Budgeting For A Car – What You Might Not Expect Or Plan For

We all know that purchasing our first or twentieth car will require us to budget effectively. Finding the best deal is a balance between your desires, quality and longevity of the vehicle, as well as what you can actually afford. To achieve the vehicles you truly want, it’s likely you are budgeting and saving part of your income for the task. After all, purchasing the vehicle is just step one on the journey. You must then pay for the insurance, the road tax, and even lessons and testing procedures if you’re yet to hold a license.

This is where most people stop. However, there are plenty of hidden or unexpected costs which can surface after purchasing a new car, and it’s worthwhile to hide a money blanket away for these kind of issues. What issues exactly? Let us explore:

Spare Tire

It’s important and a legal requirement to carry a spare tire with you at all times. This can seem like such a basic requirement that it’s easy to forget checking that tire often. When purchasing the car, be sure to check this tire’s roadworthiness. If you’re on the road and are unable to change your tire, this could be a hefty callout charge you might have otherwise avoided. However, even if the tire is looking good as you drive the second-hand car from the lot or sellers driveway, it might give out on you at the worst time. A little extra saved funding to purchase this tire outright can help you on that unfortunate rainy day, helping you stay that little bit less stressed around the whole affair.


No matter how experienced in driving you are, or how new and safe your car, you are always able to have a car accident. This is because driving is less about well you behave on the road (we’re sure you are great,) but how well other drivers respond to that. An idiot on the road can lead to a terrible experience, and a costly one at that.

Even if you’re not injured, this can be a very troubling happening. Keeping a security blanket of funding to help your vehicle become repaired while you claim on your insurance can help you out immeasurably. Be sure to check out the Kelly Blue Book diminished value advice to ascertain how to gain the most from your legal claim. This could mean all the difference in repairing or purchasing a new vehicle. After all, why should you have to financially suffer for the mistakes of another incompetent driver?


Children can, unfortunately, mess up your beautiful car. It’s just how they are. From stuffing crayons into the seat belt buckles, to tracking shoes mud all over your beautiful suede seat covers, children can be unpredictable in the back of the car. It’s not their fault; it’s a relatively strange environment for them to be in from their perspective. Still, if you have children, saving a little to cover an unexpected repair or internal cleaning solutions can help you become that little less worried about your loved little one making their mark on your vehicle.

A smart person saves, and a smart driver does the same.  With this financial blanket, you can be sure your days of hobbyist and personal driving are long and well taken care of.

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