Reviving Flailing Motorcycle Sales

Flailing sales have got motorcyclists and manufacturers worried. With sales falling flat across the board, it’s time for motorsport aficionados and leading brands to take stock of what is happening and identify solutions to save the motorcycle industry.

There are several factors, which have contributed to falling motorcycle sales. Perhaps the most important is the failure to attract new drivers, especially females, millennials and people from minority groups. If you combine this with the fact that baby-boomers, the most likely candidates to buy motorcycles, are being aged out of the market, it’s no wonder there’s a problem. Sales techniques may also be contributing to slow progress, as the models used by many manufacturers and dealerships are dated, and they don’t seem to be evolving at the same speed as methods used to sell cars. Technological advances within the motoring industry may also be causing some bikers to consider switching to four wheels. The very real prospect of autonomous vehicles may be appealing to many.

Bearing these factors in mind, what can be done to save the motorcycle industry? First up, manufacturers have a part to play in increasing the appeal of modern models and developing the technology behind their products. Another important step forward is targeting females and encouraging more people to embrace the thrills and spills of life on two wheels. Those who already own motorcycles can also do their bit by promoting bikes to attract new riders. If just 20% of riders brought a new biker into the mix, the impact would be significant.

Infographic designed by solomotoparts

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