composition for “Farmer”.

SOURCE: Kernersville RAM Trucks of NC

Consumers buy used cars because they are less expensive than its brand new counterparts. Car financing can be both used when applying for both type of cars. This article will discuss methods on how to get a car financing for used cars for even these cars can be expensive sometimes.

Your dream car may not always be brand new if you think that price matters but this could also serve others well, especially those who want to save money. Also, if you have already made up your mind on what car model to buy and whether you will go for the brand new or used vehicle, the information below will be helpful to you so continue reading.


How Used Car Financing Works?

It is important to know how car financing works before you decide to buy your dream car. There are essential things about car financing that buyers should know for it is not only about going to the nearest dealerships and talking to a finance office person. There are more things to learn.

There are cons when using used car financing, for example, its convenience, sometimes competitiveness, and fast-response. Car financing from banks, online financial institution, and home equity loans have cons, too. The first thing that dealerships, banks, and financial institutions do is determine the interest rate. The rates advertised on television, radio, and internet may be different from the actual rate for it will be based on your credit rating. Hence, your credit score and your credit history will help these lenders determine the rate. They consider the risk, length of the loan, and geographic location when determining the rate. For example, if a dealership discovered your credit rating which seems to be very low, it will be expected that you will get higher interest rates than normal.

Also, if you are interested in getting special offers, there are lenders who offer special deals to buyers of used cars. There are special programs being offered, too, such as recent graduate programs. The best thing to do here is to get to know the special offers that your dealership is capable of offering you to start enjoying any of them.

Give Information about the Vehicle you Choose

If you have already contacted the bank, dealerships, and credit union and find out their offerings on car financing, your next step is to give them information about the vehicle you have chosen. Provide them the name of the automaker, model, and the VIN number. These are helpful to lenders for them to start originating the loan for you.

However, it is preferable to get car financing from lenders rather than dealerships for the latter offer higher rates. This where direct loans gets into the picture and in here, lenders will finance your chosen used car despite the age. This will be a good option for buyers who are being denied by direct lenders their application for used car financing. So if you are interested in getting a used car, consider getting a car financing partner as one of the best options.

Source: KGUsed

Ram automobile brand is part of Chrysler and it continues to produce quality vehicles for drivers in different demographics.

Different vehicles coming from the brand include Ram 1500 and Ram ProMaster. Also, owners of Ram vehicles make them look more unique and classy by accessorizing them.

You can accessorize your vehicle from your local dealership like Kayser Chrysler Center of WI and do the same to your Ram vehicle and here are ways on how to do it.


Accessorizing your Old Ram Vehicle


You have to consider many things when you buy a new car just like extra amount for gadgets, gizmos and accessories. You can choose to accessorize your old Ram vehicle instead of buying a new one. Also, if you are dissatisfied with the vehicle that you just have bought, accessorizing it can make it look better compared to its old look.

For example, your Ram 1500 vehicle can have a look that will reflect your own personality. You change the shade of your vehicle’s exterior to your favorite color. For girls, it is normal for them to use the shade of pink for its shows how girlie they are. Boys on another hand want their vehicle to look rugged so they usually combine shades or colors. Also, if you are a type of person that wants sophistication, you can show it in your vehicle. You can include the interior of making the passengers and driver’s seat as comfortable.

Moreover, you can accessorize your vehicle by upgrading its features and capabilities. Your Ram 1500 comes with many features including features for safety, and entertainment. You can see a rearview camera inside, navigation system, and USB port. There are websites that can help you search for better accessories for your vehicle.

You can try this site Here, you can choose gadgets and parts that will allow you to customize your vehicle. This website is not only limited to accessories for Ram vehicle. Owners of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat can visit this site, too.


Improving the Performance of your Vehicle

Accessorizing your vehicle includes using a better engine. Ram 1500 is using an efficient engine; the V-6 vehicle engine and it is paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission. These days, a lot of drivers choose fuel efficient cars because of the money which they can save. These vehicles are good for the economy and for the environment. If you are an environmentalist then, you will be expected to get a fuel efficient vehicle.

The engine of your Ram 1500 vehicle is not the same with the engines used by normal cars. It offers a performance better than other engines like the 4 cylinder engine and this is the reason why it is being used by your vehicle and other vehicle modes like those from Infiniti, Acura, and Lexus. However, you do not need to get another vehicle to save energy. The engine which your vehicle is using was introduced in the industry for several reasons. First, the engine is expected to give a better performance than normal engines. Next, the engine is used for better or roomier space for engine; hence, you can save space here. Lastly, the engine is to help you and other drivers for a lowered consumption of fuel.

These are just some of the ways on how to accessorize your Ram vehicle. If you have other things in mind, you can incorporate them and be creative.

Lincoln cars have been a symbol of luxury for decades.  Remember the Kennedys gracefully sliding in their long and sleek Lincoln Continental?

Or how about the Town Car days of the 90’s, when Lincoln was known to be the best sold luxury car brand in America?

Although we can no longer find the Town Car sold in the market today as the highlight product of this prestigious company, Lincoln is still pretty famous among the famous even in Hollywood.


The likes of Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Christina Aguilera, and Sandra Bullock have been spotted in Lincoln Navigators.  On the men’s side, we have Charles Barkley, Dax Shepard, Sinbad, Will Smith, and even David Beckham seen enjoying a ride in their old and new Lincolns.


Aside from its tradition of luxury, what else makes a Lincoln car stand out?  Two words come to mind – Green and Fast.  The Lincoln Motor Company boasts of bolder designs as we can see in the new 2014 MKT model.  Generally speaking though, today’s Lincoln car models have also been equipped with EcoBoost technology enabling them to achieve about 20% fuel efficiency and at the same time reducing greenhouse emissions by 15%.  This gives the package its meat and juice to compete in today’s rapidly changing car industry. See more what Lincoln Motor Company has to offer at reedman-toll Lincoln.


So if you’re looking for a brand that can give you luxury and a guilt-free conscience (in terms of doing what you can for the environment) in one, the Lincoln is a good choice to begin with.  Not only does it deliver a pretty cool package in the looks department, today’s Lincoln has also managed to achieve the perfect compromise when it comes to fuel efficiency (spending less on gasoline a limited commodity whose price is seen to steadily rise in the years to come), speed (even with the EcoBoost technology, Lincoln cars are have been reviewed to offer better speed and power performance as compared to its Hybrid counterparts), and going environment-friendly; all of course within the tradition of luxury that Lincoln has always been known for.


Do you remember what was said to be the largest North American convertible ever built?  The 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III is still alive and cruising.  Once owned by movie star Mamie Van Doren, this collector’s item is now privately owned by Sherwin Stapley who says not only is the car gorgeous and special, it is indeed a rare gem.


Owning a piece of history or art is like that, it endures while increasing in value.  Luxury car manufacturers know this as well, that they are making cars intended to last, and to last in style.


If this is what you are looking for, then check out Lincoln’s MKZ, MKX, MKS, MKT, and Navigator models and experience a level of personal service slanted to stand out.  Have a personal concierge walk you through the entire shopping process, and stand by your side through ownership.  If you are still not completely convinced, go on a date with your Lincoln of choice.  Lincoln dealerships in North America have recently launched the Lincoln Date Night which gives interested buyers a chance to bring home a Lincoln for the weekend.  When you get to know her better, I’m sure you’ll be convinced that you’er owning something green, fast, and famous.

A shining armor-like king of the road that is built to last the test of time, enter the world of  men and their ultimate truck fantasy.

Blame it on culture,  social balances and superiority, men still love the power that the Dodge Ram Truck gives them.

Yes, even these days when gender equality is the norm,  men are put in a pedestal when seen driving powerful Dodge trucks. You can view the many Dodge Ram truck models by visiting .

2014 Ram 1500-1

A Psychological Fact

Studies have suggested that men driving powerful trucks like the Dodge literally elevates a man in his stature. In a study conducted by, surprisingly, majority of men prefer trucks from relationships, television and even women. Now, is there something wrong with this picture? Of course not, men are always drawn to big powerful things.  An astounding statistic showed that 64% of men think that truck is a reflection of their masculinity. One standout truck that men prefer more is the Dodge  Ram Truck.

In a typical wild west movie scene, a bearded, toned man in his boots comes out of his truck to be wooed by women. That is the power of the Dodge Ram Truck. With an unprecedented 5.7 V6 FFV 24-VVT valve engine and Torque Filte 8-sp Auto 8HP Trans Rotary Shifter, women will surely love men in trucks.  It comes out simple and yet packed with a powerful punch.

The Technical View On Dodge Trucks and Men

Now aside from the Narcissistic View that men and their trucks are often associated with,  there are still reasons why men love trucks.  Be he an outdoorsy type or a Ranger, men love the Dodge’s power,  utility and toughness. Back in the days, truck owners were lucky enough to get an AM radio with a vinyl seat for an improvement. Technological advances has created quite a stir in the automobile industry. Today, modern trucks  come with not just an air-conditioning unit but with navigation systems, heated steering wheels and leather seats.

Men are born adventurous, which is why the Dodge Ram is packed with an all terrain capability.  Even when the truck’s interiors went soft, it does not mean the exterior will follow. No, the Dodge Truck remains strong and with an unmatched all terrain capability.

Men grow old but their love for toys never does. It’s just the play things that grow. Boys love little trucks pulling over another toy, let’s use a boat. Men also love these scene, his truck pulling another one of his favorite toy-boat. The Dodge ram truck provides this capability as it pulls up one of its strongest and powerful engines to date.

Just when people thought Men are careless and instantly dives into the next opportunity that comes before their eyes; they are mistaken,. Men are originally born on the safe side. But it does not mean that the Dodge truck lacks adventure, it just takes safety into a whole new level, typically the Dodge which is manufactured with safety control features built to withstand careless drivers on the road.

Men and Trucks probably have more similarities that people can only think of right now. As of this moment, the Dodge Ram says it all.

It was a terrible day at work, projects blown out of proportion, missed deadlines and clients backing out. What could be more frustrating than that? Finally, it is time to go home and at least feel comfortable and out of the stresses of life. The remote car lock beeps and inside that comfortable Chrysler 300, it speeds up faster than you can say go.

While on the road, a light starts to pop. It’s every car owner’s nightmare to see that dreaded “ check engine” light.  It comes with no warning and vehicle owners know what it means – a trip to the mechanic.  Unless the car suddenly stops and smoke comes out, better take that car manual and check what the light means. You can get this checked out by visiting your local Chrysler dealership like Kayser Chrysler Center in Wisconsin.

2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition-5

Breaking the Codes

For most Chrysler models there are various codes that needs to be read for what it means. Take that manual out and check for the abbreviations, if unsure there are other ways to check. Read websites that discuss these abbreviations and there are probably  hundreds of pages that car owners can refer to.

When searching for the Check engine light with an OBD II scan tool, follow these steps:

  1. Near the steering column there’s a 16-pin data link connector, connect it with the scan tool.
  2. Turn the ignition on
  3. Carefully read the scanners manufacturing handbook and start from there. There will be various codes that will be seen depending on the cars problem. Below is a list of these codes.

If P1105 is seen, it means Open Or Shorted Condition Detected In The Baro Read Solenoid Control Circuit. It usually needs automotive circuit testing and technical and wiring know-how.  For P1284, Fuel Injection Pump Battery Voltage Out Of Range. There are codes that tell when the Engine Operating Temp Below Acceptable Range or when CNG Pressure Sensor Voltage is Too High or  too low.

If any of these signs (more codes on manual) are seen, it is better to have that Chrysler checked by a licensed and accredited Chrysler mechanic.

Hiring The Decoder

Chrysler is an American automotive Brand consolidate from an Italian Manufacturer. Founded in 1925, the Chrysler Brand boasts of  renowned and driver’s choice trucks and SUV’s. Now, when that check engine light suddenly pops out, do not head for the usual shop around the corner. Instead head out and look for a licensed Chrysler mechanic.

  • These people know what they are doing and will give an automatic update regarding the car’s problem. They are reliable and trustworthy and will give an upfront cost of how much the repair would cost.
  • Legitimate Chrysler Technicians will also have complete certificates and training regarding different Chrysler engine codes. Once they read a code, they can instantly detect whether it needs new parts or simply just needs more testing.

In times of desperation, people’s judgment can often lead to more complications. With the Chrysler Check Engine Light guidelines, panicking is not an option. Presence of mind and a little technical know-how will do the job.