Driving British Supercars

Like Italy the UK has had a long history of manufacturing thoroughbred sports cars. From the E-Type Jaguar that debuted in the early 1960’s, British designers have always been way ahead of the game.

There is a number of driving experience provider which offer people the chance to drive an Aston Martin, including 6th Gear Experience. Who have a range of British supercars on offer to drive which as an innovative gift for someone special, is also an ideal present for someone with just a passing interest in cars.

Starting with the range from iconic British supercar manufacturer Aston Martin, 6th Gear Experience offers the ever popular Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Capable of almost 180mph its soundtrack is pure supercar and given its relatively small size it’s agile and punchy. Next up is the V12 engine DB9, a favourite on 6th Gear’s fleet with its raucous exhaust note and smooth but muscular looks. Finally the ‘daddy’ of the Aston Martin line up is the famous DBS. Driven by Daniel Craig in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace ours unfortunately doesn’t come with the machine guns, built in defibrillator or ejector seat but it does come with a turn of pace that will take any Bond fans breath away.

Another British icon that claimed fame by its appearance on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ is the supercharged Ariel Atom. Remember the episode some ten years ago now when Clarkson’s cheeks were distorted by the airflow created by the acceleration of this small but potent pocket rocket? That sent sales of the supercharged version of the Atom into the stratosphere and the tiny supercar has been a legend ever since.

The acceleration of the Atom is its trademark. 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds is some achievement and leaves the average 6th Gear customer stunned! Fortunately our fleet of three supercharged Atoms also comes with an experienced instructor who can speak directly to the driver via headsets installed in the helmets. With no ABS, traction control or indeed any sort of driver aids the Atom in the dry is mind-blowing. In the wet it can be very tricky to say the least! Possibly one of the most popular supercars on 6th Gears fleet is the Atom and it’s not difficult to see why.


Jaguar over the years has also carved a niche in the UK sports car market. Starting with the aforementioned E-Type over 50 years ago every so often this truly British brand releases a jewel in the crown every so often. The latest icon is the F-Type a worthy replacement to its successor. 6th Gear Experience own two of the Jaguar F-Type’s, both with the ultimate 5 litre supercharged engine known as the ‘R’ model. What is astonishing about this stunning looking convertible is not so much the tremendous pace of this sublime sportscar but its rapid F1 style paddle shift gearbox which changes up and down with the speed of a machine gun. Combining eye catching looks with a punch not seen from a big Jaguar in over 20 years it’s not difficult to see why the F-Type Jaguar is a best seller for the group.


Attending a 6th Gear Experience event day is a lot of fun and on every one of the seventy or so experience days the company puts on at six different locations, all the supercars mentioned above will be in the line up on the day.

Whilst most of the customers driving will have been bought the experience as a gift it’s still possible to simply turn up unannounced with your driving license and get behind the wheel of a supercar. Always popular with the friends and family of the pre-booked customer this ‘Pay and Drive’ service 6th Gear Experience offer is great fun and enables everyone else in your group to take part too.


Check out 6th Gear Experience website for the full range of driving experiences packages which are, available to purchase as a gift. Buying a British supercar driving experience as a gift makes an innovative and surprise present and you can rely on 6th Gear Experience to give your special someone a day with us they will never forget!


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