The Chrysler in Men In Black 3

Chrysler is one of the most phenomenal automobile companies worldwide. In fact, Chrysler is so prestigious it has acquired stakes in several other independent car companies like Dodge, Jeep and Ram.Chrysler is also the manufacturer of Fiat cars in the United States of America.

Chrysler car models are known for their glamor and it is the uniform brand of the wealthy and fabulous from the 1925 to the late 1980’s.From its humble beginnings of being an off-spring of American Motors Corporation, it created itself a vast commercial empire. The Chrysler Empire Building is the solid monument of its 89 years of success.

2014 Chrysler 300S-1

As far as movies are concerned, the Chrysler Empire Building is the recurring sublime backdrop of the latest Men in Black movie franchise. This building was the place where the protagonist began his quest to save the planet, and it is also in this exact place where he emerged triumphant. Follow Agent J in his mission that does not only traverse the space, but also time itself.

What is the Men In Black 3 all about?

In Men in Black 3, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprises their roles respectively as Agent J and Agent K in the highly controversial non-government intergalactic agency protecting earth from the presence of migrating aliens. Agent J and Agent K have worked in the MIB agency for many years but throughout their extensive partnership (or student-master relationship), there is so much about the two of them that is left unknown. When an alien convict named Boris the Animal sprang out of the lunar correctional facility, he plots to avenge his amputation on Agent K responsible for apprehending him and thwarting his invasion of earth in 1969. Boris’ master plan is to travel to that bygone year and alter the course of history; to kill the young Agent K and ensure the successful invasion of planet earth.

Agent J woke up in a different reality where Agent K no longer exists (dead in 1969). With the help of a time-warp expert, Agent J jumped from the top of the Chrysler Building to trigger the time travel back to 1969. In this wacky and anachronistic world, he met the younger Agent K (Josh Brolin) who happens to be a completely different persona from the gloomy and detached older version he got used to. In 1969, Agent K was a bit cheerful and optimistic. Agent J not only thwarted the machinations of Boris the Animal, he also unlocked the mystery of his childhood and how Agent K was secretly responsible for his upbringing.

Where Chrysler is and is not

Although the Chrysler Building is an iconic setting in the entire movie, it is interesting to take note that this latest episode of Men In Black franchise virtually has no standard Chrysler brand automobiles making a significant appearance in the film. Most cars used in the key scenes are either from Ford or Chevrolet. It seemingly translates the metaphor of Chrysler being more of a commercial empire than a stand-alone car brand in these contemporary times.

Source: Lynch Chrysler of Troy

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