Dodge models will soon be phased-out

Analysts have been carefully studying the company direction of the world’s famous automaker, Chrysler and according to some data and facts gathered; the long running Dodge will be closing anytime soon.

That makes awful and sad news to everybody who loves Dodge and its succeeding models. After all, tracking back to Chrysler history, they have been very willing to shut down brands knowing about the shutter down of Plymouth way back in 2001.

This is perhaps due to the big investment of Fiat at that time in North America.


2013 Dodge Challenger RT Redline-8

Recently, they had just spin off their trucks and incorporated them to their stand-alone Ram brand and transferred their halo supercar Vipers under the banner of SRT. You can view the whole list of available Dodge models in North America by visiting Sheboygan Chrysler Center.


Models that Will Soon Be Putting Up the Black Screen


According to some reliable sources, full size utility vehicles Dodge Durango and Avenger sedans are both living in a carpe diem; they only have a borrowed time and soon will be out of the market. As a result of the kicking out of Plymouth, trucks, Vipers, and soon to be gone Durango and Avenger, the only models that will be left out are the Dart compact (which appears to be not a top-seller), the Charger (the so-called Chrysler 300 twin, mechanically speaking) and the Challenger which is a duplicate of Chrysler/SRT Cuda. And with regards to the vans, the models that will be left with Dodge are the Journey and Caravan (so-called twin of Chrysler Town and Country).

Based on the historical facts of Dodge, they only had one minivan that is surpassing beyond the years. But there are those who say that the next generation of MPVs would be more likely to dress the Town and Country face or the Grand Caravan. And there’s a report coming from Canada, where the vehicles are made, that between the two (Grand Caravan and Town and Country), the Chrysler Town and Country comes out as the winner in sippy-cup derby. The winner will then then be manufactured as the new model in 2016.


The Future Innovation of Chrysler’s Town and Country


The company has already laid out their plans for the upcoming production of the new Town and Country, after the phase-out issues of Dodge come out. It was being discussed that the Town and Country production will be carried out in the Windsor Assembly Plant that will be reinforced by an unnamed big luxurious crossover this coming 2017. According to rumors, these unnamed “luxurious crossover” will look like more of the long defunct Pacifica of Chrysler.

This issue has never been validated, nor has it been confirmed by Chrysler. This is only based on the data and facts gathered by various automobile market analysts. But knowing Chrysler as a company who is interminable to change and innovation, this possibility may either come true or not at all. So for all the Dodge lovers out there, there are only two words you should put in your mind: Be ready! However, don’t drown yourself to sadness because change is the only constant thing in the world.

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