2017 Volkswagen Golf car comes with new features that would make it among the top rated cars in the year 2017 for those who would like to increase their style and class. It will have a base engine of 1.8-liter turbocharged inline, a comparatively new iron-block unit belonging to EA888 engine family. In addition, it will produce 170 horsepower at about 4500 rpm with a 6-speed automatic. The powertrain is not particularly quick; one would easily say that its user friendly and has no turbo lag.


It will accelerate from zero-to-60-mph in just 7.5 seconds with top speed governed at about 125 mph. In addition, it will have sports system of a 9.2-inch glossy with flush-glass central display. With a personalized control panel of reconfigurable 12.3-inch LCD Gauge Cluster should enable choose your entertainment, communications, and navigation information much easier. This new 2017 Volkswagen Golf Review should enable you redefine your style and class from one level to another from its remarkable features.