Bentley allegedly working on a new Continental Supersports with 650 bhp

There is a new report circulating the Internet according to which Bentley is working on a new Supersports version of the Continental due in 2014. Under the bonnet it is expected to have a modified version of the W12 twin-turbo engine which will produce more than 650 hp (485 kW). This higher output will be combined with a lowered curb weight as Bentley could be planning a stripped-out cabin, composite seats and also several body panels manufactured from carbon fiber. The British high-performance marque could decide to remove the rear seats of the previous model.

Speaking of the older model, that car was based on the previous generation and was available only for a limited amount of time. This will change once the new one arrives as Bentley plans to offer it for a longer period of time and will be positioned in the firm’s range between the Continental Speed and the Continental GT3 which will be launched sometime in 2015 and be based on the track-only GT3.

The 2014 Bentley Continental Supersports is rumored to provide a firmer body control as well as a more powerful sound coming out of the exhaust.

Note: Previous Bentley Continental Supersports pictured

Source: Autocar

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