We have some bad news for those of you in the United States interested in purchasing the Nissan GT-R as the 2015 model year has arrived with a starting price of $101,770, without taking into consideration the destination and handling fees which add an extra $1,595. The vehicle is offered as standard with a retuned suspension, LED-infused headlights as well as a better interior cabin featuring a Bose Active Noise Cancellation system. Opt for the Black Edition (starts at $111,510) and you also receive forged aluminum RAYS wheels and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. This variant also comes with leather-covered Recaro seats and a red & black cabin.

2015 Nissan GT-R

There’s also the Track Edition priced at $115,710 which has carbon fiber air ducts, bespoke suspension tuning and a different spoiler. You also get a carbon fiber trunk lid and blue-trimmed high-grip seats. All three versions are powered by a V6 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine rated at 545 bhp and 463 lb-ft working together with a dual-clutch 6-speed gearbox.

A Nismo variant will top the range this summer and as you would imagine will be considerably more expensive.

Source: Nissan

The 2014 GT-R has finally arrived in the United States where it sees yet another price hike which certainly won’t be to the liking of many potential customers. When it was introduced back in 2008 it was available for $69,850 but with the years passing by, it now costs $99,590, not taking into consideration the yet undisclosed destination charge. The increased price tag does bring a couple of additional stuff as the V6 twin-turbo engine with its 545 hp is now providing a better response in mid- and upper-rpm ranges. In addition, the GT-R’s handling has also been improved thanks to new springs, absorbers and a revised front anti-roll bar.

Thanks to these changes, the car’s center of gravity has been lowered which in return should improve handling. If you are willing to spend more, you can opt for the Black Edition model which begins at $109,300 and comes with an engraved aluminum plate showing the name of the person who built the engine. In addition, the higher-end model has a Premium Interior Package with hand-stitched red leather seats and a color pattern for the sports steering wheel.

Aside from revealing the GT-R’s price tag, Nissan also disclosed the price of the 2014 Murano CrossCabriolet which begins from $41,995, making it $2,545 cheaper than the outgoing 2013MY.

Source: Nissan via AutoBlog