We’ve all read about electric cars, self-driving cars, hi-tech enduro tires and other trends that will shape the future of driving. But what are the companies making the biggest impact on these technologies. Here, we identify 6 companies that will define vehicle manufacturing in the next two decades.

  1. Tesla

This company has already started making huge waves in the news due to its smart car technology. The charismatic CEO Elon Musk has already promised that cars with smart technology will come out soon that will be capable of self-programming according to your driving habits. So, if you drive the car to work at the same time every day, your car will program itself to drive to the office automatically. While the company has already developed the hardware for the company, it is currently awaiting permit for using its software in the cars.

  1. General Motors

This might seem like an unlikely member on this list, but this auto legend that required a government bailout to simply survive almost a decade ago is now emerging as a futuristic auto manufacturer. The company is investing heavily in self-driving technology, and while it has already developed a semi-autonomous driving car, the Cadillac CT6, it is expected to launch a fully autonomous vehicle in China in the early part of the next decade.

  1. Toyota

This company is the reliable, stable player in the global auto manufacturing industry, known for taking measured, calculated risks. Until recently, the company has avoided making a lot of noise about self-driving technology. However, it has been investing efforts in a slightly older trend, electric cars. The company is poised to become the global market leader in fuel-cell electric cars. If plans go smoothly, the technology may become commercially available as early as 2020.

  1. Mazda

Again, this might seem like an unusual name on the list, but Mazda is working on some amazing technology that will make the driving experience more comfortable and intuitive for drivers. The automaker is investing huge amounts into research to come up with driver-assistance technology. This means that smart cars will come with a corrective feature that will revert the car to a correct course if the driver makes a mistake. Can the company increase its share of the market without jumping on to the autonomous driving bandwagon? Only time will tell.

  1. BMW

Everybody knows what amazing work BMW does on sports cars. But the reason for including this company here is for its futuristic motorbikes. BMW claims that it will soon launch a motorbike with such high safety levels that the rider will not need to wear a helmet from Bike Bandit. The bike is being designed with a flexible frame that turns completely along with the tires. This means there’s little need for a suspension system. Named the Vision Next 100, this bike is expected to be mass produced at least by 2030.

Most of these snazzy vehicles might not be on the market for at least some years. So all we can do for the moment is be patient, sit back and enjoy the ride.