This 1992 Ferrari F40 has established a new world record after fetching €1.12 million at a recent Coys auction. It was sold at the 43rd AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix in Nurburgring, Germany on August 8 and it actually was one of the last privately owned F40s and was bought by an unknown German collector. Just 1,311 units were ever made and this particular car appears to be in a very good condition so with time its value will likely increase if the new owner will take good care of it. As a reminder, the F40 is actually the last model that was signed off by company founder Enzo Ferrari before he passed away.

1992 Ferrari F40
1992 Ferrari F40

Besides the 1992 Ferrari F40, at the same Coys auction someone bought a 1932 BMW 328 Roadster for €562,000 while a 2000 Ford GT went under the hammer for €227,000. Other cars that were sold include a 1971 Lamborghini Espada SII for €145,000 (new record) and a 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena for €182,000.

Needless to say, the 1992 Ferrari F40 was by far the star of the auction and now it’s officially the world’s most expensive F40, even though there have been rumors about other cars selling for a lot more than that.

The F40 is considered by many to be the last true Ferrari which is why it still manages to be a very interesting car, even though more than two decades have passed since the supercar went out of production. In the attached video we have the chance to check out a yellow version performing a tire smoking launch as well as several donuts which not many would do if they’d own such a very expensive and desirable supercar from the 80s. Nevertheless, the drive of this particular example wanted to stand out and abuse his Ferrari F40 to the delight of the crowd.

Chris Harris was lucky enough to meet a person who was willing to let him drive not only the legendary Ferrari F40 but also its successor, the F50. The cars are similar yet very different at the same time, with many still preferring the old one for its looks. In addition, lots of people who had the opportunity of driving both cars said the older F40 is actually faster than the F50. The Ferrari F40 was built between 1987 and 1992, whereas the F50’s production commenced in 1995 and ended in 1997. The Enzo came out afterwards in 2002 and earlier this year the LaFerrari was introduced.