Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon: Setting New Safety Standards On The Road

When it comes to choosing a new car, there are so many things to take into account. Most people will focus on the superficial: the design of a car, the cost, its general popularity and general public perception regarding how desirable it is. But when it comes down to it, when you take to the roads, there should be one main concern on your mind: your health and safety. The roads can be a dangerous place and accidents can result in damage to your vehicle, injury to yourself or, in extreme cases, fatalities. While the sensible and good handling of a vehicle is the main factor in ensuring not only your own safety but the well-being of everyone else on the road and surrounding pedestrians. But a safe vehicle will give you that extra level of protection that could make all the difference in negative situations. This is where the Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon comes into play. It has been ranked as one of the safest vehicles on the road. Here are a few reasons to consider in investing in this as your next automobile.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider


Safety Spec


The Alpha Romeo Giulia has managed to gain the highest ever score for adult occupant protection achieved by any car tested by Euro NCAP. It achieved an outstanding 98%. The vehicle offers admirable side-impact protection for individuals seated inside the car’s reinforced passenger compartment. The seats are designed specifically to reduce the negative implications of whiplash. In terms of child occupant safety, it scored a high 81% and an impressive 69% score when it came to pedestrian protection. Altogether, it is a fairly safe vehicle for those involved in any incidents. Where the car lacked was perhaps its 60% safety assist score. But not to worry. It has extra features that prevent accidents from happening in the first place, including autonomous emergency braking as standard and lane-departure warning systems. Overall, the vehicle has an impressive safety spec and rivals or exceeds standards set by various other cars.


If you do end up in a bump or scrape, you may find that the cause of the accident may not be your fault. This vehicle not only offers protection from others but when you purchase a car that is so applauded for its safety features, you demonstrate your commitment to road safety. This can cast a favorable light when it comes to claiming. Mention this to Nagle and Associates before making any claim. They may be able to help your case.



Now, we know what you’re thinking. When you choose a safety conscious car, you often have to make large compromises elsewhere. This is usually in the area of the vehicle’s design, speed or size. Safe cars are often considered undesirable because of this, with many opting for more superficial and aesthetically pleasing designs at the cost of more important factors. But not to worry. The Giulia Saloon manages to maintain a sleek design, high performance and is considered to rival the popular BMW 3 Series.

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