Corvette: So Famous

When we mention the word, “Corvette,” the first thing that crosses our mind is the United States.

Why? It’s an American car, made by Americans for Americans and everyone who wishes to own a ‘Vette.

Aside from that, Corvette is one of the signature cars of Chevrolet and it’s not a surprise that even with its sky-high price tags, more and more people, specifically Americans keep on dreaming about buying one of those sleek, mean-looking cars.

Chevrolet Corvette C6RS by Pratt and Miller-2

Mind you, those Corvettes are high-maintenance so it doesn’t mean that you have the bucks to buy one, you can already maintain it.

And we are talking about today’s generations of the Corvette: specifically the C5 and the C7. What about the older ‘Vettes like the C2 which is also known as the Sting Ray, (shown at )? You wouldn’t use today’s technology to maintain a time-tested muscle car such as the Sting Ray, right? It’s simply not possible. Why?

Each car has its own generation and each generation has its own methods and technologies. Each car has a lifetime but that lifetime can be extended depending on how it is maintained.

The fame, the popularity of any of the Corvette generations is unmatched. It actually matches the popularity of the Camaro despite being a little bit expensive. Corvettes are unquestionably fast. In fact, they are built and maintained to be fast. In the United States, when you own a Corvette, you can already participate in a drag race. Why? A stock ‘Vette can light the quarter-mile up. But, Corvettes aren’t made to be in drag races alone. No. Chevrolet didn’t create a monster only to be tamed in a drag race. In fact, they are made to race on real race tracks.

At present, several Corvettes are participating various world championships including some endurance races. These races don’t only require speed and power for the drivers to secure a W. These long and tiring races require one of the most important aspects that all cars must have: reliability. Reliable to stand any racing conditions. Reliable to survive any challenges. Reliable to keep up its speed in differentiating track temperatures. Reliability. And when it comes to reliability, Chevrolet makes sure that their Corvettes are at best.

They say Corvettes are expensive. And yet they are one of the most sought-after cars in the United States alone. Why? The mere fact that it’s made reliable to stand and survive any circumstances. The mere fact that it’s fact. And the mere fact that various Corvettes have been featured in some of the movies. There’s no point in questioning why Corvettes remain one of the famous cars today. In fact, Lightning McQueen’s body (as seen from the movie: Cars) was based on a Corvette and he races too. So that adds up to Corvette’s popularity.

Owning a Corvette is not just about money, speed and power. Owning and driving a Corvette is simply about American pride. The ‘Vette is born in America. Americans are one of a few who know how to maintain it. And only America understands its personality because Corvette grew up in the Land of the Free World.

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