Daihatsu unveils Tokyo-bound Kopen concepts

Daihatsu plans on reviving its kei car as the Japanese marque will showcase two Kopen concepts in November at this year’s edition of the Tokyo Motor Show. Kopen KMZ is the name of the blue and orange cars while the XMZ moniker will be carried by the green vehicle seen in these photos. Both concepts are 3395mm long, 1475mm wide and 1275mm tall. Under the hood there’s a small 660cc three-cylinder gasoline engine which works together with a CVT that has paddles mounted on the steering wheel for fast and easy shifting.

Daihatsu Kopen concept-1

Rumors around the Internet are suggesting the car will merge into a production model sometime in 2014 and is set to tackle another revived kei car, the Honda Beat which will be previewed also at the Tokyo Motor Show by the S660 concept. It is not known at this moment whether these two kei cars will ever make it outside Japan.
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Source: Dahiatsu

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