Aston Martin has always defined its engineering capabilities with the DBS range of cars. A new flagship in the form of the new 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish has arrived on the scene. The model was first introduced as a concept car at the Concorso d’Eleganza in Italy. It was also premiered as the project AM 310 concept car in late may. Sports car aficionados have been swooning over the marquee car. Aston Martin has certainly delivered on the sleek and stylish carbon-fiber body. Familiar features such as the grille and headlights evoke the manufacturers signature. According to the Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez, the Vanquish offers luxury, technical capability, and engineering innovation.

2013 Aston Martin Vanquish


The car has inherited the reliable VH architecture. The car is powered by a 5.9 liter DOHC V12 engine. This has been paired with a Touchtronic six-speed automatic gearbox. As a result, the car packs an astonishing 457 pound-feet of torque and 563 hp. Unleashing this power accelerates the car from zero to 60 in less than 4.1 seconds. The top speed is 186 mph at 5500 rpm. At this speed, the peak torque is 457 lbs-ft. The manufacturer has rated the 565 hp V-12 engine at 6750 rpm. Torque rises from 37 lbs-ft to the peak of 457 lbs-ft. In a bid to produce more power, Aston Martin engineers have upgraded the fuel pump and increased compression. In addition, the car features exhaust valve timing and variable intake. All of these extras ensure the driver can squeeze every ounce of power while on the road.


The exterior styling leaves no doubt this is an Aston Martin powerhouse. The hood incorporates heat extractors that resemble nostrils. Other than this feature, the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish hood is identical to the old DBS hood. Drivers will notice air dams on both sides of the front fascia. The Vanquish boasts of mean looking LED headlights. The air ducts are slightly larger than those of the old BBS model. This gives the Vanquish a more sporty look. One noticeable feature that is absent in this model is the gaping mouth look. Instead, the manufacturer has used a rectangular mouth and lower lip. Both features act as a front-lip spoiler.

The vanquish’s front fenders borrow heavily from the 2012 model. This includes the chrome strip and heat extractor split in half. Drivers will also enjoy a slightly raised roofline. This curves sharply downwards in similar fashion to the 2012 model. The rear end is noticeably larger and the clear tail lights have been replaced with red ones. The bumper and exhaust exits look more sleek.


Aston Martin is offering the new Vanquish in 2+0 or 2+2 interior configurations. Drivers will be wowed by the spacious cabin. Packing more luggage is a breeze as the boot is an incredible 386 liters. Compared to the old DBS model, this is a 60 percent improvement in boot space. Interior trimmings are done in semi-aniline leather and
Alcantara as well as Fine Luxmil. All the stitching is done by hand. A new infotainment system completes the look.

The release date for European buyers is late 2012 while US buyers will have to wait till early 2013. Prices start from $297,000.

Photos credit : Aston Martin

The Bentley car manufacturers have with them the latest model in the market, the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed which is one of the most expensive in terms of productions. With the new model debuting in various world markets at different times, this British car  is set at $ 215, 325 with the cost of shipment included.

This Bentley model is a modeled version of the famous Bentleys turbo charged twin with a 6.0 capacity, with the engine W12 combined into a closed ratio of ZF 8 auto transmission. The output for the 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed is set at 576 to the 616 horse power. The torque is set from 516 to 590. This new beast uses the fuel at a reduced 12 percent.

Improved features of the 2013 Bentley

The 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed possesses the following features that make it one of the best cars in the recent history.

Wheels and tires

The wheels come in 20 by 9.5 inches, enclosing alloy rims and the tire size of 275/35R Z type tires.

Glass and roofing

It has a rear defogger and variable intermittent wipers with ability to sense rain.

The size

The new Bentley measures a 189.2 by76.5 by 55.3 inches. It has a cargo capacity of 12.6 ft, a gross weight of 6063 and curb weight of 5060 lbs.

The outside look

The new model is made with a space to save the spare wheel, hide gear paddles trimmed, a chromed 20 wheel alloy, a 3 coat technology, extended range and jewel fuel filler cap. Other features include, 21 six twin alloy rims painted and chromed, 21 ten spoke propelled wheels painted and chromed and another 21 seven spoke elegant alloy chromed wheels.

Mechanical compositions

The base engine size is set at 4.OL of gas, with a double overhead cam, 8V cylinders with 32 valves.

Driving terrain

The car can take all drive types with an 8 shift auto. This is aided by a center slip limited differential.


It has the front and rear suspension bars, 4 wheel suspension, multi linking rear suspension and double front wishbone suspension.


It is made to take on fuel gas with unleaded premium. The fuel tank capacity is set at 24 gallons. The EPA mileage is at 15/24 mpg and mile range of 369/576 mi.


Made of the standardize brakes and an option of carbon brakes made of ceramics.

Safety requirements

2013 bentley continental gt speed

The 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed is among the safest motors to be manufactured with  4 wheel ABS, Airbags at the front and rear, brakes to assist in emergencies, daylights, engine immobilizers, headrests at front and back, Front and rear seatbelt tensioners, turning signal mirrors, stability  and traction controls.It has monitors to check tire pressures, electronic brake force, and headlight for self leveling and airbags for passenger controls.This monster also has remote controlled powered door locks, powered mirrors and, one touch power windows.It has the ability to memorize 3 driver settings hence safe from car thieves. For the instrumentation it has the clock, tachometer and warnings when the fuel is low.

The stereos

Comes with 8 speakers, video monitor machine and player DVD, FM/AM with an additional mp3 CD stereo for playback, memory card slot and auxiliary ports.

This is a high powered car with improved steering and good suspension. It has the best speed for cruising in level grounds.

Release Date

The 2013 Bentley Continental will be released at the end of this year..

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari came with a new concept expected to become available in late 2012: the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. This 12-cylinder gran turismo will replace the aging 599 GTB Fiorano later this year coming with a refreshed design that hardly resembles its predecessor.

Construction And Style

The 2013 F12 Berlinetta is slightly different from its predecessor. It has been designed by Ferrari’s longtime partner Pininfarina, combining an inspiring amalgamation of strong looking surfaces with beautiful flowing design cues. The front of the car resembles the 458 Italia while the rear has a more conservative look.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

The design of the car boasts an impressive 76% increase of downforce alongside with a drag of 0.299.Overall, the car is smaller than its predecessor and significantly lighter. The even balance and mass distributuin makes the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta shift 54% of its curb weight to the tail end.


Ferrari has attempted to fool around with hybrid systems but the new Berlinetta remains loyal to the traditional time-tested 12-cylinder engine. Behind the hood, the car hides a 6.3-liter V-12, similar to the FF wagon. The engine runs at 730 horsepower and 8000 RPMs. The seven-speed gearbox shifts at lightning speed and as per Ferrari’s claims, the car can go from 0 to 62 mph in a shocking 3.1 seconds. The top speed of the car has been limited to 211 miles per hour but without a doubt the car can handle much more than that.

The Berlinetta comes with a quite a few performance enhancing features such as E-Diff, high-performance ABS, ESP Premium and F1-Trac. The optional start/stop system, the 2013 F12 Berlinetta manages to save 30% fuel and reduces the carbon emissions by 16%. The standard fuel consumption reaches 15 miles per gallon during a city drive but it can go to 17 miles per gallon on a highway.

At this moment, the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the fastest road car built by the Italian manufacturer.


The F12 comes with a dashboard that resembles the one of the FF but with one big difference: the large packs of clucky-looking navigation units have been redesigned. The Berlinetta displays the relevant infotainment screens via a Human Machine Interface system of in the form of a gauge cluster. The cabin is covered with Frau leather and some carbon fiber trims. Every aspect of the interior has been carefully designed but in the end, it can be customized as per the client’s budget and preference. There is no fixed interior setup.

Final Conclusions And Release Date

The 2013 F12 Berlinetta has been announced for release late 2012. What is known for certain now is that Ferrari now holds the fastest, the most powerful and the most well-built road car. This might be valid for now but rumors tell that the Italian auto maker is preparing an 800 horsepower model. Even so, the Berlinetta is still the most powerful front-engine car ever build. Only time will tell if this status will be granted to a different model in the near future.For now, the big spenders are still waiting for the car to be released by the end of this year as per the official Ferrari announcement.

In 2009, BMW decided to enter the niche market of hybrid cars. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept was to be their first car running on a dual engine system that was engineered for low gas consumption and amazing recharge rates. Looking at the specifications shared by the development team the new BMW that is now called i8 will be able to compete with the most environment friendly cars. From the design perspective, the size, weight and overall finishing and curves make the new hybrid car a great looking sport car.

Looking Under The Hood

The first models of the series will come equipped with a three cylinder engine capable of generating 163 HP. It is a 1.5L diesel engine that will be accompanied by two electric ones generating another 139 HP. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h (or 68 mph) in 4.8 seconds. The average consumption reaches 3.76 per 100 km or 75.1 mpg imp. Additionally, the carbon emissions of the car do not exceed 99 grams per kilometer. To keep the electrical engines running, the BMW engineers managed to build a hybrid car that reaches a complete charge in just two hours.

The interior of the car is very generous for a sports car. It comes with 2+2 seats and extra light gullwing doors. The roof and the door insertions are made of polycarbonate glass, becoming black when there is exterior light.

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics 2013

Hitting The Markets In 2013

The new BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept or the i8 will become commercially available in 2013. The mass production of the hybrid will start at the beginning of the year. To be noted that the final version of the car will consume even less fuel. As per BMW’s engineers, the mass production i8 will consume 2.9l per 100 km or 96 mpg. The price tag of the car hasn’t been announced yet but if we were to look at other hybrids we should expect it to be much more expensive than a non-environmental friendly car.

The new 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class is one most fuel economical and reliable vehicle due to its high quality GLK350 engine that has the capacity to supply 302 horsepower. Just like the past models it still relies on the 3.5 litre V-6 which has now being adjusted to produce more power. It has a seven speed automatic transmission system that ensures that you get to where you are going fast and safely using its 19 inches five spoke alloy wheels.
The designers have made some changes on the headlight, diffuser and the front bumper so as to enhance its outlook that is more classy and modern. Some of the other modifications include LED lightings at the lower part of the bumper which are set in some creative patterns in the rear part.

2013 Mercedes Benz GLK

The cabin has being completely changed using some wood trim pieces made from walnut wood. Quality entertainment is produced by the newly designed radio system and which has much easier to use controls. The radial air vents helps in sufficient air circulation in and out of the cabin hence making the ride even more comfortable to ride in especially for long distance journeys.
Safety and security of the vehicle is now enhanced by a drowsiness detector which is more standard and accurate. Other security features include a blind spot monitoring system and an automatic self parking option. 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class offers enough space that can accommodate a maximum of five people hence making it one of the best cars to ride in for a road trip or vacation.

Its fuel consumption system has being enhanced using the various technological advancements in the auto industry. This vehicle is designed to help the user reduce fuel consumption in this era of high fuel prices. It is set to be released this summer hence do not miss the chance of being the first one ride it on the streets.

Soon the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport will be released into the market. There are a lot of expectations as this particular model has been hinted serve as an addition to the previous supercharged limited editions as well as the GT limited edition of the same. The wheels are standard alloy cast sparkling silver that perfectly march with the colored standard brembo brake calipers. Judging from the luxurious interior designs, the exterior modifications coupled with other colored finishes including the sports badge as well as the embroidered sports relate logos;it is clearly evident that this car is a complete package that also includes extended rear roof spoilers, uniquely designed chrome exhaust, 20 inch alloy wheels.

2013 Land Rover Range Rover

2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport is uniquely designed to perfectly suit enthusiastic drivers. Though it has been re-branded to a relatively smaller scale, most of the off-road functionalities have been further modified to making the car serve as a stepping platform that links up the usual formal with a high performance, street ready car that most shoppers look for in today modern automobile markets.

The 2013’s sport road performance is equally outstanding bearing in mind its weight and general size. The car also features additional off road capabilities to its rear and onto its body frame for additional comfort. This low scaled down Range Rover has that appealing modern look right from its front end all the way to its spare use and details. The cockpit is lavishly designed and neatly finished in leather wood and plastic featuring a lovely balance of material drawers as well as functional knobs and rockers all which collectively supplement the glow from the cars LCD touch screen, which is also an off road feature and instrumentally placed to aid the driver’s communication needs mainly because it features information on the settings and general control of the vehicle’s functions and features. The rear displays and gauge are also exceptionally easy to read.

The power for the 2013 comes from its 5.0 liter V-8; this is not in any way affected by the car’s super charging capabilities. Considered as a naturally aspirated version the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport boosts of a 510 horse power and more than 460 pound feet of torque. It also has a brisk acceleration capability that sees its move from 0-60 mph in less than 7 seconds. The sport also features a brainy all wheel drive system coupled with a six speed automatic transmission. Full of standard equipments the 2013 sport has a detailed navigation system, audio system that includes an 11 speaker 380 watts of power, with upgrades ranging from the rear seat entertainment system, beverage cooler amongst other individualized interior decorations. Adaptable air suspension and surround view cameras also form part of the car’s interior.

Perfectly outfitted with additional accessories for some of the worst case scenarios, off-road performance of the 2013 sports features the adaptive dynamic system that is coupled with terrain response system readout. These are particularly useful and display real time status of the wheels and differentials. The instrument panel displays speed adjustment options for the driver. What’s more, this dynamic program is controlled by console knob that allows the driver to select the most suitable terrain setting for the car depending on the road surface.

In terms of safety, the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport has advanced on the usual standard safety requirements and features curtain air bags, anti lock brakes, traction as well as advanced stability controls that include roll control, hill descent controls and even active headsets. There is also an adaptive cruise control that supplements the emergency braking system with the ability of pre scanning and detecting possible road collisions in advance for the driver to brake in time.

Though yet to be tested, the 2013 sport offers blind spotting monitors as well as rear vie cameras along side stability controls plus an all wheel drive. Meeting gas mileage expectations the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport operates a fuel economy number of up to 13 – 18 miles per gallon in the city or on the highway respectively. This changes to a rating of approximately 12/17 mpg when the supercharger is turned on.



At this moment, Nissan Altima is the bestselling family sedan in the US. When the series was first launched almost 20 years ago, the Altima made a great impression as soon as it hit the market. Over 120.000 cars were sold in the first year, overpassing Nissan’s expectation by 20%.

Next year, the series will get a revamped version with several improved features, design, a new powertrains, updated safety and better infotainment. The 2013 Nissan Altima SL lost some weight in the design process, being lighter than the current model. It is slightly longer and wider but weight has been decreased. In terms of available versions, we will still get to choose between four or six cylinders. Additionally, this time around Nissan went for some fuel consumption optimization by reducing internal friction by 40% and increasing the spread from the shortest to the tallest ratios.

The design of the sedan has been through a complete lift, with sharp edges combining a sport look with a clean family like sedan. Some of its sporting dispositions have been preserved to make the Altima a thrilling car to drive. It comes with the ZF Sachs shock absorbers and the comfortable hydraulic steering. The trunk, roof and hood are now made of aluminum while the lower part of the car uses high-strength steel to improve safety. The standard version also comes with four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, vehicle stability and traction control, tire pressure monitor, six airbags, ignition immobilizer and a computerized vehicle security system. It is clear that all these safety additions were designed to fit a family with one or two children.

On long mountain roads, the 2013 Nissan Altima SL behaves like a sports car. It has a great grip on turns and the innovative suspension design creates some sort of rear-steer effect to get the back tires involved into the cornering effort. The first thing that the driver will notice is the stability of the car when entering a bend too quickly. In tests, the average grip recorded was around 0.85 g. That is more than enough to keep the car on the road in difficult conditions.
Nissan Altima SL 2013
Still, the car is not without flaws. Even if it offers a smooth ride, larger bumps will make the driver feel a deep shiver passing through the structure of the entire car. However, this is commonly accepted for sports cars and truth be told, the Altima is placed at the exact limit between a family sedan and a sports car. This can be easily observed when looking at the capabilities of the car in terms of acceleration. It goes from 0 to 60 MPH in just 7.7 seconds. This is not impressive for a sports car but at this moment, the 2013 Nissan Altima SL is the fastest family sedan.

An Ending Thought

The Altima is a great car for long drives with the family. It is both safe and fast. The revamped resign gives it a fresh look with more interior space and a slightly larger overall body. It performs great in difficult driving situations but when pushed only larger bumps will make it shake from the ground. It is bigger and yet lighter than the previous model. The 2.5 L model will probably dominate the sale numbers offering a generous 182 HP with decent fuel consumption due to the reduced friction rate.

2013 Lexus ES 350 is the best choice for anyone who loves comfortable and economic vehicles that are elegant and outstanding at the same time. It is assembled by the top best engineers in the world who have all the necessary skills in design and assembling cars that are both safe and effective in meeting all the diverse taste and preferences of the customers. There are a number of features that make it very unique in the market and this can be proven by the large number of customers from all over the world who are now opting to buy this new car.
One of the main features that one recognises when inside this car is the navigation system screen that is nicely fitted at the front part of the car. So as to enhance its stability and speed the designers this time have increased the size of the wheelbase as compared to last year’s model so as to increase back seat space. This space can comfortably accommodate three adults hence making it one of the best cars to drive on a road trip with friends. In order to cater for all drivers the designers have increased the size of the cushions and incorporated a thigh support that is specifically designed to enhance comfort of the tall drivers.
Another feature that makes it the best choice is its effective and efficient hard drive navigation system that has a voice command. The passengers and the driver are also entertained from a high technology entertainment system that is made using the very latest advancement in technology and equipments such as Mark Levinson Audio system. However one has to use a pointer to make selections on the menu screen and this is facilitated by the quality and durable remote touch controller. In a bid to enhance to enhance safety the 2013 LEXUS ES 350 has a Pre-Collision System and a Rear Cross Traffic Alert hence enabling the driver to make more accurate decisions while driving.

2013 Lexus ES 350
The exterior parts of the vehicle are perfect and details look sharper both at the front and back parts. The sheet metal is curved in a way that gives it a fresh and new touch. Extra attention has being used to ensure that are the corners are tucked a little closer as compared to the previous models. On the front part, 2013 LEXUS ES 350 has a Lexus spindle that is referred to as hourglass grille; it carefully tapers to the bumper and later expands below the bumper. In a bid to increase the interior space, the designers have incorporated door and dash trims that do not wrap. On the contrary this trims form some nice pushed out corners that helps to maintain maximum space inside the car.
We cannot afford to destroy the environment, hence the designers has incorporated a Drive mode selector that allows the driver to switch to Eco mode that is more efficient in fuel consumption hence does not pollute the environment. The Atkinson cycle four cylinder engine and an integrated electric motor helps to improve its performance. 2013 Lexus ES 350 is one of the best cars ever to be released in the market and more exciting models are to follow.

During the 2012 New York Auto Show, representatives from Cadillac announced the release of their newly, totally redesigned, restyled 2013 Cadillac SRX. After early reviews, if the new SRX is Cadillac’s response to the Lexus RX350, Lexus could have quite a bit of catchin’ up to do – and the SRX has yet to go on sale!

Cadillac took on the market of the crossover mid-size sport utility vehicles head-on with the SRX and hasn’t looked back. The combination of both luxury and technology that Cadillac seamlessly integrates into all their vehicles is nothing short of amazing and when the restyling of the 2013 Cadillac SRX was added to the equation, the result was an almost knee-buckling experience indeed.

Redesigned Exterior

What better way to begin an entirely new era of their mid-size crossover line than with a complete exterior make-over.New features that have been added to the 2013 Cadillac SRX exterior include a newly redesigned front that comes equipped with Cadillac’s classic logo, the twin leaf family crest of ‘Sieur de Cadillac’ mounted on the new custom grille.The rear-end has also gotten a new look that has the option of an available rear-view camera package that can coincide with, one of many new safety features, such as the 2013 Cadillac SRX state of the art “rear cross traffic alert system”.Of course with a new look to the front and rear, the SRX needed a stylish set of new 20-inch rubber wrapped rims as well as an amazingly beautiful trim package.Yet, of all the exterior changes, the decision to throw three different colors of metallic paint onto the SUV’s restyled body was undoubtbly as bold as the colors themselves.With colors such as Evolution Green, Glacier Blue ,and the blistering bright Silver Coast, the 2013 Cadillac SRX is sure to be an absolute head turner no matter what street corner it is seen on throughout the Nation.

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SRX Interior: Complete Comfort/Style

When the ‘powers-that-be at Cadillac decided to change the SRX interior, they simply dazzled potential buyer’s eyes with the effort put into this crossover’s restyled interior.Cadillac has installed a new steering wheel, boasting the controls of the revolutionary “info-tainment center”, wild technology that takes everything you will ever need to know in the information department and combines it with everything you will ever want to know in the entertainment department. Essentially, Infotainment  in it’s early stages of development.Another of the SRX’s unique changes is the new and improved instrument cluster that, along with the wildly awesome new steering wheel and redesigned and reshaped gear knob, creates a masterpiece of an interior worthy of having the Cadillac crest embroidered on the seats.

Cadillac Tech At It’s Finest!

Indeed the comfort and styling of the luxurious 3rd row seating is right on the mark with what one would expect from the 2013 Cadillac SRX, everything fails to compare to the nifty tech gadgets and super cool “Infotainment center” that seems to be an after thought compared to the real focal point of the SRX’s interior……The CUE.Cadillac User Experience, or commonly referred to as simply, CUE, is a slam dunk over Ford’s version of the semi-same concept the folks over there call “MyFord Touch”.Although the Ford version is definitely trending throughout the world of social media and everyone went crazy about it, 2013 Cadillac SRX has developed an entirely incredible version, that as soon as it debuts, will cause people to toss the practically-now-antique “MyFord Touch” out of their social circles for good.The new Cadillac CUE comes sporting some of the auto industries latest collaborations with the world of sophisticated technology.Natural Voice RecognitionDashboard Mounted 8-inch LCD ScreenAvailable 3-D GPSDoppler RadarPandora RadioThe Ability To Sync With Smartphone, MP3, Ipod and Complete Bluetooth Capabilities.Not only has the CUE blown expectations out of the water, the screen flips down to reveal a hidden compartment to store your phones or MP3 player. An additional area has a USB port and a slot for an SD card.

Additional Features

The 2013 Cadillac SRX is an outstanding automobile that is not only easy on the eyes, it also comes banging out over 308-320 HP from a modest fuel conserving V-6.One of the unique extras found on the new SUV is LED light pipes and a Safety alert seat filling out the interior.SRX is utilizing the Haldex system to provide limited slip differential for better traction in the Cadillac crossover’s “all-wheel drive”, though a practical 2-wheel version is also available as well.The safety features that are complimenting this mid-size SUV are also unique to most other vehicles of it’s kind. Such as a “Driver Assist Pkg”, rear-cross traffic alerts, auto front/rear braking, Adaptive cruise control, motive force awareness and even ultra-sonic sensors that combine with the 2013 Cadillac SRX’s forward collision alert system.

The Anticipated Release

The expected MSRP is looking to be somewhere in/or around the high $30K mark. Preliminary outlook is $36,000 at the low end, and up to $50,000 on the high end.So far as the heads of Cadillac and GM are expecting, the hopes are that sometime before September the 2013 Cadillac SRX will be out on the road and in drive-ways around the world.