Is your car road ready or it just one bad turn away from coming to a complete halt? Believe it or not, your car will tell you if it’s about to break down. It could emit a funny smell or the lights might start to flash but more often than not, it’s going to be a noise that tells you something is wrong with your beamer and it needs a fix. Here are some of the most common noises that you might encounter with your own little speedster.


Any Noise When You Turn A Corner

If you’re turning into a bend and you hear a screeching, grinding or crunching noise it points to an issue with the steering. Now before you start to worry, we’re not suggesting that you’re suddenly going to lose complete control of your car. Once the vehicle starts making this noise you’ll have some time before it creates any serious issues. But you still need to get it checked out, even if it just needs some lubrication.


Humming Like A Hovercraft


Can you hear a humming or whirring underneath your car? Again this might mean that it needs some lubrication. Or, it’s possible that the transmission is shot and needs a repair. It could even point to a problem with the nuts and bolts holding everything together. The trouble here is that a noise underneath the car echoes clouding the original source. As such, it’s often impossible for a lay person to tell what is actually causing this noise. So, it could be something serious, or it might be completely innocent. You just won’t know and that’s why you should take it to a car mechanic. They’ll be able to run a few tests and quickly diagnose the issue.

Do your brakes squeal like a pig when you’re pressing down on them. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have stopped working. Instead, it’s possible that they are squealing because they are a little dirty. Or, it might be because the brake pads have worn down to the point where they are completely useless. As such, this is another sound that you want to get checked out. If it stops, you can mostly assume it was just a little dirt. It’s when the squealing gets worse that there’s typically a problem.


Tick Tick Tick…Boom!


We’re only messing around, if your car is emitting a light ticking noise underneath the hood it’s probably something to do with the oil level. You need to put more oil in the car. Once you have done this it should stop and this is one rare noise that doesn’t lead to a costly repair.


Ratter Tat Tat

Finally, if you hear a rattling underneath the car, don’t just ignore it. It could be anything from a loose exhaust to a loose brake bad. Either way, something isn’t working properly and needs to be fixed. You don’t want to leave it too long. Otherwise, that loose piece of your car will probably fall right off.