BMW M3 packs 610 HP from Leib Engineering

The BMW M3 (E93) has recently gone out of production but that hasn’t stopped the specialists from Leib Engineering to infuse more power in the last ever M3 Coupe. From a design point of view it looks the same as a standard M3 but upon closer inspection we notice the “M3” badges are missing while the 19-inch alloy wheels were borrowed from a 1-Series M Coupe. The big change is under the hood where now lurks a G-Power SK II CS compressor that has bumped the engine’s output to an impressive 610 HP and 590 Nm.

BMW M3 E93 by Leib Engineering-1

Other changes worth mentioning would have to be the additional fuel pump, high-performance injector nuzzles, bigger sports air filters and a custom induction air track made from a combination of stainless steel and carbon. Other tweaks include a new exhaust system, remapped ECU along with a bunch of chassis upgrades.
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Source: Leib Engineering

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