Mazda Kabura Is One Concept Car With Fantastic Features

There are many concept cars that are in showrooms for people to admire and buy. One of the main concept cars is the Mazda Kabura. This concept was released by the Japanese manufacturers in the year of 2006. It was shown at the North American International Auto show. This car is known as a sports one and it has amazing style for people to admire. If you are looking for a nice concept car then this is the ride to choose. It has many features in the interior and exterior that will blow the buyers mind away.

The exterior of the car is has arches on the wheels and traditional coupes which make the Mazda Kabura have a nice look. There is also a seamless glass on the surface of the car that stretches from the B-pillar all the way to the cowl. The driver has the ability to amend the knob of the roof of the car the way the driver wants it to be. One of the best features about the exterior is that it has a solar cell which allows for it to not get over heated. It prevents the car from becoming hot and it controls the temperature inside. This car is battery powered and the solar cell on the exterior allows the battery to charge automatically. There is a cargo area for you to keep all your things and it allows for great storage space. The car is seen in the color red in showrooms and the fire red makes the car stand out.

The Mazda Kabura has three doors and there is space for four people to fit in this sports car. There are three seats upfront and a seat in the back. The interior consists of leather seating and this really adds a good look to the car. There is no glove box in the car which gives more space to the driver to move around. The car has nice stereo system and the interior looks very neat.

The engine of the car is made from 2.0 L Madza MZR engine. The engine has a DOHC of 16 valves which allows the car to have amazing speed. It is a fast car that is usually used for racing. This car is priced at twenty thousand dollars in the current market and the price is anticipated to increase because this is a concept luxury car that people yearn for. It is a futuristic car that allows people to travel in fashion and gives them a sense of personality. A car can depict what a person is like and this is why this car is very popular. The look of the car leaves people in awe and the speed of the car is out of this world. If you are thinking about buying a concept car then the Mazda Kabura Concept is great because it has everything that a person could ever want in their car and the look of it is just astounding.

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