I Crashed My Car! What Now?

It can happen at any time, on any road. The squeal of tyres and deafening clunk of crushed metal ring in your ears. It’s a sound that never leaves you, and every car crash victim knows the feeling.

Being involved in a car crash is one of the most terrifying and traumatic things you’ll ever go through. Unfortunately, according to statistics, most of us will experience this horror at least once.

You probably already know someone who has been involved in something like this.


It’s very difficult to keep a clear head in this situation. But, in order to make the best of this bad situation, it’s crucial that you act calm. There is a sensible way to approach the situation, and that’s what we’re showing you in this post. If you find yourself in a crash situation, follow these expert tips.

Make sure everyone is okay

Safety is your number one priority. Before you do anything else, check your body for any signs of wounds. You’ll be shaking with adrenaline so remember you may not feel any immediate injuries. Bleeding and other unseen damage can be fatal, so perform a thorough check. Next tend to any other passengers and check them for injuries. If there are any surface cuts, use first aid to dress them. Finally, check on the passengers in any other vehicles.

Get off the road

If possible, move your car to the side of the road. Of course, if it is a major incident, your car may not be functional. If it was a small bump, drive the car into the hard shoulder or out of the way of traffic. Put your hazard lights on and dress in high visibility jackets if you have one. It’s crucial that oncoming traffic can see and avoid you.

Call the authorities

Your first call should be to the police. Describe the incident to them and they’ll scramble the necessary resources. An ambulance and police car should arrive on the scene shortly. If necessary, they’ll close the road and remove dangerous debris from the motorway. Make yourself known to the officers and take down their name and details.

Note down information

At this point, you’ll still be in shock, and adrenaline will have taken over. But, it’s vital that you take the time to note down as much information as possible. When it comes to insurance claims or legal action, it will be essential. Try to take photos of the damage instantly. Draw a sketch of the accident as it happened and make a note of any inclement conditions. Take the names and details of everyone involved and any witnesses.

Call a lawyer

Finally, it’s worth speaking to a legal professional. In many cases, a simple personal injury lawyer will help you negotiate a compensation settlement. However, in issues of drink driving or dangerous circumstances, you should speak to criminal defence lawyers. Do this as early as possible while the information is fresh in your mind. Recounting the ordeal can be disturbing, but often necessary.

If you find yourself in a crash situation, try to remain calm. Make sure everyone is okay and then collect as much information as possible.

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