The world is certainly moving forward at an alarming rate, with some things that would have been considered science fiction a mere two decades ago, now just becoming an everyday reality. Same could be said for the world of cars and other forms of personal transport, with new models coming out more and more frequently with more companies racing to get to that number one spot in innovation than ever, there is certainly some healthy competition out there. Now, where does this leave you as a consumer? Well, on the one hand, you are most probably happy about the fact that one of your passions or hobby is getting some pretty decent exposure and development, but on the other hand, things are often moving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Not only hard to keep up for your brain, but also for your wallet. Even if you bought one of the latest cars a mere year ago, by the time a new model comes out with any new features which usually happens a few times a year, then your car is technically already outdated at this point. Fortunately, this goes both ways, and if you dish out a small fortune for a car, then the chances are that you could make most of that small fortune back by selling it off, and possibly buying the newer model. The question that remains, is how?

Selling it like you mean it


Often, the best way to go around things is the most direct way. Of course, this does not apply to everything, but when it comes to selling something, a strong conviction often works wonders. Now, do not misunderstand, do not come off as preachy or seeming like you’re pushing the sale onto the buyer, you should just keep the method straightforward. For example, after letting the world know that your car is for sale, be it by putting a sign in its window, leaving some printouts at the bus stop, or putting it online, when you deal with the person buying it, you will be dealing with them face to face. This is where the previously mentioned conviction comes in. If you’re convinced with what you’re saying, they will be convinced as well and the sale might be a lot smoother than you expect. If you do not happen to be a great salesman yourself, or you have issues with persuasion skills one on one, then the next best thing to do is to check out some public auctions nearby, and maybe you can get your car to get auctioned off by someone else. Still a very straightforward solution, but it saves you the trouble of having to double down as a salesman and putting on your best selling smile.


Looks right when you walk up to it


Considering the world of cars is full of enthusiasts, you usually do not need to do too much convincing when it comes to the topic of “Why should you buy this car?”. If someone is interested in the first place and got in contact with you, they have probably already decided that they would potentially like to buy it. What you have to do, is to finalise that transaction, by making the car not only appeal to the buyer, but make it seem like quit the steal. It might not always be easy, but despite all our intricacies as a species, humans are rather simple to appeal to. Giving the car a good scrub, get the body looking beautiful by using a certain old car salesman saying as a guideline. “Looks right when you walk up to it”. With the car looking good, and after some potential minor haggling, the buyer should be more than satisfied, or at least will keep you in their head when they head off, which is more than can often be said.


Nailing your driving test is one thing. Nailing the insurance premium of your first car is another. If you’re young and inexperienced, the cost of buying your first vehicle might become too high. And if you’re very young, you might not be able to sign for a finance agreement to buy a car in the first place. So how can you beat all the challenges of buying your first car, and come out on top without a crippling debt?

Sharing With A Parent

Borrowing your parent’s car is never quite the same as having your very own vehicle. However, adding you to an insurance policy that is set up right, could offer you the chance to prove yourself as a safe driver. After a year or two, you might find that your insurance premium costs come down a little. In the meantime, you have to ask permission to use the car, keep it clean, and bring it back by a curfew – it takes the fun out of driving!


Buying Used

Buying a used car could give you a wider choice of vehicles in your price range. If you choose vehicles that have a smaller engine size, you might even be able to reduce your insurance premium to an affordable level. Choose makes and models that are well known to keep costs down. You can find used Vauxhall offers online that might be a good fit. Buy from a reputable dealer so you can negotiate a good warranty or guarantee package.


Buying New

If you’re old enough to take out a finance plan, you might be able to buy a brand new car. Once or twice a year, you will find car dealers offering low-interest finance and even free insurance with a newly registered vehicle. If you can wait for one of these deals to come around, you might be driving off the lot with a brand new car for a deposit. If you have savings, this could be a great investment for you. A brand new car is likely to be more reliable than an older vehicle, so you’ll have fewer worries about things going wrong.


Buying What You Really Want

Let’s face it – what you really want is a high-end sports car with looks to impress and a real roar under the hood. If you’ve got some savings behind you then you then you might be able to buy a used sports car for a good price. The insurance might not be quite so easy to acquire, so shop around for specialist providers.


Taking Care

If you’ve never owned a vehicle before, then you are about to face a lot of expenses. It’s worth checking your budget to work out what is really affordable for you. Don’t forget to add some cash for your fuel too. Cleaning your car, parking your car, and even covering breakdowns are all expenses that you need to account for. Then, of course, it’s just you and the road. Enjoy.


When you’ve been driving for a while it becomes second nature. You know exactly what you need to do to control your car, you have plenty of experience in dealing with all kinds of roads and situations and you generally feel like a safe and competent individual on the roads. This is fantastic- however, one problem to getting to this stage is you can become a little sloppy. Because you’ve never had an accident it feels like you never will. You’ve got your shortcuts, cheats and bad habits when it comes to driving that you continue to get away with despite not being great practice. You can generally become a little complacent, which isn’t good news with driving since you really do need your wits about you at all times. Here are just three mistakes drivers make which increase their chances of them having an accident, do you make any of these?

Not Checking Their Car

Cars are sturdy machines that are built to last, but as with anything parts can and do go wrong. Sometimes this is unavoidable, a part will wear out and need to be fixed there’s not much you can do about it. However at times, skipping on general maintenance can be to blame. There are a number of fluids under the bonnet of your car which need to be checked, they’re simple to keep an eye on and in most cases you just have to check that they’re between the minimum and maximum lines on the containers. But if you run out, it can cause serious issues. If you run out of oil for example, your engine will seize up almost instantly. Even silly mistakes like running out of fuel can be a huge issue. If your car stops it could leave you in a vulnerable position, whether it’s at a busy junction or island or on a fast moving road. Another car could easily go into the back of you and cause damage or injury that was totally avoidable. Not checking the tyres is another problem. Legally you should have 1.6mm of tread, if your tyres are balding you could break the law and put yourself at risk of blowouts or skidding. Many of us are so used to our cars we hop in without even thinking, but regular checks are essential. Before long journeys particularly you should be checking fluid levels, lights, wipers, petrol and tyres to make sure that everything is in order.


Driving With Bad Habits

Most of us pick up some bad habits over time when it comes to driving, we can all get a little sloppy and not follow the exact procedures we were taught to pass our test. But sometimes these bad habits can be particularly problematic, to the point that they’re downright dangerous. Car injury lawyers such as Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. have to deal with the consequences of these behaviours all the time, where drivers neglect and carelessness can cause injury and loss of life. It could be driving over the speed limit, not using signals correctly, taking unnecessary chances or not checking mirrors properly. Next time you’re out of the roads, be aware of these kinds of things and get yourself back into good habits. You might have got away with your driving up until now, but it only takes once and you could cause a serious accident over something that could be avoided.


Getting Distracted With Technology

Technology can make our lives better in many ways, and a leap in technology has generally made our cars safer to drive. However it can go the other way too, and sometimes technology can be the reason behind crashes and accidents. The law on driving and mobile phones does vary from place to place, in the UK you’re not allowed to even touch your phone while you’re driving it has to be in a cradle and used completely hands free. In other places in the world you’re allowed to hold the phone and talk while you drive but not text. Your best bet is to not use your phone at all while you’re driving so your attention is solely on the road. The same applies to sat navs, program your journey ahead of time so you don’t have to touch it when you’re driving and risk taking your eyes off the road. Technology is great and safety features like lane change assist, parking sensors and more can make our cars and roads safer than ever. But do your bit, keep off your phone and other gadgets and concentrate on what you should be doing in the car.


When cars were first created, they really were a thing that amazed so many people. Things were a lot easier back then as technology hadn’t advanced as much as it had today. Things such as environmental factors were just not an issue. The race to produce the best cars didn’t cloud the vision of what a car should actually be. So when you look at the grand scheme of things, are cars taking a turn for the worse? Some will argue absolutely not. They’re getting quicker, better looking, lighter, and more economical. But there’s a lot of reasons to suggest that the car game is taking a turn for the worse. This article is here to explore some of the reasons why.



The environmental factors are one of the main reasons in which cars are taking a turn for the worse. Granted, a lot of manufacturers are trying to do something about the emissions their cars are letting out. But let’s take the whole Volkswagen scandal where they had rigged the tests that determined the emissions from their diesel cars. Thousands of cars were taken off the road until they were deemed safe enough in terms of emissions to use. So how many other car manufacturers are using this technique? It is worrying to think of. The effects it has on our environment really are terrible. It is one of the main contributes to global warming, and we now know that our ice caps are melting at the quickest rate they ever have, and our world is warming up at an alarming rate. The damages this is going to have on things such as our wildlife and landscape will be horrendous. It might not be in our lifetime, but if could affect the lives of our great grandchildren. It is also having a nasty affect on the air we breathe. Some countries are now so polluted due to the fumes things such as cars are letting out. This has damaging effects to our health, more than people care to realise. Lung conditions are on the rise, and experts are saying it is due to the rising levels of pollution in the air.




Each year the number of people that are on the roads is on the rise. Thousands of people pass their test each year and start to clog up the roads even more than they already are. But what are we doing about it? Well, nothing really. The roads aren’t getting bigger, only the traffic is. It is becoming more appealing for people to drive to save on expenses and delays that the public transport system has. But, unfortunately, this leads to so many new accidents a year. There’s a statement that suggests you won’t go through your life whilst driving without having a crash. So at least one time that you leave your house you might not come back with a nice car again. But even more worrying than that, the number of fatalities that you’ll see on the roads really is on the rise. Hausmann-McNally car accident lawyers are seeing the number of cases that they are having to deal with rise massively over the years. There’s so many reckless drivers out there that are putting the lives of so many people at risk each year. There’s around 2 million serious injuries or fatalities on the roads due to the fact other people are just not safe on the roads. There’s also a rise in the number of drink and drug drivers on the road, which is even more worrying for safety.




If you drive, you’ll know how annoyingly expensive it is to do. The prices are constantly on the rise for everything. The first thing you need to think about is the price of actually buying the car. Unless you’ve got a lot of money already given to you, you’re going to be saving for a long while, especially if you want a brand new car. Then you’ll have to think about the price of insurance. If you’re a new and young driver, you should expect to be paying through the nose. If you’re a bit older, but it’s still your first time applying for insurance, you’ll still be expected to pay a hell of a lot. Then there’s the price of actually running the car. If you don’t have one that’s economical, you’re definitely going to be paying a fortune in fuel prices. Fuel prices are another thing that always seems to be on the rise.


So, after reading this what would your verdict be, do you still think cars are getting better?


Cleaning the wheels of your car should be a regular part of your car maintenance ritual. Remember that wheels require additional protection and care since they are more directly exposed to pressure, heat and dirt than other parts of the vehicle, especially if you’re driving a heavy vehicle with powerful mickey thompson wheels. You can create a basic cleaning kit for your wheels that include the following:

  • A pressure washer or water hose
  • A soft-fibred or microfiber cleaning cloth or towel
  • A soft-bristled cleaning brush
  • Mild dishwashing detergent or shampoo
  • Non-abrasive cleaning pads or wash mitts
  • Wheel sealant or wax

Cleaning plain, polished wheels

One of the best ways to protect your wheels and give them a clean appearance is to have them polished regularly. Unlike chrome or painted wheels, plain polished wheels are more exposed to the elements and wear and tear; hence, they require extra care to extend their quality and useful life.

Applying a sealant or wax regularly on black steel wheels can help to minimize any small damage that occurs from time to time. Avoid using cleaning cloths or towels with rough or hard fibres as these could damage the surface and erode the material. Choose any cleaning agents carefully by reading the ingredients carefully and only choose cleaners that do not contain any harsh acids.

Caring for painted wheels

If you’re going for painted or machined wheels as a low-cost alternative, always remember to ask the retailer for wheels that have a protective coating over the regular paint. This is usually in clear paint which adds a smooth, shiny finish to the surface and makes it look attractive. To avoid eroding this protective coating, always clean the wheels with a non-abrasive cloth or towel to avoid scratches.

If there are stubborn stains on the wheel, then wash them off with a soft brush and soap water or any cleaning liquid that does not contain strong acids. Dry the wheels immediately to avoid any reaction between the water and soap chemicals. Waxing is also necessary to fill in any scratches on the protective coating.

Cleaning chrome wheels

Chrome wheels are extremely popular because of their affordability and the sheen that they add to the overall look of your vehicle. Therefore, it is very important that you take proper care of these wheels so that they maintain their shine and quality over time.

For regular cleaning, use a dry, soft cloth to wipe off dust and soft dirt. For hardened dirt, you can also use a soft-bristled brush dipped in mild soapy water. Once the dirt has been cleaned away, dry the surface immediately with a dry, clean towel to avoid any soap deposits. In snowy weather, driving on de-iced roads can scratch the surface which should be treated with non-abrasive polished.

Additional wheel cleaning tips

Follow these tips to get the best results from your wheel cleaning regimen:

  • Always begin cleaning the wheels when they are at room temperature.
  • Start washing the wheel from the outside moving deeper into the narrow inner crevices.
  • Apply a sealant after every wash.
  • Replace the protective coating every 2-3 months.

There’s a common, quite amusing tendency among drivers: they all think they’re better than the average driver on the road. But if that’s the case, then where are all the bad drivers? In reality, those people who aren’t quite as good as others just don’t know it. It is a hard thing to judge, to be fair. Below, we’ve put together seven clues that you’re not really as great behind the wheel as you might think you are.There’s a common, quite amusing tendency among drivers: they all think they’re better than the average driver on the road. But if that’s the case, then where are all the bad drivers? In reality, those people who aren’t quite as good as others just don’t know it. It is a hard thing to judge, to be fair. Below, we’ve put together seven clues that you’re not really as great behind the wheel as you might think you are.

You Don’t Take Phone Safety Seriously


It doesn’t matter how good you might actually be once you’re in the driver’s seat: nothing can compensate for arrogance when you’re driving! If you’re using your commute to and from work to text your friends and make plans for the evening, then we hate to break it to you: you’re one of the bad drivers. A good driver would know that safety is the biggest priority when it comes to getting from A to B.

You Scan the Car Park For Double Spaces


Alright, we concede that parking can be a little bit tricky. However, we also concede that we’re not the greatest driver on earth. Being able to park with ease is one of those things that only comes with practice and experience. If you’re pulling up to a potential parking space, checking it out with your eye, and then deciding that it’s too much of a challenge, then there are probably other aspects of driving that you don’t excel at, either. You only avoided taking on this parking space because the threat of damaging your car was all too real, admit it!

You’ve Got History


Sometimes, the evidence is undeniable. If you have the phone number of an automobile accident attorney saved on your smartphone, then there might be something up with your driving skills. Of course, the past experiences might have been someone else’s fault, but if you’re beginning to hit double digits of fender benders, then we’re inclined to think that maybe it’s time for a refresher course on how to drive safely. Although, having said that, it might be that you just to need to improve certain aspects of driving. Going for a cruise in the snow, for example, is a challenge for everyone.

Your Friends Catch a Taxi


It’s hard to judge how good you are at driving, and hey, we’re not in the best position to judge your skills either. But there are some people out there who can tell you if you’ve got it or you don’t: your friends and family. If they’re opting to take a taxi even when you’ve offered them a ride, then something is up. So why not come outright and ask them? Friends are always honest when it comes to telling you how much you suck at something. Are you too cautious, too fast? Figure that out, and you’ll be on course to becoming a better driver.

You Applaud Your Multitasking Skills


Nothing is a bigger giveaway of a bad drive than a person who says “pfft, I can drive and hold a business meeting/eat my lunch/apply my makeup all at the same time.” They might think that they’re impressing the person they’re telling, but what they’re really saying is that they are so confident in their ability not to cause an accident that they allow themselves to focus on other things. But do you know when most accidents occur? When people are focusing on other things! They may have been lucky in accidents up until now, but they’re patently not a good driver.

“That? Oh, It’s Just a Bump”


Some people take their cars very seriously, and with good reason: they’re expensive! Other people used to take their car seriously, but now that it has so many bumps and scratches, it’s hard to get too worked up if it acquires another one. However, this in itself is telling. A person tried their best – which means drove their best – in an effort to keep their car in perfect condition, and look what happened! Of course, it’s possible that it was all the fault of other people…but you have to ask some questions of the driver eventually.

Nothing is Automatic


Finally, if a person has been on the roads for more than six months and still has to think about every single aspect of driving, then they’re probably not a superstar behind the wheel. While paying attention is always recommended, if they have to think about how to release the handbrake, something might be up.


Whether your classic ride is a family heirloom or a treasured investment, it’s important to give your car the gentle protection it needs to keep running. Vintage car covers are soft and durable options when condition is a concern. From dust-thwarting properties to luxury plushness, the best covers for classic cars strike the perfect balance of power and indulgence.

UV-Resistant Covers

One of the biggest threats to both the interior and exterior of a vintage car is sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation can cause paint to wear and fade. Additionally, because windows on older cars aren’t as resistant to sun damage as modern models, UV rays can destroy the fabric on seatbacks and cushions. While all fabrics are susceptible to fading, leather is also vulnerable to cracking. In order to extend the vibrancy of paint and protect the interior against wear, classic car owners should consider investing in UV-resistant covers.

Dust Prevention

Just because a vintage car has been around for a long time doesn’t mean it has to collect dust in the garage. Keep your classic model lint-free with a cover designed to eliminate fuzz, such as Dustop. This modern fabric combines four ultrasonically-bonded layers of material to keep dust away and cushion the delicate finish of your car. It is thicker than typical woven fabrics and 25 percent lighter than flannel options. These covers are both easy to handle and excellent at blocking against dings. Note that Dustop is designed for indoor use with only brief periods of outdoor exposure.

Plush Pampering

Finally, nothing looks and feels better on a classic car than a soft, luxury cover. The following fabrics offer the best in aesthetics and breathability:

Knit polyester

For assistance choosing the best cover for your vintage car, call your local car cover company at 1-800-423-5525. You can also get in touch with California Car Cover online.

Has the time finally come for you to trade in your old car and replace it with a new one? It’s something that we all have to do sooner or later, even if it’s not always the most enjoyable process to go through. There are lots of things at stake when you’re making your way through the process, and it’s important to be clear about all of those things before going any further.

So what’s at stake when you’re looking for a new car and making that big purchase? There are few things that should be highlighted and discussed so read on now to learn more.


You want the car to be functioning for a long time to come, but not all cars are able to offer that kind of longevity, especially if you’re buying a used model that has already been on the road for a long time.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions and find out as much as you possibly can about the history of the car and what kind of problems and repairs it’s had so far. The more you know, the surer you can be that it will offer longevity.

The Driving Experience

This might not seem like such a big deal if you’re not a massive petrol head, but the driving experience you receive could have more impact than you imagine. A bumpy ride or a driving experience that’s noisy is never going to be enjoyable, especially when you’re dealing with it each day.

The most important thing you can do is take any car you’re thinking of buying for a test drive before you sign any final deal. You won’t know how you feel about the car until you’ve been behind the wheel and felt how it drives.


When it comes to using the road, nothing is more important than safety and the simple fact remains that some cars have better safety features than others. For example, Volvo is known to take safety very seriously and their safety features are second to none right now.

You don’t want to have to call on an auto accident legal team because your car became involved on a road collision. Aside from the physical dangers of such a scenario, it can also be very expensive to deal with in the aftermath. Look for safety features that are up to date and able to protect you and your family.

Future Costs

If you choose a car that’s known to have problems or a model of car that other users have found to break down a lot, it will cost you more money in the future. Is that something you’re prepared for? Spending money on a car is one thing, but can you afford to spend money again and again and again on it?

Mechanic costs and new parts don’t come cheap. You’ll find yourself having to fork out a lot of money if you choose to buy a car that’s not up to scratch for you. Even if a car seems like value for money on the surface, you might not think the same in 12 months’ time.

Ease of Use

How easy is your car to use? Does it have the kind of bulky design that would stop you from driving it easily and comfortably on city roads that are often more narrow and constrained? Nothing is more important than how you use your car, so be sure to think about these functional matters.

It’s also a good idea to think about how the car will perform when the climate and weather conditions get colder. Some cars simply freeze up and have more problems in the cold, so that’s something you should do some research into before deciding which car is the right one for you.

Your Comfort

You’re going to be using this car every day for the foreseeable future, so it’s only right for you to think about the comfort it offers you and the other passengers who are going to be using the car. You don’t want people to feel uncomfortable and desperate to get out whenever you give them a lift.

Assess the seats carefully, and if they lack the support and padding that you should expect from a modern car, you should look elsewhere. If you’re buying the car alone, don’t make the mistake of only paying attention to the driver’s seat. Of course, it’s important but so are the other seats.

Buying a new car is always a huge step to take and you don’t want to get it completely wrong just because you failed to consider all the things that matter. There’s a lot at stake so be careful.


If your teen is looking to pass their test soon, then one of the best things you can do for them is help. Providing you’ve already passed, things may have changed since, but you will likely have valuable insight and things to teach that will prepare them for what is to come.

Read on for a few quick tips on how you can help:

  1. Know The Best Way To Teach Your Teen

Some parents think they are teaching their teen, when really they are lecturing, and quite simply sucking all of the fun out of learning this new skill. Teach your teen by relating to them, keeping things light hearted, and making it as fun as you can. Praise them, be positive, and be a good teacher for your teen when you take them out in your car. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher to help them out.

  1. Help Them To Study For The Written Test

Your teen will need to study for the written knowledge test, so make sure you help them. You don’t have to stand there and quiz them if they don’t want that; just make sure you give them somewhere quiet and suitable to get their studies done.

  1. Make Sure They Know The Process

There are a few crucial steps in the process of obtaining a licence. Make sure they know the process! You can find plenty of information in an easy to read way about obtaining the class G in the infographic below.

credit to

We all know that purchasing our first or twentieth car will require us to budget effectively. Finding the best deal is a balance between your desires, quality and longevity of the vehicle, as well as what you can actually afford. To achieve the vehicles you truly want, it’s likely you are budgeting and saving part of your income for the task. After all, purchasing the vehicle is just step one on the journey. You must then pay for the insurance, the road tax, and even lessons and testing procedures if you’re yet to hold a license.

This is where most people stop. However, there are plenty of hidden or unexpected costs which can surface after purchasing a new car, and it’s worthwhile to hide a money blanket away for these kind of issues. What issues exactly? Let us explore:

Spare Tire

It’s important and a legal requirement to carry a spare tire with you at all times. This can seem like such a basic requirement that it’s easy to forget checking that tire often. When purchasing the car, be sure to check this tire’s roadworthiness. If you’re on the road and are unable to change your tire, this could be a hefty callout charge you might have otherwise avoided. However, even if the tire is looking good as you drive the second-hand car from the lot or sellers driveway, it might give out on you at the worst time. A little extra saved funding to purchase this tire outright can help you on that unfortunate rainy day, helping you stay that little bit less stressed around the whole affair.


No matter how experienced in driving you are, or how new and safe your car, you are always able to have a car accident. This is because driving is less about well you behave on the road (we’re sure you are great,) but how well other drivers respond to that. An idiot on the road can lead to a terrible experience, and a costly one at that.

Even if you’re not injured, this can be a very troubling happening. Keeping a security blanket of funding to help your vehicle become repaired while you claim on your insurance can help you out immeasurably. Be sure to check out the Kelly Blue Book diminished value advice to ascertain how to gain the most from your legal claim. This could mean all the difference in repairing or purchasing a new vehicle. After all, why should you have to financially suffer for the mistakes of another incompetent driver?


Children can, unfortunately, mess up your beautiful car. It’s just how they are. From stuffing crayons into the seat belt buckles, to tracking shoes mud all over your beautiful suede seat covers, children can be unpredictable in the back of the car. It’s not their fault; it’s a relatively strange environment for them to be in from their perspective. Still, if you have children, saving a little to cover an unexpected repair or internal cleaning solutions can help you become that little less worried about your loved little one making their mark on your vehicle.

A smart person saves, and a smart driver does the same.  With this financial blanket, you can be sure your days of hobbyist and personal driving are long and well taken care of.