BMW X3 receives tuning kit from Hamann

The BMW X3 is not a popular model for tuners but from time to time we see aftermarket specialists from Hamann work on the crossover. This latest package is based on the second-gen F25 X3 and includes an ECU remap for the engines powering the following iterations of the X3: 20i, 28i, 35i, as well as diesel-powered versions such as the 20d, 30d and 35d. To give an example, the xDrive 35i puts outs 300 bhp and 400 Nm in its standard configuration but Hamann can modify the engine to output 348 bhp and 449 Nm.

BMW X3 by Hamann-1

They can do the same thing for the 35d which has a 309 bhp and 630 Nm as stock, but these numbers can be increased to 350 bhp and 695 Nm. A -35mm suspension lowering kit module is also available, as well as 21-inch silver one-piece alloy wheels wrapped around in 265/30 ZR1 Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tires.

BMW X3 by Hamann-2

Source: Hamann

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