Other than the US, there aren’t many countries that have a bond with automatic cars. In the States, the majority of the cars don’t have a stick shift, whereas everywhere else loves a manual gearbox. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Well, it’s the Americans with their love of cars without a manual gearbox. Anyone who drives a manual will find it hard to believe that an automatic is a better car. The truth is, though, that an automatic car is just as good if not better than a stick shifter, and here’s why.

Automatic Gears Gear Lever Auto Circuit Gearshift
Automatic Gears Gear Lever Auto Circuit Gearshift


Easier To Drive


There is no doubt that a manual is a much harder car to drive because of the clutch. To switch gears and keep a manual moving, you need good clutch control, and although you might have it, you don’t need it with an automatic. Without a gear stick, you just put the car into drive and press down on the gas. If you want to brake, you gently touch the brake pedal. It is that easier, and it gets even easier after a handful of automatic driving lessons because you get more comfortable behind the wheel. Driving an automatic is like driving a big go-kart, and there is nothing easier to drive than a go-kart.


Very Fun


Go-karts are also a lot of fun, and so are stickless cars. In fact, they are just as much fun as a manual because they give you more time to enjoy the ride. Instead of having to think about slowing down and switching gear, you can concentrate on driving. That means you can drive faster and test out the car without the need to focus on arbitrary things like changing gear. Plus, a lot of automatic cars have a flappy paddle gearbox option, and that is so much fun because it makes you feel like Michael Schumacher in his prime. How is that not enjoyable?!


Fuel Economy


Most people might find this hard to believe as manuals have always been more fuel efficient. For a start, they are lighter, plus they use fewer RPMs when on the road. Automatics, however, are fighting back and are much easier on the gas than ever before. Take the Tesla as an example. The new Tesla is an electric car that only costs around $700 a year in fuel according to Forbes. $700 equates to $58 a month or $14.50 a week. Even with a manual transmission, it is hard to cut the costs any lower.


More Valuable


Now, the more they cost will increase the initial cost. The good thing is automatics also keep the value, unlike manuals. A regular car will lose up to half of its original cost as soon as you drive it off the lot. The new automatics are a little different because they are changing the face of the industry. If a Tesla will only cost you $14.50 a week to run, it makes sense that it will always be in demand. Plus, electric cars are the cars of the future, so their demand is already high.


Quite simply, you can sell an automatic car for more money than you can a manual, and that should blow your mind.