In the Name of Safety: 7 Important Reasons to Keep Your Car Washed on a Regular Basis

Most people only go to the car wash or wash it themselves when their vehicle is really dirty on the exterior. Are you one of those people? If so, today you’ll learn 7 reasons that prove getting your car washed weekly, or even bi-weekly can benefit you and your vehicle.

It doesn’t matter if you intricately detail your car every week or haven’t gotten a car wash in months, the important reasons listed below are worth considering and you might even learn something!     Whether you’re looking at improving your gas mileage or your very own health, these are 7 important reasons to keep your car wash and clean on a regular basis.

  1. A Clean Look

You might read that getting a clean look is the first important benefit and roll your eyes because of how obvious that is. Having a clean exterior can actually keep you clean as well. This way when you’re opening your trunk or hood, you won’t be getting dirt and grime all over your hands.


There are places like Kenzie’s mobile detailing that even offer waterless car washes. Yes, waterless. If you have a lot of hard to get off junk on the exterior of your car, a car wash or power washer can help you get a cleaner look. Having a clean car can also help your mental health by eliminating the stress of needing to clean the vehicle and concerns of what others are thinking when they see your dirty vehicle.


  1. Making Your Car Safer

A lot of people don’t know that when your car is clean, it’s actually safer to drive. The main things that play a part in this are the windows, mirrors and all four tires. There are obvious reasons to keep your windshield and windows clean. Having a clear view of what’s in front, behind and all sides of you will help you be more safe and heighten your reaction time.


Making sure your tires don’t have any debris around them or in the tire well can also increase safety. Lasty, when you’re washing your windows, mirrors and tires, check to make sure all of your lights are clean and clear of dirt.


  1. Improving Your Cars Condition

Whether you do it yourself with a hose and bucket of soapy water or you go to a brick and mortar car wash, getting all of the small dirt and grime off your vehicle will help the paint last longer and will stop it from deteriorating and rusting. When you’re getting this done, be sure to wash your engine as well. Getting rid of the gunk around your engine will make it last longer and run better.

  1. Avoiding Damages

Depending on where you live, you may experience salt on your car from the winter roads, dust from a field nearby or mud from dirt roads after a rainy day. Believe it or not, the longer any of this debris stays on your car, the more it’s eating away at the paint.


This is one of the reasons you should take your car for a wash as often as weekly. You don’t have to wait until the debris is visible to take action. It may seem redundant but rain can affect the paint job on your car and should be rinsed off within a couple days of being there.

  1. Improves Your Cars Value

It may seem like common sense but if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle or trading it in, you should wash it. Not only to give the next owner a clean car but it actually can increase the value of your car.


Whether you’re selling it next week or in a year from now, cleaning your car on a regular basis can actually pay off, literally. What this does is stops your car from getting rusty, dulling the paint, having any additional scratches from dirt and even gets rid of water damage left from the rain.

  1. For Your Own Health

There are several benefits for cleaning the interior of your car. A lot of places that offer car washes also offer interior detailing. This is something you can do at home as well. There are plenty of natural cleaning cocktails you can make that will help make you healthier.


When you do this, it includes the dashboard, vents, door handles, steering wheel, seats and all of those little cracks and crevices that food debris and bacteria can harbor in. Keeping the interior of your car clean will not only improve the health of your vehicle but also anyone who rides in it.

  1. Higher Gas Mileage

Cleaning your car weekly can be quite the beneficial lifestyle change. It can put more money in your pocket, especially when it comes to those weekly gas fill ups. If your car is clean on the outside, it’s more fuel-efficient that if it wasn’t.


The TV show Mythbusters actually put this to the test. What they found was that when a car was clean, it got an average of 2 miles more per gallon. 2 more miles a gallon may not seem like much but over time, this can save you hundreds of dollars.


In Conclusion

Know that you’re a little more educated on the important benefits washing your car has, maybe you’ll considering getting a weekly or at least bi-weekly car wash. You can do this yourself at home or take it to a professional. It may sound like it’ll add up financially if you’re paying for a car wash 2 – 4 times a month but it can actually save you money by avoiding damages or having to fix the paint job.


You can also increase the gas mileage and value of your car, again, bringing you in more money over time. Take pride in one of the biggest life investments you have and it will pay back whether that’s financially or your health being improved from a clean vehicle.


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