Are manual transmission cars obsolete?

What’s happening to manual cars? That’s the question on the lips of every driving enthusiast. Unless you’re going for blistering lap times or your car is simply for motorway driving, why would you want an automatic? Manuals are cheaper and more involving for the driver, keeping them more alert in the event of a sudden change in the road.

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Nowadays, people would much rather buy a car that does the work for them, automatic gear changes, advanced cruise control and lane keep assist have made cars almost autonomous, but where’s the fun in that? There’s no better feeling than launching through gears on a fast B-road, it’s all down to you to keep the car in the perfect torque range to cannon you out of a bend.

A major benefit of automatic gearboxes is that they’re usually more economical. They change at the right moment to ensure you don’t rev too highly. This can be an issue when trying to drive quickly however, as some automatics are slow to change down when approaching bends or trying to overtake as they can’t see the road ahead or what you’re intending to do. While this may not be an issue for the majority of drivers, it can be a deal breaker for some.

Automatic gearboxes are incredibly complex, as a result the cost for repairing one is often far more than a manual alternative. A manual gearbox however isn’t too sophisticated, they can be repaired at any car garage and possibly by an experienced DIY mechanic at his home. On the other hand, as humans, we’re bound to make mistakes. In a manual then, it’s inevitable that you’ll miss and grind gears, decreasing the life expectancy of both your gearbox and the clutch plate. As a driver, you’re in control of your clutches life expectancy, by putting your car in neutral at traffic lights and riding the clutch as little as possible, you could see the car manage to smash the manufacturers predicted life expectancy!

Overall, it seems manuals are on their way out. Manufacturers are making their cars more and more efficient and see automatic gearboxes as a way of preserving their hard work by not allowing you to rev your car to the limit! Manuals have always been the go to for car enthusiasts and daily drivers alike, the involvement may seem minimal but it does provide a far better experience than an automatic!

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