Whether you’re an established dealer or just starting out, the tips on this page are going to come in handy. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box when it comes to boosting car sales. You want to satisfy as many customers as possible, so you make the highest profits. However, it’s often useful to get some advice from others during the process. With that in mind, read this post and put some of the suggestions into action. You should start to make a lot more profit from the industry if you get this right. At the end of the day, there are always people who want to purchase automobiles. So, you just have to reach out to them.

Advertise on established car selling sites


You’ve probably spent a lot of money on creating a custom website for your dealership. That is great because it means you have a strong marketing platform. However, most buyers aren’t going to find your site on Google. Instead, they will check popular Amazon-style domains where lots of second-hand dealers advertise. You often have to pay a yearly subscription to list your models on those sites. Even so, it’s worth the expense in most instances. So, now is the best time to make a list of all the popular selling sites. You can then register accounts and start to upload information and photographs.


Offer extended warranties


Research shows that dealers who offer an extended warranty for cars tend to become more successful. That is because buyers want to know they’re not wasting their money. By providing them with an arrangement of that nature, the customer feels a little more secure. So, you should research the market and look for companies that help to facilitate that service. There are lots of them around today, and most will operate websites. So, you just have to read the small print to ensure you’re choosing the best deal for your customers. You could also offer finance if you want to boost sales even further.

Provide a part-exchange service


Another great way to attract more custom involves offering a part-exchange service. At the end of the day, most people won’t have the time to sell their old model. So, offering them a discount for the vehicle is always a wise move. The customer gets rid of their old model, and you end up making more money. That is because you will never offer the full value as a discount. For example, the person concerned might want to purchase a vehicle that costs $5000. They might have a car that’s worth $1000. You offer them a $500 discount in part-exchange for the newer model. You get the idea, right?


If you put the advice from this page into action, you’re almost guaranteed to see a boost in sales this year. The only other thing you need to worry about relates to other advertising. Don’t make the mistake of wasting thousands on newspaper or TV ads. If you spent the same amount on Facebook or Google Adwords, you would see much better results.

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Getting a new car can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to trade something you’ve had for years for something shiny and new, or even pick out your very first car, you get to experience all the new car first that go with it. You first drive, your first road trip and even your first drive through fast food order! It can all be very exciting. But, before you get ahead of yourself, there are a few things that you need to consider first, before picking out that perfect new car.



First of all, you’re going to want to weigh up the value for money you’d get with every car you look at. Remember, the cost of a new car can be quite overwhelming, do you want to make sure that you’re picking out the right model, make and age. Depending on your budget, you might want to pick out a used car that has a low mileage to save a bit of money. Or, if you want to buy new, you ought to compare the cost of different brands and the options they offer you.


Buy Or Lease?


When you think about getting a new car, you can automatically assume that you have to buy a new car. But, you could also consider leasing something instead. If you don’t have a significant amount of cash, but you still want something new and snazzy, leasing can be a great option. However, if the idea of the major monthly payments freaks you out, and you have got a pot of cash for the occasion, buying a car outright might be the better option for you.


Insurance Options


If you’re upgrading your current ride, you’re going to want to think about the insurance implications that can bring. When you’re on the road, it’s vital that you have the right level of cover. If you were to get in a motor vehicle accident, not only are you going to want to ensure that your car is covered, but you may want options like a courtesy car included. So, when you’re looking at different models, check the insurance quotes and options for each too.




Using your car for work, to get to school, or to run errands for your family can often mean that you need it to be reliable. When your car is your lifeline and ticket to freedom, you want to make sure that it’s not going to break down on you as soon as you get it. So, you’re also going to want to make sure that you buy or lease from a reputable dealership that you can trust.


Safety Rating


Although you might be focusing a lot on the look of your new car, you’re going to want to try and put safety first. There are so many cute car options that will look incredible on your driving and cruising down the highway, but what does that matter if they aren’t that safe? Safe cars can be cute too. You just have to read up on what options you have and make a more sensible choice.

The Mercedes badge is brimming with prestige and history, and like many other car-nuts, you may have a long-running dream of having your own merc sitting in the driveway, ready to take for a spin whenever you want. However, if you’re finally ready to buy a used Mercedes, you need to do everything possible to avoid rushing into a money trap. Here are three things you must do before buying a used Mercedes.

2016 Mercedes E-Class
2016 Mercedes E-Class had its world premiere at the Detroit Motor Show, a few days back

Arrange a Pre-Purchase Inspection

It’s very important to arrange a pre-purchase inspection for any used Mercedes that you’re serious about buying. Getting this done at a Mercedes-Benz servicing auto shop can be a little more expensive, but for the extra peace of mind, it can be money well-spent. Wherever you get it done, ask the auto repair shop for quotes on any of the items that need work. Any honest dealer will have no issue taking the car in for a thorough inspection. On the other hand, sellers that are lying, or trying to cover some important detail about the car up, will make excuses. Having said all this, you can’t expect a used Mercedes with a lot of miles to be completely flawless. Set some money aside for repairs, and prioritise the most important ones.

Scan the Car for Fault Codes

The next thing you should arrange for when buying a used Mercedes is a complete system scan of the car. The scanners needed for this, such as the iCarsoft MB II, can be pricey, and hard to acquire otherwise. However, if you don’t want to wind up getting burned by your purchase, this is an essential step to take. Get a hold of a scanner that’s compatible with the model you’ve got your eye on, and ask the seller’s permission to plug it into the car. Again, like with the pre-purchase inspection, if the seller is hesitant to let you do this, it’s a pretty clear sign that you could be walking into a trap. After making sure you know how to operate the thing, plug the scanner in and use it to analyse all of the control units. This will open your eyes to any major issues or malfunctions that you’d be completely blind to otherwise.

Get a Full Vehicle History Report

That’s right, now you have to spend even more money before you can take your used Mercedes for a spin. You might be tempted to wave away the precaution of running a vehicle history check, but if you’re planning to spend thousands on this car, there’s no point saving a few pennies! A comprehensive car history report will tell you if the car has been in any accidents, how many previous owners it’s had, and also maintenance records depending on the car and the report provider. It can also tell you if it was a manufacturer buyback, which you want to avoid at all costs! Odds are, you won’t see a single black mark, but as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Cars are expensive things. Unfortunately, for many of us, they’re also necessary. Buying a new car can often fill people with dread – especially the costs associated with them! However, there are all sorts of ways around this. Part exchanging your car is a great place to start, but there are all sorts of other ways to avoid being landed with a big bill for your new transport.

dash cam

Insurance and fuel

If you’re looking to keep the overall costs low, check in advance to make sure that you won’t have to pay the earth for insurance, and that the car won’t consume more fuel than you want to put in. The easy answer for both is to choose one with a smaller engine, which can also help ease the burden of the road tax. It could also be worth looking into whether a petrol or diesel model is better for you: diesels give much better fuel economy, but can be much pricier to tax and repair.

Finance packages

If you’re buying new, then rather than having to fork out a massive lump sum, most dealerships will offer a range of finance packages, to make sure that you can keep it all affordable. If you take this route, then you can keep the monthly payments even smaller by keeping it simple; if you don’t need alloy wheels, heated seats or coloured brake pads, then don’t buy them. Some manufacturers charge very high prices for these optional extras, so big savings can be made here. The same can be said for buying sporting or luxury models – if you don’t need the extra performance, or comfort, then it’s much cheaper in the long run to buy the basic one.

Shop Around

Unless you’re very loyal to one brand, look at different manufacturers to see what the best value for money is. If you’re looking for a reliable family car that’s relatively fuel efficient, with low maintenance issues, you can tell that the Toyota Corolla fits the bill because you still see a lot of them out on the road. If the vehicle you’re interested in is still commonly seen, it’s a good indicator that it has few design faults, and is cheap to maintain and insure.

When buying second hand, it’s best to look into the individual car’s history. What looks like a steal in the local paper may end up being an expensive choice six months down the line. Any pre-owned car is a gamble; a newer car that’s been well looked after, or one with fewer miles on the clock, can help you avoid having to pay out for repairs.

It’s also helpful to do some research on how much a model will cost to be repaired. Some cars can be very cheap on the second hand market, but could end up costing you a small fortune in parts and labour costs, especially if the parts are hard to find, or the car’s engine is difficult to work on.



The last thing we want is to be stranded in the middle of the street with a car that won’t start. We turn into a road hazard, we look silly, and it takes forever for the local garage to come and fix our vehicle. It can be an extremely stressful situation and it’s not very pleasant at all. Sadly, many people neglect electrical problems in their vehicles because it’s simply something that doesn’t happen very often. With advances in modern technology and further reliance on computer systems in recent cars, it’s become even more important to ensure that the electrical systems in our cars can run smoothly and efficiently.

But however many safeguards and preventative measures are in place, it doesn’t mean we can’t take battery maintenance into our own hands. If you want to watch for these issues before they pop up at the worst time, here are a few signs that indicate you need a new battery.

Slow engine start


One of the most common signs of battery failure is when your car engine takes a long time to start. Cranking the engine takes a long time and your car can occasionally feel lifeless in the mornings. If this is the case, then consider taking your vehicle to a mechanic that specialises in electronics repair. Not every garage does this, so keep in mind businesses like Autoco Car Service that advertise electronics repair services and not just car body fixes.


Old age


If you’ve had your vehicle for a long time then chances are your battery is probably starting to die out. Much like other types of batteries, it will eventually start to hold less charge and you’ll find yourself needing to charge it on a regular basis compared to before. Not only does the life of the battery decrease, but the chances of it failing increase and it should be an issue that you address roughly every four to five years. If you live in a hot climate, then your battery will have an even lower lifespan. This is more common in older vehicles that are bought used, but try to keep in mind the four to five year rule.


Battery leak


One of the most obvious signs of battery failure will come from the battery itself. If you open up the hood and notice that your battery has nasty gunk around it, then it could indicate that the battery is leaking. The gunk needs to be removed and the battery itself will likely need to be replaced in the future if not as soon as possible. Battery leaks could indicate that the battery itself is swelling up, and this could cause major damage in the future that will take forever to fix or clean up.


Failing lights


If lights in or on your car are starting to fail, then it might be time to completely replace the wiring or fuse. However, the more likely scenario is that your battery is failing which results in dim headlights or flickering lights that don’t really help you while driving at night. If your lights aren’t getting the power they need, it’s possible that your brake lights or indicators won’t show, causing you to become a hazard on the road.

In the modern world, quality products can be hard to find. A lot of companies have moved their manufacturing to countries with lower standards than their old homes. And, companies are having to find new ways to make things cheaper. Unfortunately, one of the heaviest hit areas for this is the auto industry. More and more cars are being designed to sell for a low price and make a huge margin. So, when buying a car; it’s more important than ever that you do your research. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the most reliable cars on the market. So, now, you just have to find one that suits you.

To start, it’s impossible to ignore a company like Honda. Honda and Japanese manufacturers, in general, have always been well-known for their quality manufacturing. This comes from the materials and high standard used to make their cars. And, this is very well reflected in the 2017 Honda Civic. The Civic is one of the most popular cars on the road. With decades of reliability; this model is one that is sure to impress. Honda doesn’t only shine because of their well-made cars, though. They also excel when it comes to their aftercare. Getting your car repaired by a Honda certified mechanic ensures that the job will be done to a high standard. And, it will mean you always have parts made by Honda in your motor.


Tesla is a relatively new kid on the block. The company was founded by Elon Musk; the inventor of eBay and PayPal. The company is designed as a solution to the lack of electric cars being found on the road. As a manufacturer, Tesla put a lot of trust into their cars. They offer lifetime warranties on all of their models. And, this will only be lost if you sell the car. So, getting one of these cars can keep you on the road for years to come. Along with this, electric cars have few fewer points of failure than a regular one. So, they are more likely to last a long time; regardless of who makes them. Electric cars come with other benefits, too; like lower fuel bills and tax relief.


Of course, electric cars aren’t up everyone’s street. And, instead, you might want something a little more tradition. And, this can be found in loads of cars. This year, the Lexus IS has been rated as one of the most reliable cars in the world. Like the other cars on this list, it comes with a great warranty. But, Lexus has it’s own merits. They have been well-known for many years for the enduring quality. Not only do their cars exude luxury; they are genuinely made from the best materials out there. This ensures a great car, without a huge cost.
Hopefully, this will inspire you to start putting more research into the cars you buy. With the right work, it’s easy to get yourself a car that will take you round the world and back. It just takes a little bit of work on your end.

Driving comes with a lot of responsibility. When you’re in control of a powerful machine which goes extremely fast, you’re putting yours, and others lives in your hands. You might be a competent and experienced driver, but we’re all guilty of bad habits. Some of these things could even cause a serious or fatal collision, so it’s worth being aware of even if you’ve been on the road for many years. Here are three common causes of road traffic accidents.


Nothing beats going on a drive with friends or family. Music, conversation and the windows down, enjoying the open road. However, passengers can be a huge source of distraction. Whether its friends being silly or children arguing, it can all cause your focus to be taken from the road. Studies have shown that young male drivers with male passengers were more likely to drive more aggressively– but they’re not the only ones. As the driver you need to be responsible for your passengers, ensure they’re wearing seat belts and are not distracting you from the road. Be firm about what you won’t accept in your car, and people will have to respect that.


Driving While Angry/ Upset

We all know that driving under the influence of alcohol is an incredibly bad move, any auto accident attorney will tell you from experience how it has ruined people’s lives. But have you ever considered your emotional state? Very strong emotions such as anger or sadness will massively affect your decision making, concentration and overall ability to drive well. If you’ve recently had some bad news, sit and take a few minutes out before getting behind the wheel. After an argument for example it can be easy to jump in the car and want to be out of there, but lives are in your hands. Take some deep breaths and assess whether you’re in a good enough head space to be able to drive. Call a friend first and talk it through if you have to, but don’t risk yours, other road users or pedestrians lives.



Even if your dog is very well behaved in the car, the correct safety procedures need to be followed every single time. All it takes is a one-off occasion for your dog to try and jump from a window, jump into your lap or do anything else that’s going to take your mind off the road. Pets need to be properly restrained at all times. A harness that can be clipped into the seat belt fastening is one option. If your dog is well behaved, you could pop a blanket on the back seat and let him sit comfortably. Another option is to use a trunk gate, that way your dog (or dogs) can ride in the trunk and are unable to jump out over the back seat. If your dogs travel with you a lot and are fairly hyperactive in the car, a trunk crate would be a good idea. You can be sure they’re kept safe and comfortable, especially on longer journeys.


It’s easy to head to the car garage and pick out a brand new model. After all, you know you are going to get the best of the best when it comes to the vehicle. However, used cars should be an option you should consider too. After all, they can have a ton of benefits that can make it a great new vehicle. In fact, here are some reasons why you should not dismiss a used car.

The price


One of the top reasons why you might want to go used when it comes to your vehicle is the cost. After all, when you go for a brand-new car, you will have to pay thousands for a top model. And it can leave you feeling the pinch if you have car finance to pay for the next five or six years. Therefore, you might want to get for a used car so you can bring down the price of the vehicle. Even if it’s just a year or two old, it will cut the price, so you don’t get into debt. And you will still get all the same features while paying less for the car! Also, if something did happen to the vehicle, you would at least know you didn’t spend all your well-earned cash on the car. Just remember to pick a used car with fewest miles possible. That way, you know it will last the distance.


The durability
You might want to go for a used car as it could actually be a lot more durable than the new models. After all, a lot of the older vehicles were built to last years. And are actually a lot more reliable than the newer models. In fact, you will find a lot of the used cars you can buy are more long-lasting than the new cars. With one of these, you can keep it for years rather than looking at selling it after a year or two. And not only this but older cars can hold their value, unlike newer vehicles which can lose up to 40% in the first year. That way, buying a used car means you won’t lose out on your money when it’s time to sell the vehicle. And remember durability should be one of your top priorities when car hunting!

The experience


When you go for a brand new car, there might be little yet known about the vehicle. In fact, you might struggle to find any consumer reviews about the car. And this means you can go into the purchase with your eyes shut. Therefore, one of the best things about going for an older car is that others have had experience using it. You can find out what they think of the vehicle by checking out the reviews online. That way, it can stop you making a poor decision, or help seal the deal for you.
And when you go for an older car, you will have a lot more choice of styles of the car. So you might be able to opt for something more eco-efficient than the original model which could save you money on your car tax and insurance.

Sure, some cars as so beat up and worthless than you’ll either sell it or send it to the scrapyard. Those aren’t worth spending too much time worrying about. However, other cars do have more value, and it’s worth taking the time to perfect your selling method. Do so, and you’ll receive a healthy lump sum that can go toward the purchase of your next car; get it wrong, and you’ll be left trying to shift a vehicle that only you know the true value of!

Do Your Homework


Let’s start with the basics here. If you’re trying to sell your car, you should be looking at what other people sold the same model for – and how. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to see what kind of selling tactics brought the most amount of money. Two vehicles that are in the same condition can sometimes bring wildly different sale prices. Make sure your car is one that people look to in the future and think: ‘that’s how you sell a car!’


Getting the Ad Right


Take a look at the used cars that are available for sale. There are thousands upon thousand, aren’t there? As such, you need yours to stand out. If you get the ad just right, you’ll get the interest of people. One of the key factors in determining whether people call a person about an ad is the details. If you’ve written a flawless car description that outlines all that is great – as well as bad – about the vehicle, and you’ve also included many high-quality photographs that show the inner details of the car, you’ll have interest.


Showing the Car


It goes without saying that the car should be cleaned to the extent that it is flawless. We’re beyond that. When it comes to showing your car, it’s about being open, accessible, and letting the interested party see the car. List a phone number with your ad – not an email address – and be patient with people’s calls. They’ll be spending a lot of money on this vehicle should they buy it, so it’s understandable that they would have questions. When they come to see it, give them space to look at the vehicle without you leering over them.


Taking Care of the Essentials


For a brief period, you’ll be in the business of car sales. As such, you want to do everything you can to ensure the sale goes through and the customer is happy. If they live far away, offer to ship the car to them via a service such as Shiply. Make sure you have all the vehicle documents in order, and then provide the documents needed to transfer ownership of the car. If the buying process is shown to be smooth, you’ll have more people willing to buy.


Let’s Talk Numbers

You will have put a lot of effort in, so make sure you’re financially rewarded. Don’t accept low bids, and as you know, people always go under sticker price, bump up your asking fee by 10% or so.

Car headlights exist to improve the safety of those driving on the roads at night or when there is inclement weather happening. However, imagine headlights that project millions of movable small cones of light instead of just a broad fixed beam.  Now make these millions of cones movable so you could direct them away from oncoming traffic at night (so drivers aren’t blinded to your oncoming vehicle) or project around angles when the car is making a turn.  But why stop there, let’s make these lights capable of projecting arrows onto the street or road, as dictated by a GPS and local traffic control information too. Ultimately, you want more control behind the wheel, right?


Well, here’s where programmable headlights come in. A team of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) engineers has developed a prototype of a programmable headlight that performs these duties, and much more. Carnegie Melon presented their findings in Zurich, Switzerland, at the European Conference on Computer Vision. The secret to the headlights is a chip with millions of small mirrors on it that can be moved super rapidly.  The chip itself is not new, it’s a type of the Digital Mirror Device (DMD) chip that Texas Instruments has been creating for video display devices for well over ten years now. 


More about DMD Chips


In older rear screen projection TVs and newer front projection monitors, DMD chips are put together with spinning color wheels to create bright, high resolution video images.  In the Carnegie Mellon contraption, only a chip similar to a DMD one and an ultra-bright light source are needed to light up the visual field/road area ahead.


As you might imagine, driving the DMD chip in a programmable headlight unit requires some serious electronics and sensors.  The device’s on-board computer reacts to what it’s sensed within 1 to 2.5 milliseconds and this is quick enough to perform the majority of the advanced features that have been imagined.  According to this Volvo dealer in Schaumburg, IL, faster speeds should open it up to even more advanced features. 


Making Snowflakes Evaporate


One amazing feature that’s still being developed is the ability to make snow “disappear” when behind the wheel. To make snowflakes go away, the system tracks the falling snowflakes, predicts where they’re going, then turns off the beams that would otherwise reflect light off the flakes. This happens so fast that to the driver it appears that that the snowflakes are not there.  The driver effectively sees no snowflakes in front of them.


The Present Day

Currently the CMU’s programmable headlight device is a bulky prototype that sits on a test car’s hood.  Despite many years of work already, there is still much work to do on the hardware and software before the programmable headlight sees wide availability.  To learn more, Google “programmable headlight” and you will find many articles and technical papers.


We hope that you learned a lot from this article on progressive headlights, and that you will refer your family and/or friends to it! We have found it to be a super interesting topic!