2015 Ford Mustang starts at $24,425

The new pony car is almost ready to hit dealerships in United States and customers can get it from $24,425, a price which takes into account the additional destination and delivery fees. The vehicle is programmed to go on sale this fall and will be available in the entry-level version with a 3.7-liter V6 outputting a minimum of 300 bhp (223 kW) and 365 Nm (270 lb-ft). The new Mustang is $1,090 more expensive than the 2014 model year but you do get an independent rear suspension and a whole new design that looks way more exciting.

Ford Mustang

Even the base model comes nicely equipped with goodies such as a rear view camera, push button start, a tire pressure monitor system, eight airbags, keyless entry and HID headlamps. The base 2015 Ford Mustang also has a SYNC system with a 4.2-inch color screen, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with telescope adjustment and manual tilt. Rounding off the list of equipment are the two USB ports as well as next generation App Link.

Source: Ford

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