Cars vs Motorcycles

Most people are either a car person or a motorcycle person. There is no inbetween and both sides insist that they are right, but which one is really better. There are a lot of benefits to both cars and motorcycles so it is difficult to say for sure which one comes out on top. Here are some pros and cons on both sides that can help you decide for yourself.

Benefits of Owning a Motorcycle

Parking is made so much easier when you have a motorcycle. You can fit at least two or three bikes into the space of a car, so you’ll never find yourself struggling to find a space that you can fit into.

They are also a lot cheaper than cars generally. Even classic bikes are the same price as a fairly cheap car, not to mention that gas consumption is infinitely better. The least economical motorcycle engines can still get thirty miles to the gallon, some of the best engines can get over one hundred miles to the gallon. Over the years, this will be a huge saving. If something goes wrong, it is much easier to service and rebuild your motorcycle than it is a car, so there are a lot of savings to be made there as well.


Motorcycles outperform cars by a long way. There are a few cars out there that will match the speeds of the best motorcycles. Unfortunately if you want one, they will probably cost you about twenty times more than a motorcycle that performs just as well.


The experience of riding a motorbike is also much more enjoyable than a car. You will be in the open air rather than closed in, and many riders enjoy the rest of the aspects of being a motorcycle rider, like the motorcycle gear and the community that you will be a part of as a rider.

The Benefits of Owning a Car

A lot of the supposed benefits of owning a motorcycle are considered to be negatives by car drivers, so it is really just a matter of opinion.


Car drivers would argue that being out in the open air is a lot more dangerous if you crash. It is also not quite as fun if it is raining heavily as you’ll get soaked on the way. You also won’t have the comforts of being in a car like being able to eat and drink as you travel.


Space is another consideration. If you are going away for a few days, you can just load up the trunk of your car, whereas on a motorcycle, you have much less storage space.


Although bikes are more economical than cars in terms of fuel consumption, they do not have the longevity of a car. Most cars will be able to do at least a few hundred thousand miles in their lifetime. A motorcycle will only do around half of that.


Overall, it seems that there is pros and cons on both sides. However, owning a motorcycle and nothing else could cause you problems if the weather is bad or you need to go on a longer trip. The best thing to do, if you can afford it, is to get both.

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