The motorbike life is a tantalising prospect for a lot of people. Whether it be for practical purposes or just for fun, a lot of people ride them. They ride them because they are freeing. They ride them because they are exhilarating. They ride them because they are cool. But do those that ride them know their rights? Do they know what they are and what they are not entitled to both on the road and off it? If you ride a motorbike then make sure to read on to discover what some of your rights are as a bike rider.

First and foremost, you have just as much of a right to be on the road as anybody else. Even though your vehicle is smaller than most vehicles, a lot smaller in some cases, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to ride. You also have a right to fight any claims that you are invisible on the road. Yes, it may be more difficult for other road users to see you at times, but that doesn’t mean this excuse can be used in court if you were ever to be hit. All drivers should check about them before they move, both for other cars and for motorbikes. Also, as a rider, you need to ensure that you are always aware of what rights are set in place upon you, because they are always liable to change. And stay on top of all the changes you should ensure that you belong to a Motorcycle Rights Organisation.

When involved in an accident, you have just as much of a right to seek legal protection as any other road user. Bikes and bikers are far more open and susceptible to being involved in an accident. Because of this, if you are ever involved in an accident, in the aftermath of it you should find yourself a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. This needs to be done as you have a very specific vehicle and a very specific case and it needs to be fought by those in the know of these specifics. And you need to bear these specifics in mind yourself at all times. You need to specifically protect yourself at all times, both in regards to legal matters and physical protection. You need to protect yourself with all the compulsory gear, like visors, helmets, gloves, boots and other clothing. If you don’t, then you will not only put yourself at physical danger but you will also void any rights or insurances you have. If you don’t take the precautions that are necessary to bikers, then your rights cannot help you when you are in trouble.

So, if you’re thinking of making the switch from four wheels to two, then you need to ensure you know everything there is to know about the bike life. Importantly, for starters, you need to actually know how to ride a bike. Even more importantly, you will need to know what rights you have on the road. And even more important than that is the need to take out all the necessary precautions needed for this very specific mode of transportation.