2016 Nissan Micra will be built by Renault in France

Renault has made a very interesting announcement a few days ago when they revealed the next generation of the Micra will be manufactured in Europe starting 2016. The vehicle will be built at Renault’s Flins assembly plated situated in the nearby vicinity of Paris. At this facility they plan on rolling out 82,000 cars each year. It was the year 2010 when Nissan moved Micra production from Sunderland, United Kingdom to Chennai, India in order to increase production capacity for the Juke. In Q1 2013 Nissan sold 13,000 Micras, which means they sold 45 percent less cars in comparison to the similar period of last year.

As far as Renault is concerned, they obtained several labor concessions concerning wage restraints and longer hours but in exchange they must increase domestic production by 33 percent which represents 180,000 vehicles. This has to be done in the next four years and 100,000 of the cars will be Renault’s upcoming new products while the rest of them will be from their alliances with other automakers, including Nissan.

Note: Attached photos depict 2013 Nissan Micra

Source: Renault / Nissan

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