Ford presents Fusion-based Lightweight Concept Car

Ford has joined forces with the United States Department of Energy for the Lightweight Concept Car which as you can see is based on the most current Fusion (Mondeo). Compared to the regular model, this concept has managed to shave off no less than 800 lbs (363 kg) so it now tips the scales at 2,634 lbs (1,195 kg). This represents an impressive 23 percent weight reduction and it was achieved by implementing lightweight materials in the construction of the vehicle. They used a combination of carbon fiber, high-strength steel and aluminum to complete this significant diet.

Ford Lightweight Concept Car

It’s powered by a tiny 3-cylinder 1.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that has a carbon fiber front cover and aluminum connecting rods, while the cam carrier and oil pan have also been covered in carbon fiber. The Lightweight Concept Car sits on 19-inch carbon fiber rims shod in 155/70 tires while the rear window is made from polycarbonate. The side panes and windshield were produced from chemically toughened glass and the stopping power is provided by cast aluminum disc brakes with stainless steel coating.

Ford Lightweight Concept Car-2

Source: Ford

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