Many people enjoy large, off road journeys that can take them into high snowy climbs or through low boggy regions. It can be part of a wider holiday, like a camping trip or just something to do with the family over the weekend. There are many things you need to bear in mind when you conduct such a trip, things that if you are left without may ruin your trip or see you stuck out in the wild for an extended period of time. There are all kinds of myths with driving, but one of the constants is being prepared. If you are prepared then you can ensure you all enjoy the trip. Here are some tips that can see your off road adventure go without a hitch.


Get The Right Kind Of Tyres

You need to bear in mind that different surfaces need different tyres. If you need a long haul drive before you get to the destination then use someone like Wiltshire Tyres to ensure you have new tyres. Check the tread depth beforehand so that you know whether you need to replace them. When you get to the destination, you may need to do certain things with the tyres. For example, if you are climbing all over snowy mountains you may want to take tyre chains so you have purchase over rough icy ground. Tyres are super important because they are what connects you to the surface you’re driving over. If they aren’t right, you could be stuck.

Take Spare Parts


When driving over rough ground all kinds of things can happen that could break something. A spare tyre is a must, as is the jack and equipment to change it. You need to be sure you have good quality tools to make changes, such as a socket wrench to change spark plugs. Having one of these means you can make changes on the go as needed. Take lots of water too, and some oil in case you suffer any kind of rupture. A sat phone can be useful, letting you reach anyone in situations of need.


Do You Research


You need to make sure you research the area you are going to. You may be fine knowing you are driving over icy mountains for a day or so, but what if the weather gets really bad and you end up swallowed by a blizzard. It can be a really dangerous issue that you need to be careful in. Research completely mitigates it. There may be avalanche warnings out or severe weather warnings that cannot be ignored so make sure you do your research before going wherever you need to go.


Tell Someone

Someone needs to know you are going, don’t just take off with the family without letting someone know. Then, if they don’t hear from you for a predetermined amount of time they’ll know something is wrong and call the relevant authorities. You can go with peace of mind, knowing someone knows what you are doing and when you are due back.