The world is certainly moving forward at an alarming rate, with some things that would have been considered science fiction a mere two decades ago, now just becoming an everyday reality. Same could be said for the world of cars and other forms of personal transport, with new models coming out more and more frequently with more companies racing to get to that number one spot in innovation than ever, there is certainly some healthy competition out there. Now, where does this leave you as a consumer? Well, on the one hand, you are most probably happy about the fact that one of your passions or hobby is getting some pretty decent exposure and development, but on the other hand, things are often moving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Not only hard to keep up for your brain, but also for your wallet. Even if you bought one of the latest cars a mere year ago, by the time a new model comes out with any new features which usually happens a few times a year, then your car is technically already outdated at this point. Fortunately, this goes both ways, and if you dish out a small fortune for a car, then the chances are that you could make most of that small fortune back by selling it off, and possibly buying the newer model. The question that remains, is how?

Selling it like you mean it


Often, the best way to go around things is the most direct way. Of course, this does not apply to everything, but when it comes to selling something, a strong conviction often works wonders. Now, do not misunderstand, do not come off as preachy or seeming like you’re pushing the sale onto the buyer, you should just keep the method straightforward. For example, after letting the world know that your car is for sale, be it by putting a sign in its window, leaving some printouts at the bus stop, or putting it online, when you deal with the person buying it, you will be dealing with them face to face. This is where the previously mentioned conviction comes in. If you’re convinced with what you’re saying, they will be convinced as well and the sale might be a lot smoother than you expect. If you do not happen to be a great salesman yourself, or you have issues with persuasion skills one on one, then the next best thing to do is to check out some public auctions nearby, and maybe you can get your car to get auctioned off by someone else. Still a very straightforward solution, but it saves you the trouble of having to double down as a salesman and putting on your best selling smile.


Looks right when you walk up to it


Considering the world of cars is full of enthusiasts, you usually do not need to do too much convincing when it comes to the topic of “Why should you buy this car?”. If someone is interested in the first place and got in contact with you, they have probably already decided that they would potentially like to buy it. What you have to do, is to finalise that transaction, by making the car not only appeal to the buyer, but make it seem like quit the steal. It might not always be easy, but despite all our intricacies as a species, humans are rather simple to appeal to. Giving the car a good scrub, get the body looking beautiful by using a certain old car salesman saying as a guideline. “Looks right when you walk up to it”. With the car looking good, and after some potential minor haggling, the buyer should be more than satisfied, or at least will keep you in their head when they head off, which is more than can often be said.