How To Become a RAM Truck Salesman

Participate at job fairs that have openings at a RAM dealer like Steve Jones of Kentucky.

If you want to have a big chance of getting accepted for a job then participate in job fairs that have openings for a RAM dealer.

Of course, before you go to a job fair you must print a lot of resumes because there are a lot of companies that participate in job fairs.  There are also some agencies that participate in these job fairs and they would look to put you in another country if needed.


You must roam around the job fair and see if any company interests you.  There are some companies who would interview on the spot so they would know if they would give you a 2nd interview or not.  If you see a lot of people are trying to shove each other in a booth then that shows the level of appeal that company has.  You must fall in line for that company so you can also submit your resume.  It is pretty obvious that company is a company a lot of people would love to work for.  If you think you have what it takes to edge the other applicants then you can join the fray.  You should always be confident of your skills or you will get nowhere.

You don’t really need to stay long at a job fair that has various openings for a RAM dealer. You just have to look around and take a look at each company and see if that company has the position you are looking for.  There are some job fairs that have a few companies participating in it while some have a lot of companies participating because of the large amount of sponsors.  If you are an applicant then you would love to go to job fairs so you can meet up with other applicants applying for the same position.  You can share stories with each other and you can even get a tip on which company is the best out there.  Of course, that is just one person’s opinion so you can’t rely on that.  If you want to apply as an auto salesman then you have all the freedom to go to their booths and hand over your resume.  You have nothing to lose as it would be their choice if they would call you or not.

You should not wait for your preferred company to call you since it would be your first job.  You should apply the method of whoever comes first since you will be after experience since experience is the best teacher in this case.  Of course, if you need a lot of money for the bills at home and the first one that calls makes a lousy offer then you have no choice but to reject their offer.  There are so many companies out there so you should just apply and apply and whatever happens happen for a reason so if you don’t get accepted for a RAM dealer then all is really not lost.

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