Be like Superman with this Man Of Steel – Themed Ram truck

 This is great news for everyone who has been dreaming of becoming a superman. Ram vehicles and the blockbuster Superman film Man of Steel signed a formidable partnership before the official showing of the film last June 14, 2013. The aforementioned partnership has come up with a 30 second commercial entitled “Action” that simultaneously airs the footage of Ram and selected scenes of the said blockbuster movie.According to the makers of Ram trucks, the company feels great about the partnership since they are much honored to play on the big screen together with the Last Son of Krypton.


Aside from the big screen airing, print ads and tabloids also speak about the partnership. It was neatly drawn by Shane Davis, a DC Comic artist.The released print ads were published in newsprint pages of USA Today.

What Model of Ram has Adopted the Man of Steel Theme?

The Power Wagon truck has been modified to cascade the special Man of Steel edition. Actually, the Power Wagon truck was seen on display during the movie premier in New York City and has travelled every corner of the country to attend various events and sometime in July, being auctioned and disposed for charity.

How Does Power Truck Wagon Prove its Amenability with the Theme?

It can be recalled that there have been many vehicles in the past that attempted to patterned-out the Man of Steel theme but only the Man of Steel Power Truck Wagon caught the attention and the prying eyes of automobile lovers. According to them, it feels great to own one because whenever they do, they feel more like Superman. Also, if kryptonite is true, the truck can easily hide from it. And with regards to the physical appearance, the power truck wagon has a unique color combination resulting to Dark Ceramic Gray wrapped with a special vinyl that feels more like Superman’s new suit. You need a high flight to be in the tall rig. When it comes to roofing, it is heavily painted with high-gross black. Moreover, the grill is painted with accents of anodized red. The 17 inches black wheel which is forged aluminum is a General Zod-approved while the interior is designed and upgraded with a touch of Superman-themed materials. Of course, they would not be missing out the Superman logos situated in the front and rear, which is the space saved for the Ram logo. Now this isn’t the typical themed Ram truck you can expect, but the Ram trucks of 2014 model year have been a remarkable breakthrough for the truck market in North America, and the Ram truck models can be seen at Chicago based Zeigler Ram.

Looking Back to the History of Ram 

It was on the year 1981 when Ram trucks has begun competing in the market of American pickup. But prior to that, before it was named Ram, it was labelled under D Series since 1928. And since they got the ram head as a logo same with Dodge, from there on, they have been featured under Dodge. On the year 2009, the Chrysler brand has established its own line-up of trucks called Ram Trucks after management was taken over by Fiat. Recently, they had launched new models, particularly the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 along with other different heavy-duty cabs.

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