Let’s face it, the Mini gets a reputation for being a bit of a girly vehicle, but let’s explore the true gentlemanly style it has to offer. Not only it is a part of a long standing history of racing heritage, but whichever kind of Mini you choose you know you’ll be getting a quality automobile, which it set you last you for a long time.

2015 MINI Cooper JCW

The Bold Brand

Talking about the heritage of the mini in motorsports is easy. The iconic Mini is based around the original which beginning to take on the racing world in its own right as BMW start competing in the World Rally Championships. Speaking of the BMW brand, you know you’re going to get a high quality and reputable product when you invest in a mini. Not only are you getting the standard you expect from a BMW, from awesome engines to unbeatable transmissions you will also be paying a fraction of the price. If you ever have any trouble at all, you know you will be able to find quality MINI repair servicing which will get you up and running again in a flash.

Economical Excellence

Not only will you be getting an excellent deal when it comes to fuel economy, it also balances out with the fun element of the car. Finding a stylish car which doesn’t break the bank and eat up your gas like no tomorrow can be a real effort, but the Mini proves that doesn’t need to happen with its great track record of fuel consumption. Nipping around in hustle and bustle environments can be a real pain in the neck when driving a huge car. How much of a pleasure would it be to pop straight into a tiny parking space on the road without worrying about your wing mirrors sticking out? Surprisingly, for such a dainty vehicle it has got a big interior with plenty of space for long legged drivers. You won’t need to worry about banging your head on the roof like you would in a low Lamborghini. It’s got space for every shape and size person, included a generous trunk space, due to the hatchback.  A stylishly, small car, with interior room, that doesn’t eat up your petrol; it sounds like a winner to us.

Perfectly Personal

It is one of the most customizable cars out there, with a variety of options for roof prints, interior designs and color types. The mini is a stylish gentleman’s dream, which you can truly make your own. You can make your car stand out or blend in as much as you like from roof stripes to seating patterns you could have a car that it unique to you. Yes, it will cost you to add each little luxury to your vehicle, but you will be guaranteed to stand out on a crowded street.

Not only will your mini be a total magnet for the girls, it will also be one of the most versatile and customizable cars you invest in. If you’re looking for a city friendly, fast and economical car then this would be the way to go.