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Getting into a car accident could be the worst thing to happen, especially if you’re out with the latest trendiest car on the market. The public embarrassment and the costs of fines and damages can be easily avoided by following these simple rules to prevent an accident.

  1. Drive careful in heavy traffic

Remember that rear view mirrors don’t show the complete picture. Especially when driving at a busy intersection, keep a careful watch out for drivers that can pop up out of nowhere. Be extra careful when driving in rainy weather because the car may not respond as quickly.


  1. Remember that people will run a red light

Even if you’re a very conscientious and careful driver, remember that not everybody is like that. Even when driving into an intersection on a green light, be extra vigilant for people running a red light from the opposite direction or from your left or right. If you spot a heavy vehicle anywhere in the traffic, remember that they might not be able to spot you.


  1. Never let go of the steering wheel

Never, ever let go of the steering wheel under any circumstances. If you need to use both hands to take a call or for some other reason, it is better to drive up to the side and stop the car. As accident experts like Pottroff&Karlin regularly advise, even taking your hands off the steering wheel for a moment can result in an unfortunate accident if your car simply slides into the next lane.


  1. Keep a lookout for animals and kids

Kids and animals tend to dart across the road when you are least expecting it. Not having sharp senses can be a real misfortune in these cases. Especially when driving near a school, zoo or wildlife park, keep a watch out for kids and animals who could come out of nowhere. A much better option is to slow down your speed when driving past such areas.


  1. Get your car checked regularly

Regular car maintenance goes a long way in helping to avoid accidents. Make sure that your engine is perfectly tuned, the brakes are performing well, and the tire treads are intact. If there are repairs to be done, get them done immediately instead of waiting for later. Any money you spend in keeping your car in top shape could save you thousands in an accident lawsuit.


  1. Practice good road manners

This is a simple tip but makes a lot of difference in maintaining road safety. Despite whatever hurry you might be in, always leave a reasonable cushion between you and the driver in front. Tailgating serves no useful purpose other than leading to unintentional accidents, arguments and damages. Be respectful of other drivers on the road and keep the road rage in check. Any rash action or loss of temper could lead to an accident.


A car is a significant investment and an integral part of your lifestyle. By following these six simple rules, you can reduce the risk of an accident greatly and get more excitement out of your car.

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