7 Tips to Last Longer Your Car Tires

How long a tire? Well, that might sound like a trick question, since the life of a tire can be reduced to a few days. However, in places where the streets have better conditions, the average life of a tire can be up to 40,000 kilometers, although it may vary depending on various factors.


Although tire manufacturing technology is highly advanced and seeks to create tires that last longer, there are always external factors that determine life, from the climate, type of vehicle and even our driving habits.  Besides, Rim brands, sizes, styles, material is also important. You can discover more about Chevrolet rims qualities from the site.

  1. Watch your driving habits

This is the determining factor that affects the life of a tire. Aggressive driving with continuous acceleration and braking can reduce tire life by up to 80%.

  1. Waters with curves!

We repeat: care much your driving habits. If you travel by road to avoid cornering as if Fast and Furious concerned. Grab very forced curves can cause irregular wear, whether the risk of an accident increases if your car tires are in poor condition. Avoid start skidding. In addition to look after the tires, you will spend much less gasoline.

  1. The correct pressure

Improper tire pressure affects too much the tire life. Twenty percent less air must be reduced to 20% the useful life of each tire.

As we mentioned earlier, when you go to check the tire pressure, do it in a tire or a meter itself because those that exist at the pump are not accurate. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

  1. Rotation

Manufacturers recommend rotating tires every 10 or 15 thousand kilometers for a regular wear.

  1. The infamous potholes

Although it sounds difficult to fulfill, it avoids driving on streets with possible excess bumps and flat if you have no choice, passes through them gently; no matter that the driver behind you will go crazy honking, in the end he will not pay the rim being damaged by passing the pothole at high speed.

  1. Strikes

The blows against the sidewalks in parking maneuvers also reduce the life of the tires. These rubbing or tapping can cause internal problems in the tire that may not be seen with the naked eye, but eventually damaging them.

  1. Always clean

If you drive an SUV or a similar car and you went adventure weekend, do not forget to wash the car perfectly, without forgetting the tires.

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