Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo to pack 600 HP

The more powerful version of the Ferrari 458 Italia is likely to be introduced in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. It could receive one of the following monikers: Monte Carlo, Scuderia or Challenge Stradale.

More importantly, output of the 4.5-liter V8 engine is expected to increase to around 600 HP from the series 562 HP.

The additional horsepower will be possible via an increased redline from 9,000 rpm to 9,300 rpm, along with a remapped ECU, new forged connecting rods and a modified exhaust system.

Ferrari 458 Italia

The beefier Ferrari 458 is also expected to come with active winglets on the rear diffuser which will be made from carbon fiber. Various reports are indicating Ferrari will make a series of revisions to the dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox which will feature new gear ratios and should be able to change gears faster.

Note: Ferrari 458 Italia pictured

Source: Car & Driver

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