6 Things You Must Do Before You Junk Your Car

There’s more to selling a junk car than watching it get towed away. If you want to sell your junk car, you first need to find a reputable car removal company.  After that, follow these steps before it’s taken off your hands forever.

Remove your personal belongings.


Before you take your car to the junkyard or have a company come tow it, you need to clean it out. You don’t actually have to clean it from top to bottom, but you need to ensure you have everything that’s yours. Over time, your car has probably accumulated personal possessions.  Look under your seats, in your console, and check every inch of your car for things like sunglasses, money and important papers.


Get your title.


Many junkyards will not purchase your car if you don’t have the title.  It’s important to transfer the car’s ownership to the junkyard.  If you fail to transfer the title, it appears you still own the car and that makes you liable for anything that happens to it even though it’s out of your possession.


Remove the license plate.


Junkyards often send a tow truck to get your car in a hurry. Before the truck comes, make sure the license plate is removed. In many states, it’s required you return the license plate to the DMV before you can cancel your registration. Sometimes you’re not able to cancel your insurance policy until the license plates it turned in either.


Use your gas.


If you’re old car is still running, don’t fill it up with gas before you sell it.  Gasoline isn’t cheap – use what gas is left in your tank to run those last minutes errands before the tow truck comes to haul your old vehicle away.

Take some pictures.


While you may not feel the urge now, you should take some pictures of your old car before you get rid of it for good.  Like anything you own for awhile, your car has become part of your life. You have driven it to and from work and on endless adventures.  Pull out the camera and snap a few photographs to commemorate it before you sell it to the junkyard.


Research new cars.


Selling your junk car means you’ll need to replace it with a different car. As you research new cars, it’s smart to think about what features are the most important to you. Many people consider car safety as one of their top priorities when buying a new vehicle. Whether you choose to drive one off the lot or get a model that’s a few years old, do your research to see which cars offer the safety features that are most important to you.



Many people are at least somewhat attached to their cars, which is why it’s never easy to say goodbye to them.  However, with every vehicle there comes a point that it’s no longer practical to drive or safe to prolong its life.  If your car is no longer roadworthy, make sure you remember some key points before the tow truck pulls up to your house to take it away.

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