The driver of this second-gen Renault Megane sedan was most likely in a hurry as he ran a red light and collided with a Lada which was minding its own business. As you will see from the clip, both vehicles started to drift away towards the side of the road and almost hit two girls who were crossing the road.

Luckily for those two very attentive girls, they saw the incoming cars in time and managed to evade an imminent impact which probably would have caused some serious injuries.

In this video we find out once again why it is so important to keep our eyes on the road all the time and pay attention to what’s up ahead. Avoiding distractions is one of the biggest priorities when it comes to driving but the man driving the car in the clip probably wasn’t aware of this thing. His dashboard-mounted camera shows us the car exiting the highway at a higher than recommended speed which causes the vehicle to understeer during the second turn.

The result? He hits the inner side of the barrier which sends the car to the outer side, with the automobile flipping over in the end.

We all have seen numerous types of car-related accidents/incidents but this one is certainly a novelty, at least for us. The following footage was recorded by a security camera somewhere in Asia (possibly Taiwan) and we get to see something that it’s very hard to put into words. There’s a black sedan simply going back and forth hitting other parked cars and also the wall. While this “ritual” is ongoing, at one point a woman opens the door and gets out of the vehicle. It’s possible that she was even hit by that car but eventually she gets up and picks some sort of package and then starts walking as if nothing peculiar happened.

Here is something that you don’t get to see that often. The driver of a car causes two accidents within a minute. The video gets interesting at the 18-second mark when a black sedan rear-ends a commercial truck and then the driver that caused the accident starts running away on the opposite lane where it eventually ends hitting yet another car.

We don’t really know how this happened but maybe the car was stolen or the driver was extremely drunk. It’s funny to watch for us but we’re sure it wasn’t for the drivers of those two cars damaged in the accidents.