Best sports car for first-time drivers

When you get your first driving license, it is only natural that you will have lofty ambitions about the sort of car you will drive. The type of car you choose is likely to have an impact on your image or identity, in how you view yourself and how others see you. That means first-time drivers will be keen to buy as stylish and as attractive a car as possible, but there are possible drawbacks and problems with car purchase that might prevent a new driver from obtaining the car of his or her dreams.

That is why there is a need for new drivers to carry out some research on the available vehicles. Your budget is important but given that young first-time drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident, safety is a vital consideration when looking for a car. The safety aspect of the vehicle is also likely to affect the cost of insurance, as will the security of the car, so first-time drivers do have a lot to consider when selecting a model.

However, there is no denying that a sports car is a natural draw for many young motorists and a used vehicle is likely to be the first purchase.

Toyota Celica

The Toyota Celica is a brand that dates back to the 1970s but for new drivers, the sixth and seventh generations, from 1993 to 1999 and 1999 to 2006 respectively, are appealing. This is a well-loved brand, and these cars feature heavily on the used car market, they also look great and can be found for a fair price.

Mazda Miata

If you are focused on style as opposed to functionality, the Mazda Miata is an excellent choice. There is only space for one passenger so this isn’t a vehicle for you and all of your buddies but its performance is impressive and there is tremendous value for money on offer from the Mazda Miata.

When buying a car, even a used car, you cannot just focus on the cost of the car and use this figure as the basis for your budget. There are many ongoing costs associated with owning a car and some sporty cars may end up costing more on a month by month basis than some cars which are perhaps not as exhilarating to drive. You will also need to consider the insurance premium cost, which is likely to be more expensive when you own a sports car, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of maintaining your vehicle.

The considerable costs involved with car ownership mean you must ensure you find the best deal when financing the vehicle purchase, so you need to know how to get approved for a car loan. A loan to finance the purchase can be negotiated with monthly repayments you will be able to manage comfortably. That is a better option than paying for the car outright with money from your savings.

New drivers have a lot to look forward to but there are big decisions to be made regarding buying that first car. You can enjoy a sports car as a first-time driver but make sure it meets all of your requirements and budget.

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