Citroen Technospace concept bows in Geneva

Citroen is previewing the upcoming new generation of the C4 Picasso with this concept known as the Technospace. While the concept is being showcased this week at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the French automaker will be introducing the next-gen C4 Picasso sometime next month. It is unknown for the moment how much of this radical styling will be implemented on the production version.

The concept has a 2783mm wheelbase making it 55m longer than the one that the current C4 Picasso has, meaning there’s more room inside the cabin, especially for the passengers sitting in the back.

Citroen mentions the car’s measurements are: 1610mm tall, 1830mm wide and 4430mm long. In other words, it is 40mm shorter than the current-gen C4 Picasso, even though the wheelbase has grown in size. This Technospace concept looks significantly more compact and offers a better visibility for the driver thanks to the split A-pillars.

As far as the new C4 Picasso is concerned, this will ride on the firm’s EMP2 – Efficient Modular Platform 2 so it will be lighter by approximately 70 kg (154 lbs). Set to receive more efficient engines, the greenest variant of the vehicle will have CO2 emissions as low as 98 g/km.

Source: Citroen

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