Aston Martin DB10 new video shows both exterior and interior

The very special Aston Martin DB10 is back in a detailed video showing the exterior and interior cabin of one of the ten cars ever made. This particular car is the last one ever made and it was billed as the “Hero” car and comes with an entirely completed interior cabin trim. It will be auctioned sometime next year and as you can see from this video recorded at Aston Martin’s Center at Millbrook Proving Ground in UK it has a very interesting interior with bits and pieces that have never been fitted before onto an AM model.

Aston Martin DB10
Aston Martin DB10

Later during the video, the chassis number #8 appears and that’s the “Stunt” car which as the name implies it was used for stunts during filming of SPECTRE, the latest movie in the James Bond franchise.

We remind you the Aston Martin DB10 is not an entirely new car as it’s based on the V8 Vantage but with a bespoke exterior and interior. A production version is not being considered, but the British marque has suggested the car’s styling will influence future road-going models, so it seems Aston Martin is finally about to make some design changes not just on the outside, but also with the cabin’s appearance.

Source: Shmee150 on YouTube

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