How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

Finding the best insurance deal for your vehicle can be tricky, with all the offers under the sun to
choose from, here’s a few tips on how to make your you can get the best for your money.

1. Comparison

You have thousands of options out there to choose from, so comparison websites can be your best
friends. Ensure you look at as many options as possible, the more research you do the better deal
you’re likely to get.

2. Black Box

If you want to knock a huge chunk of money off your insurance, then the black box is the answer for
you. The better you drive, the more money you save. This little machine tracks your acceleration,
braking, speed and time and is very useful for new drivers to save money. Clint from Crystal Motors
says “most first time car buyers intend to put a black box on their cars, not only does it save you
money but it also helps you become a better driver.”

3. Names on the policy

Only add people to the policy if they are going to be using the car often, your insurance will go up
the more people you add. Remember you can always add another driver to your policy for several
days/weeks at any time.

4. No Claims

Most policies will come with a no claims bonus, meaning you can save money if you don’t claim on
your insurance. When checking around, ensure that the policy has this bonus as it could make it
worth your while.

5. Car Security

By making your car safer, the insurance may go down as you are less likely to have an accident.
Fitting an alarm and tracking devices such as dashcams can save you money in the long run. Many
newer models may already include these so ensure you let the insurance companies know.

6. Use a garage

Parking your car in a garage overnight can save you money on your insurance policy, so clear out all
your rubbish and put your car in there! This reduces risk of theft and damage, saving you money.

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