Honda OSM a Remarkable Concept Car

The Honda OSM is a two seat sport car that is a great ride and is also fun to drive.  This car was first presented to the public in 2007 at the Tokyo auto show. The main goal of presenting this  was to prove that the Honda Company is capable of producing a car that is great and enjoyable to drive. When people saw the Honda OSM at the car show they were shocked at how dynamic it actually was. This car had great LED lights and great interior touches that proved its sportiness. Many individuals thought that the OSM looked like an even better version of a convertible.

The Sporty touches found inside the car were the red ignition button and the splitting of the speedometer and tachometer.

The gauges were unique looking and the steering wheel also gave it a sport like touch. The Honda OSM was first designed and put into place at the Honda German design studio.The Honda OSM is a two-seater and is a CR-Z hybrid car.

This is a low emission car that is environment friendly and fuel efficient. When the company created the car they wanted to show the public that fuel effective cars can be attractive and also environment friendly. The notion that the creators had designed for this project was to create something that was “clean and dynamic”.

The inside of the car is created with smooth curves and lines to provide definition to the car and make it look stunning. The cars headlights stretch from the car’s nose to the wheel arches to make them look like a part of the cars body. The creators wanted to leave out the heavy dashboard and go with something that was plain and simple. This is why the divided the dashboard into two sections so that that both are in the sight of the driver.

The car that was shown at the showroom had a trim inside the car which was made of blue and white leather. In exterior of the car was a color that was named to be Mystic Pearl. The controls that the driver must keep an eye on are located in a great layout. The gearshift is in an easy to reach place, paddle shifts are present on either side of the steering wheel, and the red start button which adds a great touch. The Honda OSM is the car that has totally won the public for being an amazing car that is cost effective when it comes to saving fuel. This is a great car and many individuals want to have it someday. Honda has done a great job of creating the Honda OSM that has proved to be truly an amazing car.

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