BMW 640d Gran Coupe showcased on Transfagarasan in Romania

The team over at BMWBlog had the opportunity to shoot a very exciting video with the BMW 640d Gran Coupe on possibly one of the most beautiful roads in the world. It’s called Transfagarasan and it’s actually the second-higest paved road in Romania and even though it was originally built as a strategic military route, it now offers 90 km of twists and turns together with beautiful scenery for all those who enjoy driving. Top Gear also praised the Transfagarasan pass and said that it’s one of the best driving roads in the world.

The BMW GranCoupe showcased in this video nicely fits into the scenery as it’s considered by many to be the most attractive model in the Bavarian marque’s current lineup. The footage was captured by BMWBlog in collaboration with QuadcoptersRO and as you can see they have done a very good job highlighting not only the elegant four-door coupe but also the lovely surroundings.


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