In this latest video recorded by a dashboard mounted camera we see a Lada Samara hatchback driving on the road.

Shortly after the clip starts we notice the hood of the vehicle popping up for no apparent reason, other than the poor build quality of the car.

The engineers over at AvtoKAZ should figure out what has to be done so that this won’t happen again.All jokes aside, luckily nobody was injured after this rather peculiar incident, with the driver of the Lada pulling on the right side of the road and fixing the “problem”.

With all those brutal and violent accidents happening in Russia and in other countries as well, it’s nice to see such a funny and peaceful road rage. This one too happened in Russia but it’s far better than what we have seen before. As you can see from this clip, nothing aggravating happened and it all ended well. Most likely, those two drivers were friends and started doing pranks on one another in traffic.


Forget about Brabus, ABT Sportsline, AC Schnitzer or any other reputable aftermarket specialist, this is the best tuning program ever seen. Although we don’t know the make and model of this automotive masterpiece, we can appreciate the amount of work necessary for this unique tuning. This incredible footage was recorded in Iraq where most likely they haven’t heard about any car safety inspections.

Source: LiveLeak

The driver of this Mercedes-Benz CL was most likely in a hurry as he put the pedal to the medal on a rather tight city road, trying to overtake as many cars as possible. Unfortunately it did not end very well as he hit an oncoming Lexus RX, while after the collision the CL was pushed into an Audi A8, a black sedan (most likely a Skoda), ending by hitting an SUV. Judging by the license plates, the accident happened in Russia.