There’s not much that’s more exciting than loading up the car with all the essentials and heading off on a road trip with friends. A road trip is generally full of happiness, laughter and excitement, but without adequate preparation, it can all go downhill very quickly. Car troubles are the one thing that is going to be guaranteed to put a huge dampener on your vacation!

While a road trip is an exciting idea, it’s important to be aware and prepared for the dangers that are on the way. Avoiding car problems on the road is going to very much depend on how looked after your car is and whether you are going to be plotting your route around a good mechanic like Lex Brodie’s. Cars need maintenance all year round, that’s a given, and you have to anticipate how much stress a road trip could put on your particular vehicle. There are a few things you can do to ensure your vacation doesn’t end up as a pay-cation, with you spending out money you haven’t budgeted for emergency repairs that you didn’t foresee!

  1. Tire Trouble. Before you go steaming off on your road adventure, make sure you check your tires. Most people don’t tend to notice what their tires are up to until one of them goes flat – and by then it’s a bit too late! Check for wear bars (which you can read about here) and make sure that the tread is not too shallow. Make sure that you have a spare in the trunk of the car as well as everything you need to fit it.
  2. Electrics. Always give your electrical system the once over before you set off. Check the lights, the wipers and the horn and pack extra supplies in the car such as light bulbs. You don’t want to get most of the way to your destination only to discover a blown bulb and not an auto shop in sight.
  3. Visit A Garage. Your trip may be a long one, and you may not be a seasoned car owner. Even if you are, this doesn’t mean you have a clue what’s going on under the hood. Get someone to give it a once over for you and change the oil and air filters. Don’t forget to have the car battery checked. Does this cost money? Of course, it does, but better for it to cost you and your car work the whole journey, than have to cough up vacation cash for help on the road!
  4. Clean House. Your car is going to be a place you spend a lot of time over the next few days, so take your time and get the whole thing cleaned up and ready. You don’t need crumbs or debris in the seat belt retractors, nor do you need to have dirty mirrors! Get it spruced and ready to go!

Your road trip vacation is going to be something fun – keep it that way and be safe while you’re enjoying it!