It’s never easy to say goodbye to your first love, especially if your first love was beautiful, slender, and got to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. From that first banger you had when you were a teenager right the way through your driving life up to the present day, where you’ve got your idea of the perfect ride down, and you couldn’t possibly give up your little sporty wonder. But sometimes we get financial woes, sometimes we have personal reasons, but sometimes it can be the car too. Here are reasons why it might be time to give up the ghost.

The Cost!

The cost will always be a big factor in every car you buy or sell. Look at your spending. Do you find the maintenance costs a bigger expense now than anything else? Look at the Ferrari F355, it’s a beauty, but a pain in the neck to maintain! So, think about it, are you shelling out more than your bank balance can cope? Not to worry, if you do need to part ways, there are plenty of high-end car sales dealerships, and you can find out more at for those that are lucky enough to have ever owned an F355! But if you are paying more money in than you’re getting out of it, it could be time to move on…

Is It Even Safe Anymore?

If you’ve got an old banger, you might want to think about your safety and the safety of your passengers. Older cars wear out; it’s a fact of life. Do you get more breakdowns now, and if your personal circumstances have changed, such as extending the family, and you haven’t got the lane departure warning systems or blind spot monitoring functions, is it time to cut the ties?

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

For those Bugatti drivers, have you really thought that it’s possible to put a baby seat in there as well as all the stuff babies come with?! Lifestyle changes mean that you need to find something suitable for what you do every day, or maybe you need something more viable to make that commute to work easier. If you’ve moved further away, then substance takes priority over style, and it can be difficult to find that car that’s sleek yet practical. And while it pains many people to say the dreaded word “hatchback,” they’re alright for cheap!

The Long Goodbye…

Yes, it’s difficult to say goodbye to your baby. But things change, man! At the end of the day, don’t sweat it! We go through many cars in our lifetime, and we always put them out to pasture to make way for the next driving stage in our lives. You can try to keep it all you want, but you’ve got to know when to say goodbye. Whether it’s cost, personal circumstances, or the car isn’t safe anymore, at least you’ve got some lovely memories. The road is long, with many a winding turn!

When it comes to wanting your dream car, you can always feel like it’s just that bit out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be. You may not be able to afford the most expensive car in the world, but few people can. Regardless of what your dream car is, there are ways that you can finally make it yours. Yes, you may need to save up a little, but slaving away to put money in the bank isn’t your only option. To bag yourself that great value vehicle, you’re going to need to get your brain in gear, put your research mode on, and start to shop smart.

Watch The Market


If you’re not that used to buying cars, you’re probably wondering where you should even start to make this happen. Well, the first thing you’re going to need to do is to get to know the market. It’s not easy to know if the price is right if you don’t know what you’re looking at or why certain prices are cheaper or more expensive. So, you’re going to want to watch the market like a hawk to see what factors change prices and if you can work any to your advantage.


Do Your Research


Then, you’re going to want to start to do your research into the car you love the most. Watching the prices is just one thing, but you may want to know a little bit more about the car of your dreams. You could even find that it doesn’t drive right for you, or something like the efficiency levels just aren’t right. But, by getting your research in early, you can figure that out first, and then move on to other options that might be more suitable.


Consider Used Options


The next thing you’re going to want to do is to consider your options when it comes to used cars. Sometimes, you can get yourself a complete bargain – just because a seller wants a quick sale, or the mileage isn’t great. Whether you want to find a pre-owned KIA, locate a used Toyota, or even hunt down that second-hand Mercedes, you’re going to need to look into the used options first. You may make a huge saving on the new price, even if a car is less than a year old.


Work On That Down Payment


Or maybe you want to lease a car instead? Leasing is another great way to own the car that you’ve always wanted but save on huge upfront costs of buying a new car outright. You can get some great deals on leased cars, as long as you’re happy with monthly payments and keep the car in great shape – because remember it’s not yours. You may also find that you can make those monthly payments more affordable by giving a higher down payment.


Keep Your Car In Shape


And finally, you should also work on making sure the car that you currently own, and others that you then go on to buy, are in the best condition they can be at all times. That way, you’ll keep the majority of your investment in it. If you sell your cars regularly, you may even make a profit and be able to work your way up to a better car, without investing much more money yourself.

Motoring is something that isn’t without it’s fair share of costs and motoring woes. It can always be plain sailing when it comes to driving. Sure there is always going to be a cost to you each month. You have your running costs that can increase and subsequently decrease due to the price of oil. You may have a finance arrangement on your car which means you are tied into a monthly payment each month. But what I thought was worth sharing were some of the ways your car can cost you when you aren’t necessarily expecting it.

When it comes to upgrading to a new one


You’d like to think that upgrading your car is just part and parcel of motoring and ownership of a vehicle. But, a car is a depreciating asset which means that when it comes to changing it for a newer model, you may find that the valuation differs to what you have in mind. This is when your car can end up costing you more than you anticipated. A car dealership will always try and obtain your car for the best possible price, so don’t always take their first offer. You may find that it might be more in your favour to sell your car as a separate transaction to purchasing your new one. It could save you more money than losing it within the deal of your new one. It also may be apparent that you owe more on finance than your car is worth, so you may need to prepare to make a separate settlement to your finance company.


Getting into a car accident


A car accident is something no one intentionally gets involved in, but this can happen when you least expect it and can be quite costly to you. Hopefully, your insurance policy will cover any damage that takes place in the car, but it might be the personal damage you could be struggling with the most. This is when websites like who can advise you on your circumsatnces and financial position if you want to claim. Keep in mind that there may be other things to consider if you are involved in a car accident with more than one party. For example, you may have insurance, but do they?


A hefty bill when the car visits the garage


Cars cost money to maintain, there is no hiding that fact. So you may not be expecting a big bill from the garage when your car has gone in for a routine safety check, service or MOT. However, car dealerships have a duty to inform you when necessary repairs need to take to take place. They can also advise when you may likely need to have certain repairs done for wear and tear items like brakes and disc pads. If you are unsure on the type of repairs that might be recommended this website could help.


You car insurance renewal


Finally, no one can be prepared for when it is insurance renewal time. Even if you have had no claims and paid promptly, sometimes insurance companies can still surprise you by hiking up those premiums.

Subaru has been going from strength to strength with their recent car launches, and the new Subaru Crosstrek certainly doesn’t disappoint. Calling all outdoor enthusiasts, if you are a skier, bikers, camper, or basically enjoy any outdoor sports then this new Crosstrek model ticks all the right boxes. If you are looking for a car that can take on harsh winter weather, tough dirt roads and also offer an incredibly smooth ride then this car could be just what you’re looking for.



The former Crosstrek model was in itself, one of the safest cars on the road, but this new and improved version is even safer. According to Subaru, the new, updated crosstrek model’s ability to absorb energy in a crash has increased by a whopping 40% over the former model. This is thanks partly to a lowered centre of gravity, that has dropped 0.2 inches from the previous model, which subsequently improves handling. Subaru are well known for their focus on low centre of gravity to provide great handling and this new model really showcases this in the best possible way.


The new model also offers ‘EyeSight’ driver technology, as an optional additional add-on, which will provide an automated pre-collision braking technology to the car. It has also had a unique approach to the mounting of the anti-roll bar which Subaru claims reduces the body roll of this model by an impressive 50%. So if you are looking to find a new car that really packs a punch, then the new Subaru Crosstrek could be just what you are looking for.




The Subaru Crosstrek offers incredible outward visibility. Whilst other models are opting for interior focus and dashboard technology, Subaru are all about bringing the outdoors, in. The feeling that you get driving from the Crosstrek is one of being completely connected to and being a part of your surroundings due to the very well designed outward visibility structure.


The engines offer a really solid driving experience also due to their horizontal cylinder, which also works to improve the low centre of gravity handling and it also results in a lower hood which in turn maximises your visibility. So it’s all round excellence really from the engine functionality right through to the view from the driver’s seat.




Roof rails are standard on the Crosstrek meaning that it is a great car for those with boards, fishing or camping gear, bikes and any other large outdoor activity items. The design of the car, as discussed above, makes for a truly unique driving experience. The increased visibility, due to the design of this new model, makes for a much safer, faster drive all whilst allowing the driver to enjoy the view. At an approximate weight of 3,200 pounds, this new Crosstrek model will be around 400 pounds lighter than its competitors.


For those not needing the extra space of the Forester or the Outback this car has everything that you need. Safety, impeccable driveability and is an extremely practical and capable model.


You probably associate the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ with medical problems, but this mantra can also be applied to keeping your car on the road and lowering the cost of car ownership. Most drivers are familiar with that impending sense of doom that descends when the car starts making screeching noises, or something feels like it’s not quite right. If you’re keen to stay on track, here are some top tips to take on board.

Tire checks

It takes five minutes to give your tires a once-over, but it can save you a lot of time and money. Nobody wants to be that person who has to pull over and change the tire on the side of the road. Check the condition of your tyres, drive carefully in adverse weather conditions and monitor the air pressure. You may need to pump the tires up from time to time, but if you’re doing this on a regular basis, this may indicate that you’ve got a slow puncture. If you have an old car, it’s best to keep a spare tire in the trunk. If you’ve got a new vehicle, you may find that it comes with a puncture repair kit.

Battery failure

You don’t want to find yourself on the hard shoulder with the hood up and queuing traffic behind you, so it pays to be vigilant when it comes to your car’s battery. Most people encounter battery problems when they’ve left on the lights on without realizing, but it is possible for a battery to fail in other circumstances. Signs that you may need to investigate car battery replacement include the engine taking longer to start and warm up, problems with the lights and leaks that are visible when you open up the hood. Old age can also be a contributing factor. If you are replacing the battery, it’s worth paying for a battery that is suitable for the specific model. You shouldn’t go for a one size fits all option.

Clutch problems

Have you noticed that the clutch doesn’t feel as stable when you put your foot on the pedal? If it doesn’t feel normal, it’s always a good idea to get it checked out as quickly as possible. There may be an issue with the clutch cable, which could cause more serious problems further down the line. If you’ve been doing a lot of stop-start driving or you’ve been driving in a hilly or mountainous area, you may find that there’s a greater risk of complications.

Keeping a car running can be an expensive business. Just like in medicine, it’s always better to prevent mechanical issues that to try and cure them at a later stage. It’s not always possible to keep problems at bay, but keeping up with general maintenance and getting unusual signs and symptoms checked out should save you time and money in the long-run. Take a minute to have a good look under the hood and inspect the tires before you hit the roads, and make sure you’re up to date with maintenance checks.


With around 218 million licensed drivers in the United States, it’s safe to say that we are a nation of petrol-heads. For many of us, our cars are so much more than a mere vehicle – they are a lifeline to the outside world and the integral tool that allows us to go about our daily lives with relative ease. But among all these drivers, there is a spectrum along which most people sit. At the top of the list are those people who live and breathe cars – who know everything about the vehicle they are driving and who would know exactly what to do if something went wrong with it. At the other end of the spectrum lie the people who don’t really know a lot about cars, and who could end up putting themselves and their vehicles at risk by not recognising warning signs. Cars are machines, and machines inevitably suffer wear and tear over the years. Much of these discrepancies are nothing to worry about: providing you get them sorted out as soon as possible. The novice car user may leave any niggling issues, citing them as something minor. The problems start when that minor problem starts to get worse over time, and eventually, you have a full-scale breakdown on your hands, such as the ones described here at the AA. Here are the top things to look out for and get sorted as soon as you can, if you notice any of them happening in your car.

Your fluid levels

Have you got a warning light on your dashboard, or does your car just feel a little bit ‘different’ to drive? Sometimes, it might be making a peculiar noise, and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. It can be tempting just to ignore it and hope it goes away, but it could easily be something simple like your fluid levels. Typically, there are five types of fluids used in most cars: engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Some of these you can top up yourself, so try checking your levels as soon as you notice anything untoward.

A windscreen crack

Ever sit in your car in the morning and notice a crack or scratch on your windscreen you’re sure wasn’t there before? You’ll probably notice every time you drive and think to yourself ‘I should probably get that sorted soon’. The important thing is not to delay! The longer you leave it, the bigger the crack may get, and you could end up with a shattered windscreen. It isn’t difficult to fix, either – visiting a site like could mean you get your screen fixed professionally and with a fast turnaround. If the crack has become more severe overnight, avoid driving your vehicle in extreme weather, as this may rapidly worsen it.


Tire problems are something that many people ignore, thinking that their car will be fine for another few journeys or so. It may well be… until your tire goes completely flat and you are left stranded somewhere! Even just for peace of mind, make a point of checking your tires regularly and getting them replaced every so often.

When you hear the word “Ford” then there are probably a whole lot of different things that spring to mind. For some, it’s going to the history of the company. After all, the Ford Model-T is the thing that kickstarted pretty much the entire automotive revolution. However, for others, the idea of a Ford is a brand of cars that simply can’t compete with a lot of its contemporaries. Many people feel as though brands like BMW, VW, and Audi have all overtaken Ford as the high standard of automotive brilliance. However, over the last few years, Ford has been bringing out some truly fantastic cars that have something to offer just about everyone. With that in mind, here are four Fords that might make you want to give the company another chance.

Fiesta ST


The Fiesta is one of those cars that has always been relatively well known and popular, but never really got anyone all that excited. They were fair, functional cars that often bordered on dull. However, the ST takes that notion of the Fiesta and throws it in the garbage. The new design of the Fiesta over the last few years is slick, modern, and totally gorgeous. Combine that with the sheer luxury and comfort of the ST, along with some truly superb cornering, and you’ve got a hatchback that is ready to take on any of its competitors with some serious style.




Are there any cars more iconic than the Ford Mustang? If you’ve watched any action movie from the mid-twentieth century, then you’ve almost certainly seen the Mustang in action. However, it’s faded somewhat in people’s minds over the last few years. And that’s a real shame because the new Mustang takes what worked so well about the classics for so many years and updates it brilliantly for modern driving sensibilities. Be warned, this car packs a serious punch and can be pretty pricey to insure, because of that you should check out Comparaencasa to compare insurance prices on a whole range of different Fords. However, if you can handle the power under the hood, there are few cars more joyful to drive than the Mustang.




Of course, just because a car is flashy doesn’t mean that it’s good. The Focus is a car that has been one of the most popular in the world among those who need space, comfort, and economy without being that worried about flashiness. The new Focus carries that tradition on wonderfully. It’s simple, reliable, and incredibly well constructed. It’s as close to perfect as a family car can get.




Let’s be honest; the original KAs were seriously ugly. Ford tried something different with their design, and it failed spectacularly. However, if you could get past that the KA was actually a very decent little city car. And now, thanks to a fantastic redesign, the KA+ has improved upon it in every way. Not only is it still the ideal city car for those who don’t need to get up to high speeds on the highway, but it’s no longer something that you would be embarrassed to be seen driving!

The car itself might be important but – for most car lovers – it’s actually about the drive. The feel of winding around steep corners, the power under your foot as you hit the gas; the car itself is just a vehicle that helps you get to that feeling.

As true as that may be, there is the undeniable fact that cars have a tendency to… well… not be the safest way to travel. It’s something that most car fanatics tend to try and keep in the back of our minds. On some level (the level that understands statistics), we know that cars and thus driving are dangerous. Perhaps even the most dangerous method of transport of them all. Yet we practice a little light cognitive dissonance to ensure we don’t overly focus on this fact, because the love of the drive is what gets us through.


Nevertheless, it would be foolish to let that love overpower the fact that driving is a dangerous thing to do. Can you imagine cars, as a new invention, trying to pass a modern safety test? “So, you’re going to have this big metal box with wheels that can bang into things. Oh, and you want to fill it up with a highly flammable fuel?” – there’s not a hope that’d get through even the first round.


That’s perhaps why much of the innovation around cars – after satisfying the desire to go faster and for longer – has turned to making them safer. It’s a sector that is advancing all the time, and it’s producing some pretty strong results. For example…


Tire Monitoring

The idea of belting down the highway, windows down, music on loud… it’s something we all enjoy. Enjoy, that is, until something goes wrong with the tires. Many motorists will have to deal with a blowout at some point, yet few of us actually take the time to check the pressure and safety of our tires on a regular basis. We know we should but… there’s a lot going on right now…


Thankfully, a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) isn’t going to leave that task languishing at the bottom of the to-do list like us fallible humans. Instead, it’s going to be constantly on guard, monitoring the health of the tires and informing you if it finds an issue. Not only can this help prevent blowouts, but they can also let you know if you have a puncture before you even feel it in the handling. That allows you to pull over and change the tire, without ripping the damaged one to shreds.


Crash Avoidance Systems

We’ve all been there; you’re driving along, something distracts you, and when you glance back up at the road you realize you’re in danger of imminent calamity. So you yank the wheel and hope that there’s no one in the next lane. Sometimes, we get away with it – sometimes, we don’t.


Crash Avoidance Systems don’t get distracted, nor do they just have to hope their avoidant action won’t result in calamity. They monitor the road constantly and if they sense impending doom, they will first let their distracted driver know and – if that doesn’t work – can take evasive action for themselves. There’s some early promising results, too – evidence shows 14% fewer accidents in cars with a crash avoidance system. That’s why it’s becoming a standard in new cars – and every car enthusiast should welcome these innovations with open arms.

Let’s face it – pretty much everyone loves getting a good deal. Even if you have plenty of cash to splash, there isn’t anything that beats the feeling of knowing you’ve got great value for money. Often, pushing your luck and negotiating hard is also part of the fun – which explains why even rich people can sometimes appear unnecessarily frugal. But for the rest of us earning average salaries, the ability to get good value for money can often mean that we end up with extra cash to spend on other areas of our lives. Of course, there are many necessary spends we all have to deal with, some of which are particularly huge. Your home, for example, is most likely the biggest expenditure you will ever face, so it only makes sense that you take all the steps to ensure that you get a good deal. That way, you can then use the money you saved on doing up the property, or putting it away for your child’s education. Second only to the cost of a home, there is one other necessity that many people try to get a good deal for, and this necessity is their car. Cars are integral to the way in which we operate in the modern world but as any petrolhead will know, getting value for money can be quite the challenge. If you are a novice about to buy your first car, or someone looking to secure a hot deal, diving in headfirst to a sale can only end in disaster. You will either end up with an old banger that doesn’t meet your specs, or you will pay way more than you should. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, and no one wants to get their new car home only to be told that they could have got a much better deal elsewhere! That is why it is so important to prepare yourself before getting your new car so that you can cinch the best car possible for the lowest price possible. Want to know how you can pull off such a feat? Keep reading!

Become an expert

Some people love cars and everything about them. Other people see them as little more than a means to an end – as mad as that may seem to the car lovers among us! But wherever you stand on the spectrum, you will need to make sure that you know your market like the back of your hand. There’s no point going to your local dealership with no clue at all about what the average price is for your desired vehicle. After all, if you don’t have at least a few figures in mind, how are you going to know if you’re wasting your hard-earned cash or not? Look at online specifications and the prices that your desired car is being sold at around your local area. It is also worth taking a look at other models that may be of interest to you – for example, the previous model of your chosen car, in case you have no luck with negotiating. Often, the specs won’t be all that different, so you could end up paying a few extra 1000 dollars simply for a newer vehicle. It is also worth going to a dealership that has its experts at hand, who will be willing to help you if you are unsure. Specific dealerships such as Rebel Ford not only house some of the most reliable cars on the market (reliability is something fundamental when considering value for money!) but they also frequently have special offers available. Speak to an employee about what they can recommend to you and be clear about your requirements.

Be mindful of used cars

If you’re hunting out great value for money, you’re probably going to head straight for a used car rather than a brand new build. The vast majority of people buy used cars when they are looking for something to use on a daily basis, especially for family cars. Nine times out of ten, used cars are presented in very good condition – after all, most dealerships would be reluctant to take on a vehicle that looks as though it is destined for the scrap heap. But there are still a number of things to bear in mind for when you are sifting through a collection of used cars. One of the most important things is mileage, in comparison to the age of the car. Of course, the fewer miles, the better – but true to its name, a used car is likely to have rocked up quite a few. Use the generic figures as a guideline. On average, a car is likely to drive around 12,000 miles every year. Compare the number of miles your chosen car has done to its age, and you should be able to get a clear indication of the quality of the vehicle. Additionally, don’t be embarrassed to ask a lot of questions or to take a good look at the car. This is especially relevant if you are buying off a private dealer, as sometimes discrepancies with the vehicle can be very well hidden. Ask to see all the relevant papers so you can check that the car has passed its MOT and that it is fully taxed and roadworthy. There’s nothing worse than thinking you got a great deal on a used car, only to find out that in fact, it requires a lot of work doing to it. So, leave no stone unturned when considering a used car.

Think about how you’re going to pay

So, you’ve found the car of your dreams – now all that matters is handing the money over, right? Wrong! Sure, you need to pay for the car, but before you part with any cold, hard cash, why not sit back for a moment and consider some alternative ways to pay? Some people do like to pay for their car up front in one solid payment. But the concept of buying a car on finance has grown hugely in popularity in recent years. While you will end up paying around the same for the car as you would if you bought it outright, it can ease off some of the financial pressure, and your bank balance will take less of a direct hit. So, in that respect, it can get you an overall better deal. Before you enter the dealership, speak to some other lenders about pre-arranged financing, so you have some leverage to barter with. Hopefully, the dealer will be able to compete with whatever figures you throw at them, and that way you could end up with excellent value for money on your repayment scheme.

Be prepared to haggle

The art of haggling has somewhat been lost in many trades. After all, you wouldn’t go to your local mall and start bartering with the sales assistant over the price of a shirt or trying to persuade the staff at the hardware store to give you discount on a hacksaw. But in the motor industry, haggling is still alive and well – so if you have your heart set on getting a good deal, you will need to be prepared to negotiate. However, as many of us know, this is easier said than done. Negotiation is a bit of an art form and requires some special skills. One wrong move and you could end up jeopardizing the entire sale. There are a few things to bear in mind when entering your first negotiation. The first thing is to try not to get too excited. Even if you are completely enamored by the car you’ve just been shown, try not to let the salesman or woman see that. Keep your cool and act a little aloof. After all, they don’t know how much money you have in your pocket, so let them come to you with the deals. Another good tip is taking your time. The sales team at your local dealership are likely to be there all day. Even if the person you are dealing with tells you that there has been a significant amount of interest on this vehicle, it is still unlikely that you’ll need to close a deal within the next eight minutes. Take your time, and if need be leave the dealership and come back later. You could also try shopping for a car later in the month, as that is when most sales assistants are trying to up their sales quotas in return for a bonus. It may all seem like a lot to take in – and there’s no guarantee that it won’t be stressful. But by following some of the above tips, you can find yourself one step closer to securing a great deal on your dream car. When it’s proudly sat in your driveway, it will all have been worth it!

If you own and love your motorcycle, then the change in season is probably be calling you to ride. Long, lazy days were made for that head-clearing ride out of town. Whether you ride solo, or you’re with a friend, the joy of being on that bike is enough to make you smile. Or does it fill you with dread? Of all the vehicles sharing that road with you, chances are the high-performance sports car is the one that you look out for the most. Isn’t it funny how the thing you love can suddenly be a symbol of everything you hate?

You’re Sweating Your ***s Off

It’s hot. Summer is definitely here, and all the speed in the world isn’t making you any cooler. The sun is literally roasting you inside your leathers. Then something sleek and sporty pulls up next to you at the junction. It’s got tinted windows, and the guy in the front couldn’t be more comfortable in his air-conditioned bliss. Remember the old days, before universal climate control, and the hell of sitting in a roasting car in summer? Long gone, just like the guy in his car while you’ve been sat there idling with jealousy.

You Can’t Feel The Breeze In Your Hair

Let’s face it – helmets are lifesavers. Of course, they’re a legal requirement in most places too. But they mean the fate of your hair is unlikely to be good. Helmet hair is bad enough. Add the sweat and heat from a hot day, and you’re not going to be looking good when you take the lid off. Gone are the days where you can feel the breeze in your hair. Now the guys in the high-end convertibles are making the most of that with their tops down. Envy?

Summer Gives You Leather Rash

Perhaps the worst part about wearing your biking gear in blistering heat is that actual blisters it can deliver. In the very least you’ll be getting a bit of a rash from the lack of air circulating under your leathers. Have a look at websites like to find something that might reduce the discomfort. Meanwhile, the car full of teens driving Daddy’s TT are loving the top down and wild wind as they’re speeding alongside you down the road.

The **** In The Car Fancies A Race

Of course, summer seems to bring out the idiots. You’re on a high-performance motorcycle, and he’s in a high-performance sports model. He edges up to the line while you’re waiting for the light to go green. The revs are roaring louder and louder, and he’s making some sort of hand gesture that seems indicative of his IQ. All that’s going to happen is he’s going to fishtail right in front of you while you’re trying not to inhale all those fumes and tire smoke.

The **** In The Car Decides You’re A ****

OK, the point of being on a motorcycle is to get through the traffic with ease. You’re small, and he’s big. So what does he do? He catches up with you and starts shouting, gesturing, and weaving in front of you to scare the life out of you. Sure, you admire the car, but the guy in it is a dangerous idiot who’s going to end up causing an accident. If he does hit your motorcycle, you should look up websites like to see the best course of action. You’re very prone to injury from any kind of mishap on a motorcycle. Accident or not, you’re going to need to legal help to make sure you’re OK.

You Get A Face Full Of Exhaust

You never fully realize just how thick and stinking the exhaust can be from a high-performance car. Driving them is great. You can feel the power under the hood, and you can hear the process of acceleration. But when you’re on your motorcycle, and you’re behind one of these beauties, the face full of fumes can put you off for life!

Wide Cars Take Up Half The Road To Make A Turn

We all know that the fastest cars are low to the ground. They’re wider and more aerodynamic than your standard family hatch. And yes, they’re designed to go forwards at incredible speeds. That doesn’t mean they can’t turn left and right. Why is it that so many drivers find it necessary to take up half the road to make an easy turn? Just as you think you can weave past them on your motorcycle, they suddenly swerve out to get around a corner. If you’re not careful, you’ll be in the back of them!

The **** In The Car Doesn’t Even See You

Motorbikes are smaller than cars. They are faster than cars. And they’re definitely more maneuverable than cars. But they’re not invisible. They’re not silent, and they have human riders on the back. Perhaps the worst nightmare for the motorcyclist is the self-absorbed **** in the high-performance sports car who’s pushing the accelerator and doesn’t even spot you. That’s when disaster can strike. It doesn’t have to be at a junction or even an accident hot spot.

So how can you make the most of your ride without getting riled up about every other driver out there? You can’t always expect every other driver to make concessions for you. Sure, you want to ride like there’s nobody else out there. You want to push the engine and test your mettle. The trouble is, there’s probably someone else on the road wanting to do the same thing, and if the two of you collide, it could be disastrous. There is a time and place for that, so make sure you choose wisely.

As for our beloved sports cars, maybe it’s best to admire the view from a bit of distance. Most drivers love their car as much as you love yours. In most cases, you’ll have no bother. But you don’t want to get caught up with anyone tempted to race you. And you definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of any testosterone or adrenaline fueled road rage. Take it easy, enjoy the ride, and be safe.