2017 Toyota Prius Prime Review: A Safer Choice For You And The Environment

There are a lot of decisions to be made when choosing a new car. Years ago it was all about its appearance; now there is safety and the environment to consider too. The Toyota Prius has an outstanding reputation for reliability, and the Toyota Prius Prime now boasts plug-in hybrid features that make it a top choice for those looking for better value and better mileage out of their car.

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The Toyota Prius Prime was named by US Cars as one of its safest car picks for 2017, and has received plenty of other praise for its safety features. It’s electric motor and larger battery mean it is a more powerful car than the standard Prius, with each charge offering up to 25 miles of electric range. For an everyday car, particularly for families or those who are more money-conscious, this could prove to be a good value car for your household. On top of this, the car is sleek with a smooth style that comes in various colors to suit many tastes.


Costing around $27,995, the Prius Prime is an affordable hybrid car that offers a number of features for your money. It’s a 4-door, 4-passenger car that has a 121 hp, 1.8-liter engine that compares it favorably to other models in its engine class. It has a front-wheel drive, automatic stop-start system and both front and back anti-roll bars. Inside the car, the Prius Prime has 6-way adjustable driving seat/4-way passenger seats that offer comfort and style, as well as plenty of useful indoor lighting for helping you find your way around in the dark.


If entertainment is a key decider for buying a car, the Prius Prime may not be the one for you. The basics are all there including Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and a GPS system, but those looking for the best in-car entertainment system should look elsewhere. The hybrid features offer some consolation, and you could always upgrade your systems yourself if you want to at a later date.


One of the key things to think about when looking at the Prius Prime is its safety features. Not only does it have include automatic-braking and excellent cruise control features, but it has automatic high-beam headlights that will switch them on and off in relation to oncoming car distances which offers safety for other drivers too.


As with any model of car and new hybrid models, in particular, it’s important to keep an eye out for defects. If you find yourself facing issues from the manufacturer, you might need to consult a lemon law lawyer to help you arrange for a repurchase or replacement. It’s rare that this happens, but is not something you want to take lightly when safety is involved.

As a modern, forward-thinking car, the Toyota Prius Prime is a great choice of vehicle –  and this useful guide to buying new, used and classic cars could help you to find a good deal. The safety features make it an excellent car for first-timers and those looking for a reliable car to get them from A to B.

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